Report: Syria arms Hezbollah with Scud missiles
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 13.04.10, 11:05
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1. UN+US guarantees are proved now to mean nothing
Alan ,   SA-wheres UNIFIL   (04.13.10)
2. #1 will you relax?
sam   (04.13.10)
the US has not failed us yet
3. Now what's more important?
David Thompson ,   Melbourne, Australia   (04.13.10)
This, or Israel building houses for both Jews and Muslims in the capital? As per usual, the rest of the world would have a different opinion to most of us here
4. To all the ones who are still
David ,   USA/ISRAEL/EGYPT   (04.13.10)
searching for the Iraqi scuds that hussein had and hid in Syria. are now in the hands of real criminals. hopefully not for to long. Israel do what you need to protect your people. do not depend on anybody do not trust your left or anybody who believes to be better than you are. Aam Israel hai
5. must hold syria responsible....
in any war Israel must target syria. It cannot be that infrastructure in Tel Aviv will be destroyed and palaces in Damascus will stand. To extract vengence from Syria for this, Israel must strike military and government infrastructure, ie presidential palaces and residence.
6. Obama has a great way of dealing with these problems
zionist forever   (04.13.10)
Syria is arming terrorists with scuds which are for use against Israel. They are not for the Lebanese national army & there to protect the country in times of war. Assad snubs all Obamas peace proposals made of course without even consulting Israel first. Obamas solution - send the US ambassador back to Syria after he was recalled 5 years ago because of Assads support for terror which he admits on the record he proudly does today. The palestinians continue their rocket attacks, they will not commit themselves to end terror and have refused to even talk with Bibi when he was reaching out to them & suspended building in Judea and Samaria. Obama had pretty much promised them you give me a list of everything you want and I will get it for you and more. Obama doesn't say to the palestinians I AM PRESIDENT YOU WANT MY HELP GETTING A STATE THEN YOU SIT DOWN AND TALK NOW. Instead he blames is all on Bibi and says he is not doing enough but nothing to his palestinian friends like they have done nothing wrong. Israel builds some homes in Jerusalem and Obama stops short of declaring war.
7. just like in 2006 or different?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.13.10)
whenever iran feels uncomfortable with the attention that its nuclear weapons programme is attracting, it activates its proxies to create a diversion. the renewed activity in lebanon is a sure sign that iran doesn't want the world watching too closely, as it brings newer, improved centrifuges online. the question for israel is how to respond? another war in southern lebanon may be inevitable, but now is a bad time. it would be far better to insist that the americans enforce unscr 1701, and help unifil and the lebanese army disarm hezbollah. this might even require a few hundred american "advisers" working on the ground, to prevent (or guarantee?) any escalation of the conflict. then it will be easier to claim, with some justification, that washington didn't move quickly enough on the iranian nuclear issue, and israel had no choice but to deal with the threat on its own.
8. Syria
hebrew prophet israel   (04.20.10)
So Syria and it,s dictator continue to push it,s luck with new supplies of weaponry from the Shiite trouble makers in Iran,to Hezbollah,When the inevitable conflict comes then the IDF must target the dictator Assad once and for all and send him packing ,it,s the only solution ?
9. Don't relax
Larn ,   Berea, U.S.   (04.20.10)
I honestly believe that Obama will not support Israel. He and the bias media consider Israel as "occupiers ". I pray to our Heavenly Father to change their hearts and to strengthen your leaders.
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