Report: Obama to push Israel to renew peace talks
Roee Nahmias
Published: 17.04.10, 14:18
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1. He s full of you know what
Sagi   (04.17.10)
He knows he is finished and will not serve a second term. Pressure on Israel and the Jews will not bring about peace, he knows this and in the end he will blame the Jews for his downfall. It is a well thought out plan.
2. New antisemitism driving on the left
Noam ,   PT il   (04.17.10)
3. Obama
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.17.10)
Hopefully, we may, one day, thank Obama.
4. Obama
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (04.17.10)
With Obama it is about "I" and "me" America is not important to him,American citizens,congress or the constitution are also not important to him, what is important to him is Obama
5. As an American Democrat, I certainly hope Mr. Obama didn't
Dorothy S. Feldman ,   Boston, MA   (04.17.10)
make these comments. And if he had, I don't see why Jews would continue to support the Administration in any form what so ever! I call upon the President to refute this report and at the same time read carefully Mr. Elie Wiesel's open letter to the President that reflects the feelings and thoughts of the overwhelming majority of American Jews.
6. what kind of peace
izzie ,   usa   (04.17.10)
Theireis a storm on the horizion and obama is causing it. It will come when he tries to impose a peace deal on the Israelis and he finds out they won't give the palestinians everything they want. Israelis are prepared to become more isolated because they will not sell out jewish values and ideals and that includes surrendering Jerusalem. Obama is badly miscalcualating and the reuslt will be a new round of war brought to you by hezbollhah and syria. then obama can recall his new ambassador to syria and look like the fool the arabs are playing him for.
7. NO to external pressures
Brod ,   USA   (04.17.10)
Israel should just say NO to all the external pressures manipulated by the Islamist-Jihadist world. The Land of Israel belongs to the Jews since ancient time. Israel must defend its liberated historic homeland from any usurpers, marauders and invaders. Israel's sovereignty over its liberated historic homeland-Land of Israel must be protected and defended till the End Time. Israel's strength is its deterrence against the dark forces.
8. Adopting anti-Jewish scare tactics is not friendly
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church, VA   (04.17.10)
As Iran shows contempt for the American President and Palestinians continue to react with pogroms and violence to Israeli housing in Jerusalem, it takes a very unique perspective indeed to blame Israel only for the failure of negotiations and then move on to blame Americans who care more for their Israeli paymasters than the United States for the failure of this perspective to catch fire in the United States. If the President seriously believes that cultivating a hostility towards Israel great enough to throw his Congressional allies under the bus with American Jews is the sign of a friend, then he is fooling himself. But he is not a fool and those he wishes to roll over are not fools either.
David ,   USA/ISRAEL/EGYPT   (04.17.10)
That Mr Obama will favor the Muslim world since he has Muslim blood in his veins. The problem here is that the American Jews ( 75% ) voted for him and he is surrounded by Jews in his administration who belong to a new generation of self hated Jews who careless about Israel and learned absolutely nothing from the Holocaust .Their parents failure is the one to blame
10. To #6 Dorothy Feldman
Pastaneta   (04.17.10)
You and all the American Jews who drank the Obama koolaid are responsible for this obamination and the bad that will happen to Israel under this sonei Israel. Woe on you for doing that. You have shown you are irresponsible.
11. Obama is 666
John ,   Book of Revelation   (04.17.10)
it's sad
12. Sacrificing Israel to Islam
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.17.10)
The more Israel sacrificed for the strange,elusive peace the more pressure was applied. There has never been any real pressure applied on the Palestinians because they are Muslim. More useless goodwill gestures that only hurt and weakened Israle and emboldened it's enemies to demand more and more. The game has been rigged for Israel to lose from the start. Only naive or drugged, Israeli's now belive this is about real peace. The Muslim world is free from the squueze because Israel is being sacrificed to them. Israel has yeilded to the pressure for decades and the time has come to get out of the vise of sacrifice and stand up and tell everyone what P.M.Sharon told President Bush in 2004, Israel will not be another western appeasment Czechslovakia handed over to the Nazi's. Time for a leader with a backbone -FAITH- who can stand against the pressure instead of lying down on the altar of sacrifice.
13. STUPID American Jews: HUSSEIN has STOLEN your VOTES!
& MONEY   (04.17.10)
14. To 12- What is wrong with you???
DB ,   Australia   (04.17.10)
THERE ISNT ANY PRESSURE ON PALESTINIANS because the arent doing anything that is threatening peace in ME...... Israel keeps coming up with conflicts that will make Palestenians angry ---- Building in occupied land, Deportation of Palestinians. Why is Israel always getting special treatment, Obama is the only one that has the guts to stand up for whats right!!!!! Also, Obama is putting a lot of pressure on the muslim world.... I.E. Iran, and the peaceful nuclear program..... Although Israel already has Nukes!!!! No Sanctions or punishment for Gaza massacre....... Israel gets away with murder again!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!! Israelis always think they can get special treatment! Well, welcome to the real world!!! The real world doesnt shoot protestors, the real world doesnt keep coming up with confilicts to damage peace.
