A man of peace?
Yoram Ettinger
Published: 27.04.10, 00:46
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1. Your article is sad and very poor Mr writer...
Amer ,   Ramallah   (04.27.10)
it is clear that you dont have anything valuable to tell us, so i advise that you write in a playboy magazine.
2. Israel reduced to petty character assassination...
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (04.27.10)
...it shows just how desperate the little rogue state is to avoid a full and fair peace deal. Would you like to match sin for sin, the actions of Israeli "leaders" during the past fifty or so years to the Palestinians? Just where do you get off thinking that Israel is any different than the rest of the countries in the Middle East? It is not. Corrupt, warlike, repressive etc, Israel is simply no different and does not share Western values.
3. Incitement to murder and death as a terrorist.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (04.27.10)
Israeli and American researchers have warned that many PA youths are encouraged to die as terrorists. While more blatant incitement to murder and death as a terrorist can be found in media outlets such as Hamas’ TV station for children, another common source of incitement and hate is PA textbooks, which often leave Israel off of Middle East maps and hail slain terrorists as “martyrs.” Respect for child suicide attackers can be found within the PA parliament as well: Legislator Maryam Farhat, more commonly known as Umm Nidal, sent three of her sons to commit suicide attacks. One was only 17 when he took part in a suicide attack in the town of Atzmona in which five Israeli teens were murdered. More at : http://xrl.us/bkkh3
4. is it wishful thinking ??
........   (04.27.10)
you can reach there if you walk or fly or crawell //////
5. peace you make with someone who is no longer your enemy
Golan ,   modiin   (04.27.10)
Peace you make with someone who is no longer your enemy, not with someone who conducts incitement against you. Abbas is a holocaust denying Arab terrorist. His Arab and leftist apologists are less than honest... just like Abbas.
6. to #1 you can say all you want but the fact
ghostq   (04.27.10)
that Abas contribute to the Munchen massacre you can't hide. go look it up, Abu Mazan was never a man of peace, just a terrorist who got away with murder.
7. Abbas is the poster boy for "moderate Islam"
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.27.10)
How could anybody ever dream of him being a partner for peace? Waste of time, that was.
8. #2
J ,   Tel Aviv   (04.27.10)
Hess, I believe the point of the article was to point out the fact that Abbas has no intention of reaching any agreements with Israel, he only wants to get fat from the billions he receives from world donors... and no need to get so defensive when somebody criticizes your admired puppets, it just exposes the fact that something really is wrong-accept it and do something to correct, don't throw the ball back into our court cause it's to heavy for you to deal with
9. To #3--Western values
Max   (04.27.10)
Which western values? The slaughter of an entire generation in WWI? The slaughter of tens of millions in WWII? The genocide of native Americans and Australians? The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? If these are Western values then I'm not interested.
10. #2 Difference is : Israel right.
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.27.10)
Even when it's wrong.
11. #1 and #2 please comment
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.27.10)
You don't like Ettinger's article. Instead of making a meaningless attack, you have two choices. Point out which of Ettinger's facts are wrong. I am certain he will apologize. On the other hand, if all Ettinger's facts are true, then why are you criticizing him? Is it because the truth hurts?
12. Ettinger getting nervous about Israel's shrinking waistline
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.27.10)
8-km across is not palatable for him. What does he do? He pulls old cliches and falsifications to smear Abbas who is perceived as a puppet among his people anyway! He's very well aware that Abbas is perceived to be a sock muppet - but attacks him anyway in order to stop any kind of momentum towards peace and justice. Ettinger benefits from the status quo - so do all Israelis, so it's not a surprise.
13. #9 re #3
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.27.10)
No perhaps he meant any of the following assortments: * The witchhunt which murdered millions of innocent women. * The inquisition which killed off thousands of his own people.\ * The Saxon massacres at the hands of Charlemagne: Convert or lose your head. * The Nunez de Balboa bloodbath in Mexico, which murdered millions of natives. * Wild capitalism which is slowly killing our planet, fueled by Western greed. Western values: Perhaps he means "contemporary values as enshrined by universal human rights" - Those should be distinguished from "western values" tune he so self-righteously sings. Western values, indeed. #3 should read "Orientalism" by Edward Said and educate himself.
14. to #12 but Abas is Saudi puppet
ghostq   (04.27.10)
every time he need to make desition he runs to the king for aproval, he turned down Olmet offer the one that almost never published on the media, the one right before the Israeli elections, he turn it down cause the king told him so. do you know what the offer was? among others it was 67 line and swape of lands, very generous but palis missed again the king said no. you won't find it in pali media cause your tyrents don't share that info with his people, the lack of knowledge works for him just fine.
