Erdogan: Israel speaks in cacophony
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 17.04.10, 10:38
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1. Coming from the man who has been gaining dictorial powers?
The Dude   (04.17.10)
The fact that he has directly broke the Turkish constitution and Attaturks vision is glaring disparity in cognitive dissonance. Put simply his every effort to destroy the Secular voices of Turkey and neuter the Armies ability to act as a Secular safe guard has him making Turkey on it's way to dictatorship and theocracy that would make Ahmadinijad jealous. I admit that this gradual transformation of Turkey from Secular democracy to theocratic rule has been impressive with it being done gradually and even with EU support. But now is the time either that the Turkish Army parades tanks through Ankara and reclaim Turkey or accept it's fate. As for Israel, and what the this 'three-headed' coalition should do... Expel the Turkish Ambassador and recall our own. Yes break off diplomatic relations, and make it clear that until Turkey's attitude changes and it stops insulting our honor, they can as Lieberman once said beautifully before "Go to hell!".
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.17.10)
Please sir ,give it a rest (at least for a few days) ,you are becoming a frightful bore ,old chap.
3. Turk's and Jews
Ariya Gothelf ,   Gedera Israel   (04.17.10)
I have to admit that my wife went to visit Turkey a few years back when relations were good , but now any Israeli's or any Jews who visit this next radical islamic country to be are just plain stupid . I would rather spend time in jail than in any country that is on the verge of becoming an enemy of the United States and Israel . The problems started when Israel voted against Turkey for the Shoah they commited against the Armeanian people . The Turk's killed over 1 million and it's a fact .
4. One thing and one thing only
Sagi   (04.17.10)
is disrupting peace in the world. It is a series of fairy tales written at various times in our history. Stories about a man going up a mountain and speaking with God. Stories about a man meeting God in the desert and being designated by him to be his earthly Prophet. Stories about a man walking on water and appointing himself "Son of God". The civilizations of the Ancient World in and around Mesopotamia also had fairy tales which had a decisive sway over the lives and deaths of the masses. Just as these civilizations passed on into history together with their fairy tales so will the present series pass on. In time Man will realize his folly and wake up to the fact that Gods and spirits do not exist and that the control that these inventions have in the manipulative hands of elected and unelected leaders is the bane of Humanity. It will happen one day. Millions will perish en route, just as they perished in the Ancient and Classical World and indeed throughout time.
5. # 3 Please cut out the upper case
Raptor   (04.17.10)
type. It is a definite sign of an inferiority complex as is compounded by some of your TBs.
6. Hamas and Hizbullah are glorified in Turkey.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (04.17.10)
Radical Turkish Islamists have been organizing nightly programs in cities across Turkey under the slogan, “A free Al-Quds [the Muslim term for Jerusalem], A world without Israel.” The halls are decked out with photos of Hizbullah Chief Hassan Nasrallah and former Hamas Chief Ahmed Yassin. PLO flags are draped over the speaker’s podium. At the events, Hamas and Hizbullah are glorified as Israel and Western countries demonized, and jihadist speeches are delivered. Participants are offered the chance to donate to the groups or even to enroll in training to join them in their terrorist operations. Similar events are frequently held in the mainly Kurdish southeast and east of the country, with huge audiences turning out as efforts are increased to indoctrinate those populations. More about Turkey at :
7. Erdogan's Turkey
joe   (04.17.10)
Nothing like years of expertise in order to become an expert in "Peace" Over a million Kurds were forcibly relocated between 1925/1938 and, until 1946 the Kurdish inhabited area were under martial law, banning the use of their language, dress, folklore, names, etc. With the help of the Soviets, Iran, Iraq, Turkey launched a massive military campaign in order to crush the Ararat revolt, including the destruction of many villages and their Kurdish population. Between 1993 and 1994, turkish death squads (Govt approved) "eliminated"about 3200 Kurds. The victims : politicians, human-rights activists, journalists, teachers, members of the intelligentsia. The Turkish Govt also encouraged the islamic group HEZBOLLAH to assassinate suspected PKK members as well as ordinary Kurds. In Tuncelli ( eastern Anatolia ), it's blatant State terrorism -- burning villages, and 2 million people left homeless. So much part of Turkey's background (the would be Peace makers ). And I am not talking about the 1913 genocide. To the Turkish Govt, all the above were " natural events " of the time-- the world in turmoil. While I do agree with Erdogan's view of Israel's "cacophony"; ( 10 Jews= 20 political parties ), I don't think that he is qualified to criticize others and be an impartial ' peace broker'.-- unlike Israel's superb 1st class Symphony, Turkey's own cacophony is a well known 'noise maker' throughout the world.
