Syria threatens to send Israel back to 'prehistoric times'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 24.04.10, 21:37
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1. This time Iran is in -bring it on israel-
Shahab - V   (04.24.10)
2. Yuk
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.24.10)
Syria? Threatening Israel? Okay. LOL. Wouldn't mind a nice vacation in the Israeli city of Aleppo. Bring it on, clowns. Bring it on.
3. Syria needs Rockets because their Pilots are too stupid
Alan ,   SA   (04.24.10)
4. Syria is already in the stone age
Jordanian   (04.24.10)
I think Israel can't return Syria to the stone age because Syria is still living in the stone age, anyways lol.
5. IL doesnt need send Hez far bak as they still live in 7 cent
Alan ,   SA   (04.24.10)
6. long live israel
just want to comment ,   haifa, israel   (04.24.10)
start a war with israel, and its the end of your country. see ya!
7. very funny.... dead people fight no wars. Remember the tank
threats ,   lol, syria get real   (04.24.10)
8. Best posturing in the world comes out of the ME
Cameron ,   USA   (04.24.10)
threat vs. actual usage The Syrians are fully aware that the Israelis would devour them if they were ever to launch any of those missiles. I do believe the Israelis would move to take Damascus with troops & armor if the missiles were to fly.
9. Syria is the main player in region
sam ,   colorado   (04.24.10)
Ehud Barak a military man and he understanding than other leaders reckless,he still say peace with Syria a strategic goal, because Syria is the player the only one now in the area and handle with all papers as Hezbollah, Hamas,Iran the peace with of Syria is the main theme in the region
10. Israel is a paper tiger
Sami ,   Syria - Halab   (04.24.10)
Israel has a big mouth, let's look at facts. Iran is doing what it wants, it will build what it wants, and no one will be able stop it. Whenever Israel threathens any action, which happens everyday...we in Syria are all laughing at you. You all say if Syria dare to attack Israel etc, that you will use nuclear on us and all that crap. Let me tell you stop living in the past about your military capabilities, they will not help you anymore, you are simply not in a position to even start a war. You are all talk but no substance. Your leadership knows that starting a war with Syria & Iran means bye bye to everything you have so far built up. If you come clean and withdraw from our land, to the 67 borders you will achieve what you will never achieve in any war, that is peace and security that you want without even a shot being fired.
11. The ARabs and muslims always start these wars
Gary   (04.24.10)
and then they cry to the world when payback comes...pathetic!
12. To: Cameron at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.24.10)
Oh, Cameron my love .... What on earth makes you think that Israel would stop at Damascus? How have you been, by the way?
13. hezbollah arms
steven   (04.24.10)
maybe if Israel had the backing of the united states this wouldnt be happening.
14. Syria Attack Ha, Ha,
richard ,   U.S.A.   (04.24.10)
Israel has forgotten World war Two gas chambers Israel doesn't seem to realize that she can't depend on anybody but them selves. It's time she forced the hand of Syria and Lebanon, { Hazbila} The longer you wait the stronger the enmy becomes. They will attack just like Yum Kipper 1973. And if you think the U.S.A. will come to your aid . will see So lets do what we know how to do best. Defend our selves and hit them where it hurts. God Bless.
15. #2... Too funny!
Lobo ,   USA (mostly)   (04.24.10)
I would have to agree on "Wouldn't mind a nice vacation in the Israeli city of Aleppo. " If Syria is stupid enough to attack us, perhaps we should get ready to take that vacation!
16. Not all Syrians are ignorant
SyrianNationalParty ,   Homs, Syria   (04.24.10)
Not all Syrians are ignorant, remember, any Syrian has brain already left the country, more than 5 millions gone to Europe and USA. We know 60 tube rockets are hardly a threat to Israel. We apologies for the silly Baathist Syrian official remarks and empty threats. And thank you for your Israeli patient; you really make good babysitters seeing how you deal with all your mentally troubled neighbors. Don’t worry, President Assad said he will not fight, so go and enjoy the wine tasting in those Golan wineries, we may join you over there soon on the most peaceful patch of land earth has to offer. Recommendation, try the Pinot Grigio 1967 at Ramat Hagolan winery,, it is pricy but worth it.
