Israel supporters, opponents face off at Berkeley
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 18.04.10, 10:11
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1. Desmond Tutu you have no room to talk
Eric...... ,   Israel...   (04.18.10)
The black people of S.A. have killed over 3300 farmers and nobody has said a word,the famers are the bread basket of S.A.Mr Tutu you take care of your backyard and Israel will take care of hers.Mr Tutu the blacks in S.A. are sending there people back to the stone ages and thats a pity.
2. It's not over yet
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (04.18.10)
There were speakers until the early morning at which time the meeting was tabled. I believe they will be voting on it in a few weeks. Only the pro-divestment crowd reported events live on Twitter. It was very disturbing to see members of "Jewish Voice of Peace" advocating against Israel at the meeting and the mocking of fellow Jews online, including Mr. Tor and Elie Wiesel.
3. Vote Schmote
Resistor   (04.18.10)
Just boycott GE and United Technologies anyway. Boycotts and isolation worked to rid apartheid in South Africa, and they can work against the evils in Israel too. BDS
4. but what about amerikans companies
ghostq   (04.18.10)
I am talking about blakwater they still face charges the Italian troopers who came to inspect discovered amerikans sold difected weapons in the black market in afganistan unuseable weapons weapons to the new afgan troops, seems like the boycotte should be from other on USA products. stupid Amerikans. btw the trile is still on and it seems more and more amerikan involved in this, oh gees as long as Israel buy legaly weapons.
5. to No.2, Sue
Chris Rettenmoser ,   BayerischGmain Germ   (04.18.10)
Even here in Germany, You will find some people who are non-Jews and who are in TOTAL support of Israel, it is disgusting, to see this pro-Palestinian scum float an American campus... These people are really on the wrong side of history.. thank's a lot for Your insider report...We will never ever betray Israel !!!
6. UC Berkeley student proposed boycott
Spencer ,   New York   (04.18.10)
Do these stupid left wing students who want to boycott everything Israeli realise that most of the computer hardware and software that they use all day long were invented and developed in Israel?
7. forgot to add the most importent thing Nobama
ghostq   (04.18.10)
administration renewed blackwater contract. oh let criminals free hand. boy Amerikan students r dumb.
8. to #5 Germans r smart people.
ghostq   (04.18.10)
9. #5 Why are Palesistinians scum?
Edithann ,   USA   (04.18.10)
Just because the Palestinians wouldn't turn their homes and lands over to thieving Jews without resistance, means they're scum? I think you have the wrong definition of scum...I think the scum are the invadors and thieves...wouldn't you say?. TATA
10. protests at berkely
kyna ,   yeruham, israel   (04.18.10)
This entire thing is so stupid. These trust funds babies and guilty middle class white Americans want to make a difference, then fine, do so, but do you your research. The world's leading technology comes from Israel, so what are they going to stop using their cell phones or computers? Give me a break, why isn't anyone pointing the finger to China for its malicious takeover of Tibet, or Sudan, which repulses me that massive genocide can continue and be funded by who? Yup, the same nasty terrorist groups that try to take down Israel and the U.S. if they could. There are A LOT of injustices around the world, Israel, give me break. Put your energy somewhere else where it actually counts.
11. What was the reason?
ghj ,   Passaic, USA   (04.19.10)
What was the reason behind the horrendous treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister by Obama? Was he funding terrorists? Did he announce plans for the destruction of America? No, Israel's "crime" is that they want to build homes for their own citizens in the capital of their own nation. We've seen "Jewish-free zones" in Nazi Germany and in Muslim countries, but is Obama really making the outrageous demand that Jerusalem, Israel's own capital, should be judenrein? How racist is that? Maybe Obama would like the Jewish people to conclude their Passover celebrations with the words: "Next year in the Western part of Jerusalem only, and only with the Obama administration's permission."
12. protests at berkeley
merlien ,   USA   (04.19.10)
Being informed goes a long way, that is the problem with talking points. Berkeley already divested from the Sudan. Activists about Tibet are everywhere as they are against the US policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Congo, Mexico, etc. But the glaring situation of one the longest occupations should also be on the agenda. Would a more just, more democratic Israel be bad for the Jews? NO. If you read the interviews by Breaking the Silence with IDF soldiers were part of the assault on Gaza, you would have to confront the moral deterioration within the IDF and Israeli society in general. When a non-violent resistance movement in Palestine is under lethal attack by the Israeli government and a democratic opposition within Israel is attacked in even anti-Semitic ways (Naomi Chazen) you would think that more Israelis would hear what David Grossman is saying about the destruction of Israel from within. The change in policy re "infiltrators" allowing the IDF without anyone having recourse in the civilian courts, would give more Israelis pause about what kind of democracy, what kind of justice exists there.
13. Berkeley
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.21.10)
Israel is fighting a herd of mad dogs who wish to destroy not only Israel,but all the infidels in the world, including the Liberalo Radicalo Fascistas of Berkeley,those Jews who joined the anti Israel bandwagon,are traitors.According to president Clinton,at camp David Israel offered the palestinians a very good deal,'Land for Land' to which the palestinians responded with the Alaksa intifada,Israel handed over Gaza to the palestinians on a silver plate,including the farms that produced $300,000,000 a year (the palestinians plundered and destroyed them) again the palestinians responded to Israel's jesture with racket attacks and kidnappings,the palestinians don't care about land or feeding their families,they only wish to die in a war with the infidels,so,they can seat on the lap of Allah in the company of the 72 maidens,Bishop Tutu ! you have the right color but not the right religion,you will not be spared.
14. Berkeley,TUTU!
carlos ,   San Diego, CA   (04.21.10)
Berkeley students hiding their antisemitism behind a university! Tutu the big antisemite hiding his hate in skirts.! What cowards are those "students" in Berkeley, what a disgrace for a university, and what a whooz this Tutu Shmutu is.
15. #9
mitch ,   chicago, USA   (03.10.11)
you claim we're invaders and thieves. In all of history who is the that actually had a state in that land.. oh yeah.. jews.. when one does archeology there.. what does one find? jewish archeology. when one reads the histories of the romans, egyptions, greeks, babylonians, assyrians and persians.. who do they speak of there.. oh yeah. JEWS. who are the invaders again? oh yeah ARABS. let me put it this way.. if u own property and a bunch of squatters move in.. it doesnt make the property theirs.. and that is exactly what the arabs are! SQUATTERS!
16. Berkely " higher education" ?
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (06.26.11)
Students at University are supposedly at a place of higher learning and knowledge. But , they are seemingly very lazy when it comes to getting all their facts right. They seem to rely on others like the Muslim students to feed them false information.
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