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200 Yemeni Jews to immigrate to UK
Danny Adino Ababa
Published: 26.04.10, 08:01
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1. where's the victory
Shalom Hartman   (04.26.10)
The Jewish Agency has "lost" irrespective of whether the Yemenite Jews move to the US or the UK. It is Satmar Chassidim who are welcoming them and absorbing the majority of the costs. This has nothing to do with NK whatsoever.
2. Neturei Karta faction destroying aliah
Avi ,   Israel   (04.26.10)
Just when you think these ultra orhthadox lunatics couldnt sink any lower they always manage to. Time to kick them out of Israel and reclaim democrcy.
3. They won't be safe from Jihadists in the UK
They would be better off staying in Yemen.
4. They are very welcome. Haredei commmunity in UK thriving
Amos Yitz ,   London   (04.26.10)
5. Safe from shul bomb plots in NYC/shul shootings in LA, etc
Maayan Myers ,   Buffalo, NY   (04.26.10)
6. what rubbish
observer   (04.26.10)
The Neturei Karta bogeyman (actually a few - not more - individuals with a very tenuous connection to NK) has been supporting the Yemeni Jews for 30 years, before anyone else even knew there were Jews left there. This support was both financial as well as spiritual, in the form of books, religious articles, and manpower when required. The people involved in this work have known three or four generations of Yemenis and have their absolute trust. It may be politically incorrect to mention though, that the majority of Jews who did not emigrate in 1948 remained because they realised that it would spell the end of their life as observant Jews, as indeed it did to the vast majority of their compatriots who believed the lies and deceit of those who came to 'rescue' them. They are well aware of what transpired after the 'rescue' and still wish to have no part in it. Hence their natural affinity with NK.
7. They stole their priceless hand written medieval prayer book
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (04.26.10)
.. replacing them with modern print books. And laughed at the people they were helping all the way to the bank!
8. They are most welcome but if I were them
The 11th Man ,   London   (04.26.10)
I'd go to Israel.
9. to #6 you do aware that the first zionist mass
ghostq   (04.26.10)
immigration was done by Yemenite jews and romenian jews. so get your facts straight and yourself.
10. #2 israel IS a demacratic country
israel   (04.26.10)
11. Fish and chips with zhug and hawayij
Talula ,   Israel   (04.26.10)
I think the culture shock will be too much for them in the UK. I hope they'll be OK. Pity they didn't come here though. I love those Yemenites - they are so cute and yummy!
12. america is the real israel
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.26.10)
interesting that religious anti-israel jews regard america as the most favorable and ultimate destination for jews. well, there is less corruption, anti-semitism, danger, and inter-racial tolerance there. sounds like what israel is supposed to be.
13. out of the fire, into the frying pan
Zvi   (04.26.10)
14. huh?
david ,   new york   (04.26.10)
jewish agency doesn't want them going to american because the satmar will help them there. instead, they will go to england? is this for no other reason than to "get at" satmar? what possible gain is this for israel? why condemn these people to live in a dark wet land of antisemites?
15. dont they know
alan- ,   toronto   (04.26.10)
that England will be an Islamic Republic by 2050 ? Your home is Israel.
16. Yemeni Jews
Bruria   (04.27.10)
So, they want to get back at the NK (who don't want them to go to Israel) so why send them to the UK?? They will be just as--or more--oppressed there than in Yemen. What a joke!
17. Better off in the UK
aVI ,   Israel   (04.27.10)
Lets face it if they came here , first of all the Rabinute would start giving them a hard time, then they would be treated like second class citizens, then all the secualar vs religious hatred, Trust me better off in the UK.
18. To those who think the worst of this action by the UK
Sarah Greenb ,   London   (04.27.10)
I think that those here in these talkbacks who believe the Yemenites are going to have a bad time by moving to the UK better stop and wonder why the haredi community in the UK is growing at an astounding rate, to the point that it is said that it will dramatically increase the UK Jewish population if this trend continues over the next decade. It has done already, but yet, the bunch of racist loons here cant see why.. If the UK welcomes Jews, they are bad, if they dont welcome Jews, they are bad. what do you want from them?
19. to #17 boss r you ok, they r religious
ghostq   (04.27.10)
and yemen probably shas suporters if they were supose to cometo Israel, the last time I checked you don't like shas. sound like you don't want them in Israel cause you don't want shas suport in Israel. use your head boss.
20. to #12
Lauren ,   Israel   (05.05.10)
do you realize the reason NK does not want them coming to live in Israel. Its definitely not because they dont want them to live in a country with no "corruption, anti-Semitism, danger, and inter-racial tolerance", but because they believe Jews should not live in Israel until the messiah comes! get your facts straight...even if israel was how you believe it should be, they would be against them coming here
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