Arab reps boycott Med student event
Yaheli Moran Zelikovich
Published: 21.04.10, 19:26
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1. Again, Arab racism and politics ruin peace
William ,   Israel   (04.21.10)
Every chance the Arabs have in meeting their Israeli counterparts for the betterment of society and humanity, and eventually the "Palestinian" issue, is rejected in order to further their own racist agenda which began decades ago. I believe it's more this reason and the despotic Arab regimes that are the reason for no peace today, and not the average Israeli or "Palestinian".
2. Another Arab boycott?
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.21.10)
This boycott by Arab countries is a direct result of Israel's failure to make peace with the Palestinians and its constant war mongering threats against peaceful Arab states. Until such time as Israel accepts the Palestinian right to live in peace within secure and sovereign borders free from Israeli occupation and accepts a peace treaty that will "end of the conflict" we have nobody but ourselves to blame for these boycotts.
3. Egypt & the PLO ? Trust & Confidence Building
Phil ,   Flushing,USA   (04.21.10)
We should give this away and that away, but all the Arabs believe in is hatred. Supposedly university students would be the most open minded to see things for themselves. All I keep reading in numerous articles about the educated and professionals of the Arab countries is the level of hatred and narrow mindedness they exhibit. US executive branch keeps talking about confidence building measures and acts. Where are any confidence building measures and acts directed toward Israel. Life is a two way street not a one way. The attitude of the Arabs and the left does give us any hope of true peace!
4. #2
Ben ,   Petach Tikva Israel   (04.21.10)
Really? Because as i recall every single arab authority that tries making peace demands that the golan be returned and that you "Jehudah Ben" living in Qatzrin would be evacuated? I find it hard to believe you are who you say you are.
5. #4 It's not Jehuda, just phoney post.
Sivan ,   Jerusalem   (04.21.10)
6. Arab hostility & hatred runs deep
Abe ,   Nassau Cty N.Y.   (04.21.10)
Even so called “educated “Arabs and or Moslems show their true colors. Peace is obviously difficult if not impossible when such an innocuous meeting is boycotted. The inability to be flexible is apparent even when no harm and only communication is on the agenda. It is unfortunate and it will be a very difficult or impossible path but those following the Islam religion must make deep cultural changes and must learn to respect other religions and beliefs.
7. Ben (#2). You are correct about Michael Hess (#2)
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (04.21.10)
The number 2 posting was written by Michael Hess, the demented mongoloid who scours the internet, posting his anti-Israel drivel every day. You obviously have a keen eye to have recognized that the comment was not from anyone actually named "Jehuda Ben-Israel" or anyone living in Israel. Yesterday, alone, Michael Hess was 'outed' as having been posting under multiple aliases. Realizing that the mere sight of his real name elicits a barrage of attacks exposing him for who/what he is, Michael Hess has now taken to posting under 'Jewish-sounding' names. Nice try, Michael, but "time's up" Mr. wingnut. Now go smok'em peacepipe.
8. # 2 - Ben, Sivan and everyone else please note that...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.21.10)
Every post today under my name has been fake (except of course for those posts of mine pointing out this fact)! Please ignore ALL posts under my name. If we all ignore this pretender he or she (or they) will go away.
9. # 5 just to mention..
JehudaH Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.21.10)
That my nom de plume is spelt ‘J-e-h-u-d-a-h’ (with a second H) not as you wrote ‘J-e-h-u-d-a’. Please make proper note of this for future reference as it makes matters less confusing, in fact if you could use my full name it would be much clearer.
10. Where is Gabi Gazit and his commentary?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (04.21.10)
11. arabs not even willing to take baby steps for peace
zionist forever   (04.21.10)
Let them boycott the thing its not like we need them. The only thing this boycott shows is the arabs are still the spoilt children that have refused to recognize Israel for the past 62 years.
12. No relations until Israel gives Palestinians their State
Joseph ,   Lebanon   (04.21.10)
I am glad the Arab countries are refusing to go. We will not have any relations with Israel UNTIL Israel ends the occupation of the Palestinians and give them their freedom and independence. Period.
13. Sad
Yossef ,   Rehovot, Israel   (04.21.10)
This is sad, a new missed opportunity to know (better) each other. I like the kind words of the algerian, maybe because I am myself algerian, well not me actually, my grand-parents :-)
14. Are you really surprised
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (04.21.10)
that Arabs hate you? I would be surprised if they don't do it.
