Campaign against New Israel Fund boosts donations
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.04.10, 09:57
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1. NIF"s page entries have doubled? So are the number
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (04.21.10)
of acts of Anti Semitism. From whom this organization receives money ...? The answer is ...
2. Mrs. Chazan
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (04.21.10)
No need to say anything else! They are getting the support of all anti zionist Jews in USA! More than that, they dettaqch themselves from Israel saying that they work as per USA constitution, they are USA citizens, not Israelis, and be sure, they'll never be!
IS THIS ,   NEWS?   (04.21.10)
4. Prof. Naomi Chazan - if I am not wrong, it is Professor !
muriel ,   israel   (04.21.10)
For shame Mrs. Chazan - don't agree with your ideology and stance. After reading one of your articles in the Jerusalem Post, I made it a habit to bypass your column when it does appear.
5. the donations r not from Israel.
ghostq   (04.21.10)
look for else where, time to close your org my dear by fraude, I don't think she will give the discription of the donares, and I have a strong feeling because she represent herself as zionist org jews gave money, she didn't gave them clear transparen data of the org activities if the donares knew they would ask their money back. which they can file law suit against her for false advertising, ti hi, take her money away and send her to jail.
6. How many of the donations come from Israel?
I hope this serves as a reminder to the Knessest to pass the foreign NGO financing law.
7. "Non-kosher" donations
Shalom Hartman   (04.21.10)
Ms Chazen: If you are proud of your fundraising efforts the world is a sadder place. People like you are a disgrace to the Jewish people no less than neturei karta
8. What percentage of the donations are from Arab sources??
Anat ,   Hadera, Israel   (04.21.10)
9. Processing collaborators
Raphael ,   Netanya   (04.21.10)
Less than a week ago, 2 "collaborators" were sentenced to death and executed by Hamas. If we copied Mrs Chazan's friends laws, she would already hang from a butcher's hook.
10. Im Tirtzu did a great job
Ari   (04.21.10)
This is just an attempt to gain face by the NIF despite the severe knock totheir credibility. Even if their donations did rise (which I can believe), I wonder who all of these new supporters are... Something tells me that they are unlikely to be Zionist in any shape or form. Im Tirtzu did a great job in exposing NIF for what is truly is - an anti-Zionist organisation which works to undermine the Jewish character of the State of Israel. If in the short-term that means that they get an injection of funds from Arabs and leftists it is a price worth paying to expose them in the long-term.
11. Most donations come from Non Jews
Mike   (04.21.10)
12. Naomi & Daniel Happy to be part of the Anti Israel campaign
elianna ,   Jerusalem   (04.21.10)
Congradulations! The biggest anti-Semtics it seems are Jews. NIF should change its name to the NAIF. The new anti Israel fund. When people in the name of ideology cannot see what they are doing it is very sad. All you are doing is throwing out the baby with the bathwater, one wonders how "good intentioned" people became so perverted.
13. Quite impressive
Dov ,   Israel   (04.21.10)
The NIF and organizations associated with it provide a warm nurturing home to all anti-semites throughout the world. It's really a wonder how these organizations foster and encourage hatred and lies against Israel and the Jewish people in the name of peace and brotherhood of all mankind.
14. That is all the Arabs have contributed to NIF? Why have they
Deb ,   Israel   (04.21.10)
stopped there and not redoubled their financial efforts in ensuring that an inside Israel anti-Israeli fund is well financed so as to undermine the very existence of the Jewish state? Is it possible that even the Arabs have second thoughts about the nature of the NIF?
15. Yasher Koach ! Donations from anti-Zionist Jews and Arabs !
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (04.21.10)
Duh ! So more idiots are contributing to the New anti-Israel Fund ! Big deal ! Hey guys, Hitler was elected in free, fair, democratic elections,just like Hamas ! So much for intelligent choices !
16. Petrodollars
Jay ,   Brooklyn, USA   (04.21.10)
There's no shortage of petrodollars available, especially if it is for the purpose of destroying Israel.
17. Donors from Enemy Countries
Raphy ,   Montreal   (04.21.10)
Peace Now also receives money from enemy countries. Where are your large donors from? Saudi Arabia? Syria? Iran?
18. Im Tirtzu (if you'd will, Hertzle's finest statement to the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.21.10)
Jewish people) is a young, dynamic Zionist organization made mostly of university students in Israel who are on the left, center and right side of the political map and their common denominator is their love of Am Israel (the People of Israel), Eretz Israel (the Land of Israel) and Medinat Israel (the State of Israel) and who are active in promoting Zionism in its best, it being the non-violent (not pacifist, mind you!) national liberation movement of the Jewish people. Ms. Hazan, it appears, has difficulty with this Jewish and Zionist unity. i wonder, why...??
19. New Israel=No Israel
MC   (04.21.10)
The supporters of NIF are anti zionist and anti semitic. Most of the Jews representing them have an identity crisis with their own Jewish roots. If Israel didn't exist they wouldn't be reminded of who they are, and wouldn't need to feel 'inferior' about it This is the same illogical thinking behind the linkage theory that solving the Palestinain-Israel conflict would bring peace, which would solve the Iranian crisis. It's not going to happen!
20. sweet irony (end)
josh ,   israel   (04.21.10)
21. to #18 thanks for the info, more power
ghostq   (04.21.10)
to that org.
22. To all doubters
Espinosa ,   W.D.C   (04.21.10)
My family, most of my Jewish friends and me, we have supported the different Jewish National Funds for the last 60 years. Certainly with not less than USD 1,430,000 - since 917,000 USD was "our money", according to the Treasury. End of March 2009, our family and close friends had a vivid dispute about our support for a Jewish national home that we used to call Israel. And we decided to stop all support for the traditional Zionist Funds because we consider them as becoming Nazionist. But we wouldn't stop to support a Jewish people in a democratic state. That's why we switched (and increased) our donations. To NIF. You may thi9nk what you want, you may spit, you may applaude. And we'll continue to fight the raisng fascistoid Israelis and Diaspora Jews. And we'll continue to support their opponents, as far they don't belong to terrorists. We are on the verge of starting an international initiative to financially boycott the Netanyahu/Lieberman/Barak/Shin Beit mafia and put instaed our USD eggs in the democratic basket that is the only hope to see Israel surviving. And we aren't alone. Most our sisters and brothers in Washington D.C. - in the House or on the Hill - belong to our family- Meanwhile.
23. #22 Blood Money -
Please tell your 'Jewish' friends of the wonderful sacrifice they are making...their Jewish souls!
24. To Espinosa in W.D.C.
miri ,   israel   (04.25.10)
what the hell are you talking about ?
25. # 22
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.25.10)
Dear old crock, Its time you realize your money will NOT talk. How about donating a mosque in the grounds of the White House so your beloved Obama can have daily easy access to it. Shove your money.
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