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Gil Scott-Heron to perform in Israel
Or Barnea
Published: 15.04.10, 18:51
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1. Gil Scott Heroin
Elianna Barrios ,   New York, NY   (04.16.10)
Overrated has been.
2. #1 Must be a self-description
Ron ,   US   (04.17.10)
3. #2 Would defend hitler,eichmann,etc. along w/Judeophobic/GSH
Elianna Barrios ,   New York, NY   (04.18.10)
I forgot to mention, one of this extreme leftist, drug abusing, Judeo-phobic has-been's albums was banned for it's Anti-Semitic content when it was released in America. Who will Israel welcome next? mel gibson & his father - to speak about how "evil" Jews are? Why do we always welcome people who hate us? Let this idiot stay where he is in his wonderland of diatribes against everything & everyone. Israel does not need more negativity!
4. Mr. Heron's Fan's R VIRULENTLY Anti-Israel:Read TheseCommts:
Alex F. ,   Israel   (04.18.10)
Read these horrible anti-Israel comments by some of his biggest fans here: & B/T/W, Mr. Herron has HIDDEN the fact that he will be performing here on his website: I guess his newest single "me & the devil" says a LOT! perhaps that is who he's working for!
5. the palestinian solidarity movement is trying to stop him
Gil Scott-Heron ,   London   (04.23.10) somebody do something
6. its hotting up
Anton   (04.24.10)
7. Poor Eliana
Bob ,   gallup nm   (05.11.10)
Where the heck do I start? First, America doesn't ban "albums". (you need to move into the 21st century honey..) Second, I'd be dying to know exactly what music, poetry or anything else by Mr. Heron that you're siting. Feel like you're coming up a little empty-handed Eliana? Heron's a genius. Your tiny little hating mind will never understand him, but oh well. His fan base has always been composed of people a little smarter than you.
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