Olmert cited as 'senior official' in Holyland affair
Eli Senyor
Published: 15.04.10, 14:27
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1. Olmert! No!
2. Surprise!
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.15.10)
3. Olmert got a shady deal on his own home but mazuz closed it
jason ,   haifa israel   (04.15.10)
If it wasn't for mazuz olmert would have been indicted for his shady deal on his own home where he paid nothing and did favors for other contractors who paid olmert.
4. Abbas now shedding crocodile tears.
Joey Rose ,   Portland   (04.15.10)
5. Bribes.... come on nobody is surprised!
DAvid ,   Jerusalem   (04.15.10)
As I said before... What I find amazing about the current scandal is, that I remember as the Holyland monstrosities were going up almost everyones first reaction was " Who did they pay off to get this ugly mess approved?". And though at the time know one had an answer it seems... everyone got paid off!
6. trust olmert and beilin
miguel   (04.15.10)
Would you trust these two worrywarts with the life and death security of israel. Winograd thinks not. Beilin betrays himself when he says make a deal out of fear. The two are discredited cowards. Now we know why olmert was offering beilin- type concessions which only a grade 6 idiot or livni would offer: he was trying to buy himself an avoid jail card by wooing the court and AG with peace policies which he did not believe in from the start. He never even assessed erdogan of Turkey as a conduit to Syria because he wanted to stay out of jail. There is absolutely no doubt now that olmert will be going to jail for at least 10 years no matter the efforts of zohar.If he escapes jail, then israel will likely fall. Haaretz should not say it was surprised since they were backing olmert right from the start.
7. we have been saying this all along
pal ,   Jerusalem /Palestine   (04.15.10)
using the holy book as a real state book . he we ahave PM ,Rabbis ,buisnessmen ,and above all the mayor of Jerusalem .all .involved to fulfill a realestate interpretation of the Torah to make some money and sell eventually those lucrative apprtments to the rich Americans . it started in 1948 ..and still going .
8. How much was the PA paying him to give Israel away?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.15.10)
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