Israeli Arab injured by gas grenade in Bilin
Ali Waked
Published: 23.04.10, 15:50
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1. Double standards
Same old ,   story   (04.23.10)
When Pals throw stones they can kill and should be shot coz they are Arabs– when settlers throw stones its ok coz they are Jews.
2. When playing with fire, expect to et hurt!!!
Anat ,   Hadera, Israel   (04.23.10)
3. These "protests" are financed by the New Israel Fund, for
Avner ,   Mishmar HaEmeq   (04.23.10)
the information of posters who still trust this fund and think it is pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. It is not.
4. #1 reality check
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.23.10)
There is a double standard, but not the one you say. For anti-Jew riots like in Bilin, the government uses border guards. Amongst hundreds of rioters who throw thousands of stones you occasionally get a wounded rioter, but the numbers of wounded police is the same. Against peaceful Zionist rallies, the government uses the YSM stormtroopers. Although no YSM troops are hurt, usually half of the demonstrators are wounded, some severely.
5. Evacuated to Ramallah? Let's hope he stays there!
6. Weekly circus show is more like it...
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (04.23.10)
I recommend to people to go see for themselves how this plays out every week. It's quite the script. The "protestors" meet at 12:15 on the main street of the local kfar. Lots of foreigners there to "support" the poor oppressed Palestinians (heck, even I think the fence should be moved, if not torn down totally, but then I also think that people who send suicide bombers should be drawn and quartered publicly...). On schedule, the crowd marches to the same place at the same time. If you go, hang back on the hill AWAY from the main crowd. Warning: the teargas blows towards you no matter what. You can also drive and stay in your car with the AC on. The peaceful crowd walks up to the fence, or close to it. Then, the Tel Aviv anarchists and/or the local athletes either jump on the fence and try to shake it or start throwing rocks. At this time, the border police fire a couple of teargas grenades. More rocks. More grenades. Lots of choking and coughing by now. This goes on for 20-30 minutes or so, until the border police have had enough and declare the game over. They then fire a massive (about 50) volley of teargas cannisters thus signalling the end of this week's show. There are slight variations from week to week, but the show is more or less the same. The locals would do better if they recruited Israelis other than the anarchists, who really are from a different planet. I talked to a few and listened to conversations, and they really are working in a totally different reality. Go and enjoy the show. It's pretty safe to drive there with Israeli plates, although you should get directions because it is a little tricky to find (and don't ask any local groups of teens for directions, as they'll send you the wrong way and laugh behind your back. heck, it's what teens do). And there's a kind of mini-grand canyon you drive through on the way...pretty neat if you've never seen it before. Take a camera. Take drinking water. Write your results and post 'em here.
7. It is never non violent.
JO   (04.23.10)
that is the problem. It is a violent demonstration - with added fuel by foreign activists, stone throwing, provocations, young Palestinian teens in the front, cameras of ISM, the wacko kinds of leftists ( not mainstream) out for a good time. All in all not non violent and not non provocative. They always approach the fence and use provocation and sometimes try to break the fence. Tell me this is a non violent protest and I will show you what a real non violent protest looks like.
8. why does is smile then?
stephane ,   yaffo   (04.23.10)
9. Israeli ?? An Arab with a blue ID getting
Student ,   Beer Sheva   (04.23.10)
Bituh-Leumi money from the Yahud
10. in any other country.........
guille ,   kfar saba israel   (04.23.10)
this kind of riots and stone throwing is severily punished with iron fist An israeli arab injured !!! what was he doing there throwing stones against the idf whose country gave him citizenship and all the health cares ? these kind of people should be deported abroad or to gaza and stripped from the israeli citizenship because they do not have respect to the order and peacefull demonstration they are all the time as every weekend rioting against our soldiers LONG LIFE TO IDF AND ISRAEL
11. play with fire, expect to get hurt! period.
bamba ,   bisli land   (04.23.10)
12. Thanks Brian
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (04.23.10)
13. Please keep in mind ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.23.10)
... that these are hardly "peaceful" demonstrations. Peaceful people do not throw boulders and cement blocks (no, Virginia, they are not "rocks.")
