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ADL: Anti-Semitic harassment assault on human rights
Published: 16.04.10, 07:52
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1. To be fair
tFighterPilot   (04.16.10)
The settlers started it with their "orange badge"
2. Since Obama has been elected anti-Semitism
Dany Toren ,   Haifa Israel   (04.16.10)
Has got a lot worse,he seems to have become the poster boy for Israeli haters.It gets worse daily,with every anti-Israeli statements that he makes,and he makes way too many.
3. Considering Jews equate anti-Israel with anti-Semitism
David ,   USA   (04.16.10)
It is the fault of the ADL and other Jewish groups who try to suppress legitimate criticism of Israel by labelling it as "anti-semitism". When you create such a broad label on the term anti-semitism as Jews have worked to do, then you blur any distinction that may have existed between legitimate criticism of Israel and anti-semitism. We can only blame ourselves.
4. if the crackpot muslim oybama respected israel, that would
debra ,   usa   (04.16.10)
help discourage the jew hatred that is on the rise.
5. thanks #1!
yer daddy ,   israel   (04.16.10)
...for proving the ADL's point!
6. in Europe, anti-Semitism is real
frequent reader ,   Finland   (04.16.10)
Hi David #3 Here in Finland the only time you read /hear so called anti-Israel criticism is the time of anti-Semitic lies. An example: a radio show demonizing IDF in Gaza and the PA areas. There is NOT MUCH constructive critisism. It is the 'Same old, same old..'
7. What the idiotic American Jews don't understend
Tomas ,   westchester   (04.16.10)
The liberal idiotic American Jews are the main supporters of all those left groups who are the haters of Israel. If you need to recognize "mental disorder "it is American liberal Jews who creates many troubles in the world.
8. Teach us the distinction between criticism and antisemittism
Mark ,   Bergen, Norway   (04.16.10)
Israel is facing huge challenges both internally and abroad. Due to Israels unique nature, alot of people have opinions about the choices that are being made in Israel. They will of course express theese opinions in various forms. How can they criticize choices made in Israel, without conducting antisemittism? Is possible at all to criticize Israel? Are there other countries apart from Israel, that should be considered unlawful to criticize? How about the harsh criticizm that Hungary has faced in the last few days, is it dangerous for Hungary that we do this?
9. 3
04/16/10   (04.16.10)
10. NO WAY
Frank-el ,   Detroit USA   (04.17.10)
If the ADL had its way it would be the United States of Israel. No way that I want these whackos telling Congress that any criticism of Israel, Jews or open dialogue (it's called free speech and guaranteed in the Constitution) on any matter related to Israel or Judaism is a "hate crime". Get in the back of the line with the folks who face real discrimination. And you YNuts who threaten and disparage President must therefore be anti-black racists and hence should go to jail for hate crimes with all the anti-semites who dare criticize the Chosen Ones.
11. David, they've rendered the term meaningless...
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (04.17.10) order to protect an obvious evil. This is one of the things about this whole conflict that is so inexplicable. In twenty years, I have never, and I mean never, come across a peace activist who was antisemitic. But, as you write, the powers that be have been angling to twist the meaning of antisemitism extensive to criticism of Israeli colonization policy and other human rights violations. They've made the term meaningless now, and they have only themselves alone to blame.
12. Dany Toren, name 1 anti-Israeli Obama statement.
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (04.17.10)
That's right, you cannot. And yet you have the gall to insult and falsely accuse the President of the United States, biting the very hand that feeds and sustains you. Keep it up, even the Republicans have about had it with Israel.
