World poll: Only 19% see Israel in positive light
Published: 20.04.10, 21:43
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1. only because they weren't offered America in the questions.
this poll is flawed ,   not 3rd world   (04.20.10)
2. Israel, you are Beautiful! Israel's Light will Shine Forever
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.20.10)
Thank you Israel! You gave us civilization, knowledge of the One Great G-D of the Universe, G-D's Holy Laws as: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER and so many amazing inventions in medicine, agriculture, science, computers, etc. All of Israel's many hate filled enemies will NEVER be able to put out the light that is Israel!
3. "Obama effect" - good to know US is doing better now
Observer   (04.20.10)
Except for Israel, the world seems to share the Obama effect.
4. if they was make this poll in china or america
we was between the most favorite contreys.
5. Orwell 1984 revisited
Menachem ,   Israel   (04.20.10)
The "most loved" country (Germany) happens to be the same which started both world wars and committed the worst crime in the history of mankind -the Holocaust. Israel is hated not for its alleged "crimes" but for what it is: a JEWISH homeland. The anti-Israel BBC can go to hell with its "polls". Israel will continue to be a proud Jewish homeland which continues to make important contributions in technology, medicine, science and culture to the world.
6. #2 Don't expect too much shining
Alitar ,   Paldora   (04.20.10)
while continuing oppressing an entire people.
7. 81% of the world is anti-semetic.
Avi ,   Brooklyn, NY   (04.20.10)
Sounds about right!! What about China? Myanmar? Cuba? and 90% of the contenent of Africa or every single Middle Eastern country? Who participated in this poll Americans that voted for Obama?
8. Only Iran, Pakistan and North Korea viewed worse
Jack   (04.20.10)
because they can't fend-off critism with anti-semtism as Israel does.
10. world poll
sara ,   london, uk   (04.20.10)
gosh, that couldn't have anything to do with the consistant image helped and motivated by the BBC, hugely influential themselves, and other European countries, who portray and report Israel as the immoral tyrant in a war torn country .
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.20.10)
12. I would like to see a similar poll with arabs states...
smith   (04.20.10)
13. Whats new?When were Jews at top of Hit Parade anywhere?Junk!
Alan ,   SA   (04.20.10)
14. Germany????
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (04.20.10)
Oh come on! Get of it! Who on earth loves Germany? German products, yes, but Germany????
15. So are there two impressionable church ladies in ten?
Josh   (04.20.10)
The baptist are taught to be proisrael by their charismic leaders. A cross-slice of Americans reveals few if any know anything whatsover about Israel. I must say I was prosrael till I converted moved here and was shut out of society. It took a while to wake up my mind from wishful thinking and the dream of a people of the book. Like the movie, Dogville underwent a little change of light. I could no longer see the gooseberry bushes for the fruit they would bear that is so good in pies, but for the thorn that was right there now. We should never confuse antisemitism with the hard facts we all know about our behavior on the street. If Israelis got the same treatment in the US that they give to a thoughtful secure convert, no one would want to live in the US and the world would rally against the US. Philistines gang up on the vulnerable and torah is not kind about that. Why would anyone think it a good idea? Is it a self-hating Jew that would provoke G-d after He said He loves the convert? That may be the ultimate anti-semitism to instruct people to bring a curse on the semites. Of course the US is not run by protecia and cult teachings. Let my people go. Jews are to be free to think and do righteous Torah without false additions and without reprocussions. Choose life and choose death includes the key word denoting choice. Who can force choose death better than a cult? Let's start being a light to all nations and not a secret hidden from all nations. We are not afraid of giants when G-d IS with us. So lets get that right.
16. Israel is surely seen as a rouge state.
Mikael ,   Europe   (04.20.10)
That it is not built on its own actions is the myth. Try to make the same argument to Iran, North Korea and Pakistan. I am surprised that not Morocco and Turkey was mentioned, because they are one of the few occupying counties left, spoiling the souls and minds of those states and its peoples. Turkey has its ordeal to accept that it has done serious wrongdoings to its Armenian minority still. It cant resolve the problem before it admits its fault.
17. thank the bbc of helping make it that way
izzie ,   usa   (04.20.10)
the bias of the BBC is well known, theyhelped create the negative image fo israel now they celebrate it. And the the fact that there are 1.5 billion muslims spread across the countrys they poll should tell everyone about the result. and so what about disliked, so are the yankees. these polls are another attempt to further deligitimatize Israel ... to hell with them all .. these respondants would rather see us burn than live.
18. Sara
op   (04.21.10)
Gosh - maybe there is no conspiracy theory after all. Maybe the BBC really is an independent, beholden to no-one except the license payer, jewel in the crown of world journalism. Maybe - just maybe, they were telling the unvarnished truth to the world all the time.
19. Arab propaganda and Leftist bias
Frank ,   Canada   (04.21.10)
Billions spent by Arab propaganda and Leftist MSM bias has produced this despicable result.
20. Sure izzie!!
Michael Hess aka BS ,   Charlotte, NC   (04.21.10)
It is always 'someone' else’s fault isn't it izzie? When will the world learn not to judge Israel on it actions but rather its hasbara?
21. Germany is the most favorable ??? has the world forgotten ?
One ,   Two   (04.21.10)
If the world's most favorable state is one the had killed millions of people without a reason (not only jews) then something is very sick with this world. Israel shouldn't be judged then by this kind of moral values.
ARIEL New Zealand   (04.21.10)
Go to Free Opinion/ If you don't take into account Media Brain Washed Muslim Countries you can see that in most of the Western Countries people suppor Israel
23. germany and japan
joel ,   ossining   (04.21.10)
Very interesting - the two axis powers of WW II who caused more murder and hardship in the world in the modern area are the most popular.
24. 19% of bbc indoctrinees?
Chatich   (04.21.10)
That's pretty darn good, all things considered! Ironically, without Israel most of these "enlightened" liberals would be mailing their polls to the beeb in an envelope, or dead of some disease or another.
25. Israel was far better regarded BEFORE the "peace process".
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.21.10)
Before Oslo, Israel was respected, by friends and foes alike, as a gutsy little nation. Gold Meir warned our enemies, "Whoever attacks Israel should not be surprised if Israel hits back seven times as hard". That is what Israel did and the world respected us for it. Israel was far better regarded BEFORE the "peace process". At Oslo, Israel essentially admitted our enemies are right. Thus we offered them our Eternal Capital and begged Chief Terrorist Arafat to sign a "peace treaty". So the world believed us. If Israel says our enemies are right, why would they disagree? The dangerous, fraudulent "peace process" is the source of the poison.
26. Most of the world is Muslim
Mongo ,   Paris   (04.21.10)
including England
27. Better to be right than Hitler, Arafat, etc
David ,   Boston, USA   (04.21.10)
Its more important to do the right thing that the popular thing. Those who are weak do the easy things rather than the correct thing. Am Yisrael Chai!
28. "world" poll........ha..ha..ha..
les ,   canada   (04.21.10)
gush, there are approx, 53 islamic countries. why they picked only 26? shape up israel...or you never win the miss congiality contest :))
29. 19% huh?
Isaiah53 ,   SLO,USA   (04.21.10)
I beg to differ. All true christians, reverence Israel and love the people of God. I believe that totals more than 19% of the world pop. I fear this poll is greased and once again the press is attempting to hose us down and slip it to us.
30. 100%
Ze'ev ,   Coral Springs, USA   (04.21.10)
of the people in my household view Europe, particularly Great Britain, Sweden, and Belgium, with utter contempt. My poll is completely scientific and not influenced in the least by CNN or the BBC.
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