15. Well I have no regrets I voted McCain
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (04.17.10)
Well I have no regrets I voted McCain did anyone think he would act differently.
16. Congressional letter writing to Obama in support of Israel
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (04.17.10)
is based on the political assessment that only way to win an election in the US is to have access to vast amounts of cash in the form of political campaign contributions, and friendly media access. Publicly waving an Israeli flag provides both from the "Israel-first" crowd. The gelt, it's always the gelt. Just sayin'.
17. stupid Dorothy
David ,   NJ USA   (04.17.10)
When will you realize you are a naive idiot. I think liberal reform rabbi's are responsible for this dangerous foolishness on the part of shamefull ignorant American Jews. We need some one like Menachum Begin who was deep rooted in our history. American Jews are in lala land
18. It May be Hard For Some To Take . . .
emanon ,   USA   (04.17.10)
As an American, I vote for the person I feel will be best for the United States. Israel's interest is not my primary reason to back a US presidential candidate. Yes, it is a selfish point of view, but face it, I am voting for the president of the United States, not the elected official of some other country. Obama's latest direction regarding Israel puts me in a quandary. Given the political choices looming for 2012, I still feel Obama is the best choice for the US and for me. It is not best policy to promote for Israel, however. Maybe it is Israel that needs to stand up for its own rights. Tell Obama, he is in charge of the US, not Israel. Israel should act in its own best interests and tell Obama to mind his own business, he has no idea what is going on in Israel or what is best for Israel.
19. Hmmm, now where have I heard this from before?
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (04.17.10)
"Myself, and the entire American administration and all of Israel's friends around the world, are convinced that peace is an Israeli and Palestinian interest. But this is also in the interest of US security and the entire free world." I been sayin'. For years now. It is so refreshing to hear President Obama, one of the smartest US Presidents in modern times speaking with one voice with all of us peace activists. Time's up people. There is nothing that can stop the momentum now.
20. Obama is something out of Nostradamus
21. We wont be stabbed in the back.
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.17.10)
What the American posters here dont understand is that Israel & her people can be pushed until a point. Obama hasnt got the slightest clue about the ME.Obama wants to be the US president who brought peace to the Middle East. The majority of Israelis would agree to give up US aid money,rather than divide Jerusalem. We have died for Jerusalem in the past & if need be we will die for Jerusalem in the future. We are not afraid of war because we know we will win. To quote Ellie Weisel, "Jerusalem is the heart of our heart & the soul of our soul."
22. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.17.10)
You conveniently forget that southern Israel has been bombarded with quassam rockets on a daily basis for 9 years. Do you know how many soldiers & guards have been stabbed by Palestinians at checkpoints? Do you know how many attempted suicide bombings have been thwarted recently ? Do you know how many Jews have been stabbed in Jerusalem? Do you know how many cars have been stoned & Jews either killed or injured by roadside gangs of Palestinians? In 2005 Israel returned Gaza back to the Palestinians for peace.Fat lot of good that did us. Nope all the above is not threatening peace.....its holding out the olive branch of peace !! The Palestinians are the most violent people who are not to be trusted for 1 second. Israelis dont want "special treatment" we want to live in peace & security on our land.Let the Palestinians go back to Jordan, where they came from.
23. "NO HE CAN'T"!
24. Obama wants to energize the hispanic vote, spit on jews
jason ,   haifa israel   (04.17.10)
Obama advisers have been quoted as saying jewish votes don't matter as much because vote going down while muslim vote is rising. They want to have immigration reform to energize hispanic vote while they say they don't care if they alienate jews.
25. Obama is a one term president.
JMK ,   NY   (04.17.10)
The next election will the people will require proof of his birth. Which he cannot give because he was born in Kenya which disqualifies him from the presidency.
26. Anti-Semitism or lack of competence?
Ron B. ,   Lod   (04.17.10)
American administration is soft on butchers that rule Iran and desperately seeks dialogue with them, yet it is giving the only democracy in the Middle East, a hard time. Obama is being hard on Israel and yet doesn’t appear to be cracking down on Palestinians for their terrorism against Israel, let alone their refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist. Would’nt it be fair to say that there is a strain of anti-Semitism in the Obama administration? More at :
27. In the stupidity and anti-Israel test: Obama "1", Carter "0"
28. No excuse for American Jews
Mahlon Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ   (04.17.10)
Aside from the 20% of American Jews who are committed leftists, most American Jews support Israel and care about Israel's well-being. The 20% not only don't care, they abhor the idea of a Jewish state. Consequently, they will always vote for Obama and the Democrats as long as the party remains left. In contrast, the majority of Jewish Americans were into deep denial during the election. They ignored Obama's crazy and antisemitic minister, his association with known Israel bashers, and claimed that Sarah Palin was their reason for voting for Obama. Can you imagine this illogical reasoning. Palin ran a state and was running for Vice-President-a largely ceremonial position while Obama had 2 years in the Senate and was a commun ity activist and was running for President. What a bunch of fools.
29. Israel already AGREED to talks. The PA refuses.
Zvi   (04.17.10)
30. The report is somewhat dubious, as are
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.17.10)
reports as to how much pressure Obama is actually ready to exert.
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