Obama: Israel should sign NPT
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 14.04.10, 00:42
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1. Sure thing, when the Arab league sign a peace treaty.
David G   (04.14.10)
If all members of the Arab league sign a peace treaty with Israel its nuclear policy will become null and void. Here Obama I will even throw you a bone The Palestinians and Syria can opt out, as there are still territorial issues to be resolved. As for Iran, place an American nuclear armed airbase in Israel, just like what you have in Europe, and I think that will be satisfactory. Good luck getting that done, I will be waiting.
2. Who cares of this idiotic Nobel piss prize
Frank ,   Canada   (04.14.10)
3. The arab "leaders" don't even need to slam Israel any more!
Chatich   (04.14.10)
They have the potus hussein (pbuh?) to do it for them. Good on bibi for staying home.
4. The problem are the antisemites - not the nukes !
Jaacov Baumann   (04.14.10)
Remove the nukes of the world and there will be still the antisemites wanting to destroy Israel ! Removing the antisemites from the world will solve the problem - thats the job of Israels God together with Zahal ! Am Israel chai !
5. Good job obama, make Israel bend
Paco ,   Canada   (04.14.10)
to finally commit and open its nuclear facilities for inspections. Israel has also to destroy its nuclear arsenal. Sanctions should be filled against israel too against the war crimes and WMD non declared ;)
6. Obama is Iranian Tool
Yardena   (04.14.10)
Lets see... if Israel signs such a thing then Obama personally must guarantee that ALL THE MUSLIM WORLD makes peace with Israel!!! otherwise no DEAL
7. yeah? mr Hussein O. should sauction Iran first.
ruth ,   Singapore   (04.14.10)
before that come to pass, halt all talk about Israel sign NPT. am so tired of getting tired with Mr Hussein betrayal of Israel. Mr HUSSEIN couldn't even get President Hu Jintao to agree on the sauction. so much for his "CHANGE, we need."
8. Sure
Shimon ,   Loveland, USA   (04.14.10)
Israel is not in the position to sign such a document...especially in light of Iran and Pakistan. Besides, Israel's nuclear capability as well as the operational excellence of the Air Force deter Arab states' ambitions. Wake up, President Obama. America is the only country which used those weapons. You want more security? How about less intervention and more leading by example.
9. This President has no credibility
Marlene N. ,   New York City   (04.14.10)
And the reason is obvious. As far as Israel, he is not going to comment on their nuclear program, but he has continuously made comments about Iran's program who is a signatory to the NPT unlike Israel.
10. Israels 'Gotcha' moment
lydia ,   Brisbane   (04.14.10)
Obama is acknowledging Israels open 'secret' ie its WMD's stockpile.
11. Why? What on earth would be the practical benefit?
To make Ahmadinejad laugh?
12. On further consideration
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.14.10)
I urge President Odumba to go suck an egg
13. What do you expect?
David ,   USA, exile   (04.14.10)
Of course this disgusting little twerp wants Israel, not only to join, but to surrender! He is an enemy of Israel. Obama, I am your countryman! I say to you! Hands off Israel! I am millions of others in the US will fight you and defeat you. You will not exercise your wagging little finger at Israel and not be held accountable by the AlMighty! Please give me an exit visa and assurance of a welcome in Israel and I am out of here!
14. Obama
Jeffrey Brock ,   Knoxville Tn   (04.14.10)
it's official, we got ourselves a dumb-ass in the Whitehouse...
15. When Nations See Israel Clearly...
Dallas ,   Canada   (04.14.10)
...and not through the myopic lens of genocide-inciting Arab propaganda, maybe then Israel may wish to play by the same rules... until the truth is known, Israel must do what she must and hold as many advantages as she can. Fair is fair. Survival is for keeps.
16. bla bla bla...:-))
mark ,   ca   (04.14.10)
17. What an amazing man !
Curtis ,   USA   (04.14.10)
Little Obama just has an answer for everything. No matter how complex the issue, there's a ready solution for it at the White House. Clowns.
18. Bibi saw this trap a mile away
This was an obvious ambush, and Bibi made the right decision.
19. Bibi said a Muslim leader would attack Israels nuke program
and he was right
20. Does any one have a logical explanation why...
Persian CAT   (04.14.10)
Israel has refused to sign the NPT?!
21. Israel must never sign the NonProliferation Nuclear Arms
Rivkah   (04.14.10)
Treaty since that would be a Covenant with Death for Israel because no one can control the hatred of Jews except the deterrence of Jewish nuclear weapons.
22. Obama should unseal his records
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (04.14.10)
and show us his birth certificate not a photoshopped COLB
23. nothing wrong with that
eddie ,   london UK   (04.14.10)
there are no more taboos left - that ended when Rabin shook arafat's hand.
24. Could've been a lot worse..
Sivan ,   Jerusalem   (04.14.10)
He was'nt sounding particularly determined.
25.  62 Years, two Peace Treaties,and still not used !
Roland Seener ,   London England   (04.14.10)
We threaten no one.We do not initiate conflict.Therefore signing is irrelevant from our point of view.Hudna has the power for abrogation of any agreement .Therefore it is also irrelevant for those that oppose us.President Obama any signiature is therefore also worthless !worthless ! and still more worthless !
BAD IDEA, OBAMA ,   DO U HAVE A HEAD   (04.14.10)
27. finally
al   (04.14.10)
war criminal israel is going to cry. they thought they can enrichment in iran but the situation turned other way to israel hoera, bravo.
28. What's it worth anyway?
Takan ,   Elat Israel   (04.14.10)
Iran is a party to the NPT. It has been declared over and over again in non-compliance of the treaty it signed. That did not stop nor bother them to aim for nuclear power and threaten to wipe Israel of the map. Before Obama invites new member to the club, he should make sure all current members comply to its rules. Otherwise, what's it worth?
29. Obama has verbal diarrhea
Juan ,   Spain   (04.14.10)
QUOTE: “We have seized the opportunity,” Obama said at the conclusion of a two-day summit on nuclear security in Washington. “The American people will be safer and the world will be more secure.” More complete bulls*** from a failing president.
30. Obama
chizeled ,   U.S.A.   (04.14.10)
According to Barak's wife, Michelle Obama, Barak is ineligible to be president. Michelle Obama tells the LGBT that Barack's home country is Kenya:
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