15. Student Conference or Indoctrination?
Elizabeth ,   UK   (04.21.10)
Funny, this is supposed to be an international student conference. Yet Israel wants to take this students and bus them around to Yad Vashem and Sderot and other "memorials" to help indoctrinate them. They want these students to go through the Israeli "pity party" when the REAL crimes are on-going today with the Gaza blockade, ethnic-cleansing of E. Jerusalem, and illegal occupation of the West Bank. Let the students see what you did in Gaza and the network of checkpoints and fences you built deep in the West Bank. Of course Israel doesn't want to show them that.
16. This is a SHAM conference
Eric ,   USA   (04.21.10)
If this was really supposed to be a peace-building conference full of dialogue and exchange...then why is Israel seeking to bus these young students to Yad Vashem and Sderot and other political places? Maybe thats why the Arabs boycotted this non-sense. Look at the itinerary, Israel is the one who made this political.
17. Itinerary includes Yad Vashem and Sderot??
Adam ,   Canada   (04.21.10)
What a joke! This is no international student conference, this is an attempt by Israel at indoctrination and political propaganda. If Israel is going to show of Yad Vashem and the "Qassams" at Sderot, then let them show the students what is going on in Gaza and the effects of the occupation in the West Bank. No wonder the Arabs don't want any part of it. Can't say I blame them.
18. To 15,16,17-clearly all the same writer
Andi ,   Israel   (04.21.10)
What are you on about? If Israel showed them the West Bank, no doubt you'd say why is Israel taking them there, its not Israel. Perhaps if the conference will be put on by the PA, they'll organise visits , but not to Gaza because Hamas won't allow the the PA students in. And just make sure none of the students are Gay or Lesbian, or not suitably dressed, or who oppose Islamism, or ...... And what's political about Yad Vashem? As for Sderot, the distruction there is part of the Israeli reality. And our visitors will see lots more of wonderful Israel that you would like to hide. Sorry if that doesn't suit your narrow minded, one sided, blinkered attitude that has prevented the Palestinians from making any progress towards a state for the last 62 years. With friends like you...
19. #12 - Enjoy your sad future
William ,   Israel   (04.21.10)
Israel had one demand - to be recognize with a right to exist and as a sovereign Jewish nation. And in return, just about every demand Arabs wanted would be granted. Arabs unequivocally declined. In other words, Arabs will only accept peace if Israel is gone, and that's a non-starter. You want to treat us like human beings and neighbors, fine. You want to treat us as sub-humans and blow up our women and children, well, you get what you sow. I want to add an anecdote about a soccer camp for both Israeli and "Palestinian" kids, in the Northeast US. At the end of the season, these kids were friends, they respected each other, and they had fun. This is the generation that will make peace, which has been destroyed for decades by hatemongers like you Joseph. Just who's country is on the brink of sectarian war and has an internal militia which answers to another country? Not Israel.
20. #15 - Ethnic cleansing of E. Jerusalem?
William ,   Israel   (04.21.10)
You mean the type of ethnic cleansing that the Arabs did in E. Jerusalem, Hebron....basically all of the West Bank and Gaza?? Building a few buildings in E. Jerusalem, resulting in a heterogeneous population is not considered "ethnic cleansing"....except among self-righteous Leftists and Arabs. Buy a dictionary.
21. appropriate response?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.22.10)
perhaps israel needs to take a more active and creative response? for a start, maybe they can vote, unanimously, on a resolution to suspend those countries that fail to attend the conference, or perhaps to decide that only those in attendance are eligible to host the next meeting.
22. #15 Unoriginal cliches
Cynthia ,   USA   (04.22.10)
These students sound like lemmings or perhaps they've been threatened not to attend. The purpose is to bring the students together in Israel and let them see Israel for themselves without their state sponsored filter. I suppose if thousands of kassam rockets were flying at you, the appropriate response would be offer tea and crumpets. And you cannot fathom a security fence or checkpoints because you prefer to have terrorists attack your home and loved ones. You're exceptional Elizabeth and probably a strong supporter of the British boycott of Israeli academics. Racism is fun and fair as long as it's directed at Israel and you can remain anonymous.
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