TALK TO THE HAND! [PART ONE] Now, once again we are commenting upon the English/Israeli-American Empire, State of Israel press, it’s a lot more interesting than the controlled press of the West, they themselves think they are suffering from [PTSD] Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and we just think their plain nuts. We were reading an article written by Alex Sinclair for Yedioth Ahronoth (www.YNetNew.Com.). The basic idea is well the Israeli Jew’s should listen to the Non-Israeli Jew’s, first of all the subject of what and who is a Jew hasn’t come up on the docket before the Israeli Supreme Court, which should be just the Supreme Court, because no one has defined the term Israel or Israeli is either, its do up in May some time and that should be a hoot! If and when they get things defined, then there is the problem of those who don’t fit the definition, a bunch of guy’s with [PTSD] according to Alex trying to pull the cats out of the bag and decide if they are cats, or not, and then what type, and there is an old saying, you put [3] three Jew together and you got a fight, what if [1] one is a Jew, one is [1] Israeli, and [1]one is we haven’t decided yet, without a definition of which [1] one is which. But back to the article, Alex, was commenting on the yet to be determined Jew’s [mot juste] a French Term meaning the conversation-clinching one-liner, the standard fall back positions, the Israeli mindset; * Your Anti-Semitic: One individual wrote and we quote; it is intellectually indefensible, illogical and morally bankrupt yet, to Israelis, the myth is far more comforting than reality, unquote. If you don’t like one person in a group of individuals, you therefore dislike the entire group, and if you don’t like what the group is doing then it must be due to the fact you dislike the group, the who you 'are' rather than what you do, [mot juste]. * You don’t pay taxed here [Israel]: No but the [TEA] in the Tea-Party movement generally is taken to mean [T] Taxed, [E] Enough, [A] Already, with the help of [AIPAC/AZC] The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee/American Zionist Council, which is the government of the Empire, having [300] Three-Hundred of [544] Five-Hundred and Forty-Four Federally elected officials of American [The Dukes and Duchess of the Imperial Court], in their control [55%] Fifty-Five percent, of the government, within America, it insures that huge appropriations of both military and other aide is provided to the State of Israel, while providing additional funding thru its own membership, to the [IDF] Israeli Defense Force, to grease palms, to build dual-military-civilian structures within the Eternal City of Jerusalem and its first protective ring around the city, with underground bunker connections, without permits, evicting, and deporting Palestinian Residents. So, if Israel really doesn’t need the Americans of the Empire’s tax dollars feel free to send them back, you need not include interest. * No Linkage: Everything that happens, is completely and totally unrelated there is no [6] Six degrees of separation, everything operates in its only little universe, in its own little place of time, in a complete and total vacuum, except when it isn’t to the benefit of the State of Israel, then there is linkage. HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN
TALK TO THE HAND! [END PART] * And The List Goes On: What you naive rose color glass wearing [Non-Israelis / Non- Jews] Living in your large two-garage home [In Foreclosure], in your ex- cloistered middle-class suburbs, fairytale of human rights and liberalism, All Men are Created Equal, and how’s that working out for you? You who should be more worried about your own problems and not sticking your noses into someone else’s, and worry more about yourselves, and stop throwing stones from your [In Foreclosure] glass house. Open your eye’s and grow up start seeing things as they really are and not as you think they should be according to you, we don’t see eye to eye and were not going to see eye to eye, get over it, What we Jews see from Israel, you Non-Israeli Jews / Non-Jews can’t see from period, so just do us a favor and Just Talk To The Hand! And sooner more than later the reply is going to be well in the future just call upon the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate. HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN
15. We should look at ourselves and get rid of anything close.
Josh   (04.17.10)
Unrighteous: Discrimination Persecution Native Only Clubs Ahkanazi vs Sephardim Supremacy Attacks on Converts Intimidation of New Immigrants Spying on no threatening individuals Shunning without fair trial/conversation
16. Assault on human rights too common here.
Convert   (04.17.10)
What goes around comes around. Read Devarim Torah.
17. #8
Jason ,   Houston   (04.18.10)
Here is the difference: Criticism: I don't like Israel's policies in the West Bank Anti-Semitism: I don't like Israel's policies in the West Bank and therefore I attack a random synagogue in Paris.
18. #2 only in your mind
Lisa   (04.18.10)
your statement lacks proof- name one anti-semitic statement! You don't like a black president- and because his name is Obama? You want everybody to blindly agree with Israeli politics? It is never going to happen- in the past xxx years Israeli politicians have waffled back and forth over each issue- every new government has contradicted the previous one-there is no clear course and the international community has tried to follow this zig-zag and backward roller coaster- make up your mind and STICK with it for more than a few months...stop blaming everybody else ...and don't use anti-semitic for things that are totally irrelevant- it cheapens the term. read #17: criticism on political issues is called 'not agreeing with what is happening' etc... it has nothing whatsoever to do with anti-semitism- anti-semitism is against individual Jews-- personal attacks, insults.... what you are saying amounts to forbidding free speech. People should be allowed to disagree- people are allowed to discuss issues, argue without personal attacks- if YOU cannot do this- then you have no place in the international diplomatic arena.
19. Negative PR
Ahmed ,   Maldives   (04.19.10)
Recently Israel and my country tried to establish diplomatic relations. There were arguments for and against establishing relations; concerning Palestinians and peace. But it didnt happen. The wars create negative PR and i think orgs like ALD they are only interested in money and in the long run they create negative PR if they resort to illicit means to gain paying money to politicians. Make more friends and it will open doors for peace. With Egypt you have cold peace, maybe its time to take a few more steps to establish cordial relations at individual levels.
20. antisemitism
allan ,   auldearne   (04.19.10)
most palestinians are semitic...most israelis are not... who is anti semitic????
21. Mark #8
Texan   (04.06.11)
Mark shout off ,about hungarie they slaughterid all of my family , hungary the last catle car the help of hungarian gestapo 29 member of my family age 2 till 48 , They could safe a few but they do not lift a finger Tell me how you fill if happen to you family , Hungary deserved all criticizm they have a hand in at .. My mom come back from the horow of the camps , they lost everything she can't go in to see they home , The hungarian said this is theirs now .. Time to read before you write......Thing!!!!!!!!
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