Arab newspaper implies Abbas in poor health
Roee Nahmias
Published: 20.04.10, 15:11
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1. why don't i feel sorry for the man who has called street
anat ,   hadera, israel   (04.20.10)
names in his capital city of ramallah after mass murderers of jews, and has named squares in near-by towns after the persons commanded the slaughter of jewish children, men and women?
2. Very bad for "Israel"
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.20.10)
You will not find a moderate Palestinian , rather than him Once again wasted opportunity
3. Time to move out
Fed up Pal. ,   Ramallah   (04.20.10)
Arab (leaders) never leave power only to the grave yard. It is time for us to be relieved and have break from this looser individual who engineered Oslo and sold out his own people. No regret.
4. BY...BY..Mr. Abbas...
Samuel.... ,   Chadds Ford -PA - US   (04.20.10)
This CLOWN is many times worse than ARAFAT..He is running the PA like a MAFIA CHIEFTAN.. The BEST NEWS NEWS for the Palestinians would be his DEMISE. His BOYS will never be INHERIT his Position...They are too busy making Deals..and CORRUPT to even stick their neck out..If he Goes DOWN, they will go back to QATAR...
5. Israel Man
Rami ,   Nablus   (04.20.10)
M. Abbas has served the Zionist state more than its founder by covering up for the expansion of settlement in the West Bank when making peace sessions with the Zionist leaders. Let him go to hill..oh, hope he takes all Fattah corrupt losers along to hill.
6. #2 Salma, Palestine
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (04.20.10)
Give the Gaza Strip to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan and let them take care of their brethren.
7. Dont tell me he caught Arafat's Disease!
Alan ,   SA   (04.20.10)
8. Salma why dont you take over from him.You are a moderate
dav zee ,   NYC USA   (04.20.10)
NOT THAT ABBASS was such a fabulous blessing for Israel, but he was a known we have to see what nightmare the Maaaaaashall/HAMass plague will bring about... I expect another hollow, myopic, fanatical loser...alas.
10. Without Abbas and Fayyad, who have they got?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.20.10)
The US has built the fantasy of the "peace process" on what might be termed the two-legged stool: Abbas and Fayyad. When one or both of them are gone, who will they turn to as the face of the Palestinians who "desire peace"?
11. #2: You're Insane
reality check ,   usa   (04.20.10)
the reality is that all of the second in command palestinians are highly anti israel and that is why the only place abbas is going is to the hospital and not the peace table. It is so funny to hear #2 tell us about missed opportunites when abbas turned down the deal that obama wants to put forth. But the Palestinians don't care, they are content to let Abbas speak about peace but they don't mean it. All of their bureaucrats are anti israeli, all of their institutions are anti israeli and Arafat and Abbas have promoted and icited anti israel attidues for 25 years. So don't tell us about missed opportunites, with palestinians there are no opportunities, you would rather have your kids blow themselves up then live in peace. and don't run any garbage about Israel killing women and children when palestinian and muslim suicide bombers kill Israelis, Iraqis, Afgans and many other Muslim women and children everyday and all for allah ... a purported g-d of peace and good. in the world ... HA
12. sadly...
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.20.10)
sadly, the palestinians will not get rid of the plo occupation with the passing of abu mazen - the terrorists will continue to ruin their lives and steal their bread. end the plo occupation now!
13. abbas poor health in his brain
Jrodstein ,   Basalt, Colorado   (04.20.10)
abbas has always had poor health in his mind! he wrote a holocaust denial book.
14. #2 Salma..
Paul ,   USA   (04.20.10)
I don't think that this is bad for Israel. What has Israel gained in dealing with Abbas, all of these years ? "Leaders" like Abbas come and go. They are a dime a dozen.
15. Abbas
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (04.20.10)
No matter how sick he is and hopefully he'll die sooner than later, Israel will get blamed for it, just like we have been blamed for Arafat dieing.
16. i get thousands of letters every day
rashid ,   palistinian   (04.20.10)
from europeans that want to donate organs to save el rais abu mazal they love us the europeans believe me and they will give us whatever we want like money and humus and support just as long as we continue to fight el yahud
17. Abbas has tried to appease Israel too much
Joseph   (04.20.10)
It is only in the past year where he finally spoke out against the illegal settlements and the ethnic cleansing of E. Jerusalem. He should have demanded this long ago and not allowed Israel to create so many facts-on-the-ground...facts which they now use as leverage in the negotiations.
18. #16
Barry ,   Boston, USA   (04.20.10)
So what you are saying Rashid, is that you hatred goes to the highest bidder. How about if we add a bit garlic to you humus and throw in a few dollars more, can we make you stop fighting el yahud?
19. diagnosis
Ori   (04.20.10)
From all of the symptoms, I can tell you as an experienced observer that Mr. Abbas has "try to arm-twist a steeper price from the Israelis" syndrome. He got it from Mr. Olmert originally, and again from Mr. Obama when the American president issued the unprecedented demand fora freeze of all settlements in "North, South, and to Cairo last year. Since then he has been unable to recover, and the only question is if it will infect all of the rest of us before long, for lack of a better description.
20. To: Barry at No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.20.10)
Rashid is as Jewish as you and me. He just likes to play, and he is rollicking good fun.
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