15. Please, keep your eyes on the ball: Abbas is yet to accept
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.27.10)
Israel's RIGHT to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people. Not only that, cynically he and his right hand man, Erekat, questioned publicly the very existence of a Jewish people. In other words, they don't even accept the existence of a nearly 4,000 year old people whose cradle as a people and whose Jewish civilization can be found on nearly every square centimeter of soil in this country. This denial of existence - not unlike his denial of the Holocaust!!! - and refusal to accept the universally accepted right of a people, the Jewish people, to national self-determination and independence speaks volumes about what the man and his movement attempt to hide: the annihilation of the Jewish state in stages, since they have failed to do so in full scale wars.
16. Ettinger's twitter
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (04.27.10)
Just read some of his Twitter posts. This man is a polemicist, an ideologue and a racist. His articles shouldn't be published in the mainstream because his ideas are formed by writers from the extreme and, indeed, known falsifiers. ie, he actually quotes and recommends Joan Peters "From Time Immemorial"!!!!! Even Ettinger is so warped by hatred that he believes this Naqba denying book or he is knowingly sending people who don't know any better to a false account of history in order to strengthen his ideological base with members, in which case he is guilty of the lowest forms of propaganda. And I mean the LOWEST, if you know what I mean. Ettinger, you're a bad man.
17. #14 wrong
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.27.10)
what happened was that Olmert offered land swaps yet but insisted on keeping Ariel and other "tentacles" deep into the proposed state. Abbas made a counter-offer (which was never made public - until lately, and which you can see on youtube (check Erekat's speech in the British university some weeks back, he pulled it out) which accepted land swaps totally 2% with Ariel under Palestinian sovereignty. The Palestinian team was in Washington as instructed by the Americans to make their follow up offer to Olmert. The Israeli team didnt' show up, because Olmert had launched an assault against Gaza. I know the truth is bitter. If you even bothered with some research, you will know what I'm talking about! Israel as represented by its governments was never interested in peace but PIECE, and all of it.
18. Man of Peace?
Bruria   (04.27.10)
Not! He spouts one thing to the English audience then in arabic he incites. His official photo shows his real intention--he wants ALL of Israel. Its in their charter! Watch their TV, listen to their speeches to the arabic world. As for concessions--name ANY concession that he has made!
19. Pity that main stream media portraits Abbas
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (04.27.10)
as a real partner for peace. The facts show different reality!!! It is sad we have few honest people, like Ettinger, who writes what he beleives in.
20. Nour
Yaron ,   USA   (04.27.10)
You neglect to address the charter of the Fatah and the incitement that has reached new heights....if that is possible. A peace agreement can not be arrived at with a population that is inculcated to hate their neighbors from the uterus. Be honest Nour....your intent is not to live within 67 borders. You are a fake like your leaders and we are on to you. When you give up your dreams and start to be more pragmatic you will find a willing partner. Until then though, the Israelis will contunue to do the dirty work that your leadership would be undertaking in a normal society. Stop whining when Israel takes out the garbage that your leadership refuses to take out.
21. The "peace process" is nothing but a giant dangerous fraud.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.27.10)
There is absolutely nothing genuine about the "peace process". It is not intended to create peace. It is intended to render Israel indefensible. Abbas is a terrorist and Holocaust denier, not a "peace partner". The "peace process" has been going on for about two decades and it has brought Israel nothing but suffering, tens of thousands of rockets on our cities and tens of thousands of maimed and murdered civilians. The "peace process" is nothing but a giant dangerous fraud. Peace can only come through resounding Israeli victory over "Palestinians" and no concessions whatsoever.
22. to #17 :) I tought you well you also use wrong thing
ghostq   (04.27.10)
anyway maybe you know that lately but we know it more than 1 year when it happened, Abbas is doing damage control right now but as I said cause I checked it, :) double check it, the saudi king tried to iinfluence the Israeli elections in 2009, he took his old initiative from 2002 and published in the media he told Abbas to refused olmert initiative cause he wanted to push his, as for the content of the offer, I also check the olmert vrs the king offer, sound like negotions is needed that is y when Bibi was elected he tried to force Abbas to negotiations cause since the election the king influence went sour, only 2 month ago Abbas agreed to indirect negotiations cause the negotiations between hamas and Fatah r not final.
23. me
trdtr ,   trdftdr   (04.27.10)
24. Nour
Hal ,   USA   (04.29.10)
Nour, you are a trick and a fool. You and your Blameastinian friends have yet to explain why you haven't demanded your human rights from the muppets you claim as leaders. Not even once have you put the heat on people that have lead you and the rest of the blamers for 60 years. 60 years Nour and still in the ditch. Democracy is not your game. Gangsterism is. Maybe the Hashemite will hear you out and give you your human rights.
25. Peace
Claude ,   Adin   (04.30.10)
I do not know how I could come close to slandering, or incite anything in this article has already said about Abbas, I wish that I could add my two cents worth, but it would be of no avail. The people ears have been sealed, and can only hear a lie. The facts still speak for themselves, they are there for everyone to see, you have to know if it is fact or fiction, this takes some inteligence though.
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