8. erDOGn yelping again
arshile gorky ,   nyc,usa   (04.17.10)
somebody needs to let him out so that he doesn't go on the carpet
9. Israeli people
Ilana   (04.17.10)
Most of us have a problem with him. We really, but really dislike him... I would never step in Turkey even for a million dollars. I have no problem with most of the Turkish people, only with its dictator.
10. Erdogan is spot on.
Persian CAT   (04.17.10)
Someday a lot of peace loving and moral Jews will thank him for his candor.
11. #10 Nothing to do with peace
Cynthia ,   USA   (04.17.10)
Erdogan's stance toward Israel changed when he signed gas deals with Iran.
12. # 6 Ron. So what?
Paul ,   Trinidad   (04.17.10)
Hamas and Hizbullah are glorified throughout the arab and muslim world as Freedom Fighters. Why shouldn't they be? Do you think they are not freedom fighters?
13. #12 Please Define Freedom Fighter
Cynthia ,   USA   (04.17.10)
Throughout the Arab and Muslim world there is very little freedom. Hamas and Hizbollah enforce Sharia Law. It's their way or the highway. Both groups support themselves through weapons smuggling and sales. They benefit from and prolong the conflict for self gain.
14. Thank you so much! God bless you honorable Erdogan
Golo ,   US   (04.17.10)
15. Erdogan
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.18.10)
Erdogan : Jerusalem is important to 1.6 Billion muslims.Jerusalem is important to the Muslims,only because Jerusalem is important to the Jews,monkey see,monkey do.
16. Tturkey
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.18.10)
Erdogan the Muslim saint ! Why is turkey stealing water from it's Muslim brothers,Iraq and Syria ? syria is going dry,and the Euphrates is dying,because Turkey against international law is blocking the water up river in order to create dams for electricity,erdogan is covering up the crime, with vitriolic attacks against Israel.
17. to 16
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (04.18.10)
whats water got to do wıth thıs artıcle and sınce when you guys care for them
18. #11. Erdogan's policy are peaceful.
Persian CAT   (04.18.10)
Also you're dead wrong again by claiming he changed Turkey's policies towards Israel because of gas deals. What really made him realized that Turkey was being had by Israel were the lemon AUVs and refurbished tanks that Israel was shafting Turkey with at inflated prices. Plus the fact that the center of geopolitical gravity of the ME is shifting from Israel/Arab issues to Turkey-Iran-Iraq-AfPak axis of water-natural gas-markets. Israel has nothing to offer in the mix and all it has done to play the spoiler. Israel's chickens have come home and they know it.
19. # 17
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.18.10)
It shows Erdogan's character,constantly attacking Israel,pretending to protect muslim interests,while stealing water from Syria and Iraq.
20. Erdogan
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.18.10)
Erdogan,a good Muslim,has no shame,practicing a religion copied from the Jews,why dosn't he convert to the Catholic faith or protestant-Budhist-shinto,there is a big selection,and sinse Mr Erdogan is a great lover of music,i recomend he should convert to the protestant faith,the protestant church has the most beautiful music,Mr Erdogan will conduct the orchestra in the church, and create( unlike Israel,) a real harmonious simphony.
21. #18 Wrong again, Kitty
Cynthia ,   USA   (04.18.10)
Turkey still does business with Israel in regard to purchase of military equipment. But in order to get the gas deal, Erdogan must have been instructed to publicly act privimitive and rant and rave about Israel like Ahmadinejad.
22. wrong cynthia
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (04.19.10)
erdogan is wrong because he ıs not criticizing hamas lıke israel. You are wrong cause you never accept any fault and criticizim from world thınk about whats happenıng now turkey a year ago consıdered your second relıable ally now not ın that club usa your biggest supporter and ally now not so much blınd supportıng israel questıon ıs WHY? peace wıll come to the regıon when hamas realıze israls rıght to exıst and when israelıs start to thınk that they may be doıng sometıng wrong
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