17. Syria has drawn lessons from Hezbollah's "success" during th
rebecca ,   Modiin   (04.24.10)
Syria has drawn lessons from Hezbollah's "success" during the Second Lebanon War. Great. Then we are safe.
I have no doubt that Syria could cause Israel immense and horrible damage ,even perhaps send us back to prehistoric times. I do not underestimate them .However, Syria would be wise to cool it and to refrain from inflammatory talk .Syria has nothing to gain from a war and much to gain from peace and quiet.Syria knows ,or at least should realize ,Israels' formidable strength .JUST CHILL.
19. Globally Syria is more respected that Israel
pollster   (04.24.10)
Go figure why...
20. a word to the wise in syria
psalms83 ,   selah   (04.24.10)
the prophcey of damascus being a heap of rubble is yet in the future...... you have a choice ...but I think pride and politics will get in the way..... prove me wrong
21. Syria and WMD
Brod ,   USA   (04.24.10)
Syria has been keeping Saddam's WMD and now threatens to use it against Israel Saddam's WMD was spirited to Syria for safekeeping prior to the invasion by the American forces. For those loose canons who had been saying that Saddam did not have WMD, they would have to eat their crap. The fact is Saddam's WMD is hidden and stored in Syria. Iraq's former Air Force General Georges Sada reveals this in his Must Read book, "Saddam's Secrets" [2006]-p.259.
ROCK THE BOAT ,   ISRAEL   (04.24.10)
If I were in syrias' shoes I would not seek to "rock the boat." Yes Syria could no doubt wreck Israelis towns and cities but the cost to Syria would not be worth it.Better to live side by side quietly..albeit with no love lost.
23. prehistoric times
bruceben9 ,   milwaukee,usa   (04.24.10)
i understand that syria would want it's neighbors to be as backwards and barbaric as they are. but they have always failed at destroying israel and removing jews from the planet and they will fail again. that is what they do. FAIL.
24. Assad, I think you're out of line !!!
Joe   (04.24.10)
Quote : Assad " Send Israel to the era of prehistoric man " -- not very elegant....! does it mean cave man? Quote : Israel " Send Syria to the stone age " not very polite either...! does it mean cave man also ?. It looks like that after the smoke clears, we will be facing each other in our skin and/or animal fur - very itchy. Kidding aside, I am impressed with Syria capability to launch no less than 660 missiles in one day; or 27.5 per hour, or one every 2 minutes is going to fall on this very tiny piece of land. Boy, is it going to be crowded. We are going to run out of land for your projectiles to land on. Assad, you and your generals must solve this mathematical problem first, then we can sit down and discuss peace. What do you say ?
25. wrong
observer   (04.24.10)
to conquer Israel, Syrians have to fire only one rocket every hundred days. haven't they had the lesson from the 73 war?
DI NOSAUR ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.24.10)
27. Syria, i support you.
Desiree ,   united States   (04.24.10)
Go Syria, i as an American support you and feel your pain in having to live by those judeo-nazi's. You must defend yourself. Good luck.
28. Peace Process ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.24.10)
All the effort and goodwill gestures and appeasement from Israel and what has it produced in return from the Arab/Islamic alliance ? Exactly the opposite of what you thought it would Israel. WAR IS AT THE DOOR because appeasement is a sign of weakness to your enemies and always leads to war. Capitulation and surrendering God's land to His enemies has it's rewards and it's soon to rain down on foolish,stubborn Israel which listens to everyone but God.
29. #10 - Paper tiger holding the Golan.
Yossi G. ,   Jerusalem   (04.24.10)
30. Liking that Baath Party dictatorship, #27?
Cameron ,   USA   (04.25.10)
Finding that brutal, police state sexy, baby? Well, my father was fond of noting there is always a damn fool lurking around the corner, and you personify his opinion on the matter. Note the behavior of the current regime in Syria in how they dealt with unrest in the city of Homs a no. of years back, and see if they remain so appealing to you.
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