14. why muffling his forehead?
observer   (04.23.10)
15. #13
Resistor   (04.23.10)
Sarah B, the only rocks/boulders/cement blocks are inside your head!
16. wow...
Jeff ,   Philadelphia   (04.23.10)
hmm, so the guy gets injured by trying to hurt Israeli soldiers, and then technically since he's an Israeli citizen he gets to have the government pay his entire hospital bill to treat his injuries??... WOW!! if there's one thing you have to admit these idiots have figured out how to do well, it's how to BLATANTLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SYSTEM......
17. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.23.10)
Tell that to the parents of the baby that came within millimeters of death when a Palestinian "peaceful demonstrator" threw an eleven pound cinderblock through the windshield of their car. Wasn't the first time, either. And I didn't even touch upon the little matter of burning tires and rubbish, another really popular Palestinian method of "peaceful demonstration." Whatever I have in my head is pretty evident to all. The only thing in your head is empty space. Shabbat shalom.
18. throwing molotov cocktails + rocks at others' heads=
Joshua ,   Judea Israel   (04.24.10)
your blood is on your own head. If you dont want to get burnt, dont walk on the stove, then cry about it. Too bad we dont have Indians as neighbors there would be peace a looong time ago. Instead we have the al zarkawis the arafats the mashaals all in this tiny little area. Its nutty when you think about it.
19. Still on his feet. Not injured too badly !
Joey Rose ,   Portland   (04.24.10)
20. #18 Joshua
Resistor   (04.24.10)
If you don't like your neighbours-move. They sure as hell, don't like you!
21. #17 Sarah B
Resistor   (04.24.10)
Time for your bath Sarah. You are in the minority, and will be defeated. You have guns, teargas, stinkwater, sonic booms, F15s, F16s, tanks, guns, cannons, white phospherous, nuclear weapons. All your enemy have are rocks. But they have the world behind them-not you and your kind!
22. A good day
Cynthia ,   USA   (04.24.10)
Arab protester injured. Bloody face photographed. Show over.
23. #21 Barking Dog
Cynthia ,   USA   (04.24.10)
Throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers as a PR stunt is not going to create a Palestinian state. With supporters like you, it's no surprise the Palestinians continue to move ten steps backward.
24. #22
Resistor   (04.24.10)
According to you then Cynthia: Jewish car stoned with occupants hurt. Palestinians photographed happy. Show over. What a GREAT day!
25. Cynical Cynthia
Resistor   (04.24.10)
The Palestinians have a right to oppose their occupying oppressors. Do you want them to roll over and die like your ancestors did in the 1930's and 1940's???? would you rather they have guns and hand grenades Cynthia?? When was the last time you followed your nose to Israel??
26. #25 Resistible
Cynthia ,   USA   (04.24.10)
Weekly protest at security fence is PR stunt. The security fence successfully prevents Palestinian terrorists from trespassing into Israel to commit criminal acts of terror. It serves an important purpose. These Palestinian lemmings have their needs met by the big bad Israeli provider supplemented by Egypt, UN, EU and US. They do nothing to demonstrate the desire to be independent of Israel and their leaders line their bank accounts by sustaining the conflict. Muslim/Arab leaders and terrorist organizations use them for their political agenda.
27. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.24.10)
Yeah. Heavy emphasis on the nukes. Tee-hee, loser. Tee-hee Don't think we cannot or will not. We can. We will.
28. # 25
Israel Forever ,   Israel   (04.25.10)
When was the last time you visited Gaza ?
29. # 15
Birdi ,   Israel & proud of it   (04.25.10)
You know nothing of what goes on at these protests. Australia is a wee bit far from here.
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