3D Hamas video shows Shalit in captivity as father ages
Ali Waked
Published: 25.04.10, 14:59
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1. Evil has only one purpose in life:to be destroyed!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.25.10)
As long as we fail to destroy evil,we are failing in accomplish life's purpose. Only with courage we get to G-d.There has no other way. These evil beings surrounding Israel must be destroyed! We have no other way.
2. I guess they got plenty of time.
ghostq   (04.25.10)
3. shame on us
john ,   t-a   (04.25.10)
whatever happened to us, to our army and security service, that we can't free one of our soldiers from captivity? Olmert said - we're tired of fighting, we're tired of winning ( he forgot to add - but we're not tired of making some nice money from kickbacks and bribes, wouldn't you baby, rot in hell), is that the case with us now? Where are the daring raids, bravery, mad bravery, and an iron fist of our army? I hate to do this piece of lamenting here really...
4. Never saw such cruelty in my life
Steve ,   NYC   (04.25.10)
May all the pepole responsible for the pain the are causing the Shalit family die in a bloody death soon!
5. Barack, you know how to end this suffering:(
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.25.10)
Really do not know what to say, the video is very touching even for me, I wish Shalit's and all Pali prisoners to breathe freedom, and to end these plays in the fastest possible time.... Emotions of families prisoners, including the Shalit family is not for the irony and the manipulation All blood on their hands,,,, what between us is a conflict and not love story
6. to salma No 5
john ,   t-a   (04.25.10)
Hi Salma, I see your posts to nearly all articles here, are you an avid reader of Israel occupation media? It doesn't look like you're involved in Palestinian hasbara efforts, because even if relatively moderate unlike some talkbacks from a Turkish weirdo called Tayfun, you don't present your point or position clearly. Your claims are pretty absurd to Israelis, your accusation are nothing new, and your demands fro freedom and justice will keep on falling on deaf ears, as you come from a society which in itself is undemocratic and not free, yet you demand from your enemies, i.e. us, Israelis, what you won't dare demand from your own rulers. It's okay for you I guess to accuse Netanyahu and Barak of all sins, but you can't dare to say the same about Hamas leaders or Abbas. Your ranting here sound like a weeping a girl depraved of love in her own family,and not because of " occupation and humiliation" , but because your own family is like that. Get life and get real Salma from "Palestine", by the way - Palestina is a Roman name invented in Ist century... Were you guys( Arabs) here already, or still trodding sandy trails in Aravia?
7. Stop sending trucks to Gaza, seal border
let Egypt care ,   for them   (04.25.10)
I want to see the Egyptian treatment of Gaza. Will it be similar to the 48-67 period?
8. Damn fine animation
Cameron ,   ISRAEL   (04.25.10)
9. disgust
Ilana   (04.25.10)
One can taste disgust upon viewing this evil and nasty video. Noam Shalit is given a hooked nose, when his is not at alllike that (nasty!). But truly, one can feel the cold touch of the devil in this video. They lack a heart and soul. How can one negotiate with a soul-less creature? Or with the devil?
10. # 6 thanks a lot
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.25.10)
This is one of the rare times that I share with my Mami to read something, what you post John, make her laugh with all her heart in particular the part about my family:) so I thank you I know hard to understand me
11. Video
Rebecca ,   Thornhill,Canada   (04.25.10)
To make such a video proves these Arabs are barbaric monsters!
12. Begging for Cast Lead II.
Joey Rose ,   Portland   (04.25.10)
13. to #5 shalit didn't kill anyone
ghostq   (04.25.10)
but palis prisoners did, not a chance, those murderers will ever be free.
14. Fair Prices
Derek ,   Atlanta GA, USA   (04.25.10)
Obviously, Israel is being too gentle and needs to negotiate harder. Israel needs to make the price for holding Shalit intolerable to HAMAS. My suggestion would be to stop all personal visits to prisoners in Israeli jails. Allow the minimum RED CROSS inspections and lawyers to prisoners, but cut off all other communication until HAMAS allows the Red Cross to see Shalit. The fact that Galid has been held for over 3 years is absurd - Isreali needs to increase the price HAMAS pays for not releasing him until it becomes intolerable to HAMAS!
15. #6 Thank you John
Lya ,   Modiin/Helsinki   (04.25.10)
You said it well. I could not do it better.
16. to salma
john ,   t-a   (04.25.10)
I said Salma, that "you sound LIKE aweeping girl etc... " , check the text - usual thing with your talkbacks is that you twist the words, truth and meaning, but I hear that Arab culutre - no insult intended - is much about exagerration, myths, colourful expressions - and very little substance behind that. Living on dreams and illusions of Arab brotherhood. 11 mln Muslims died in the last 40 years mainly from the hands of other Muslims, Salma. 45 thousand Arabs died in the wars with Jews ( 23 thousand Jews did). So. Who is your biggest enemy? 150,000 Lebanese died during the Lebanese civil war. Please, don't rush for excuses of Sabra and Shatilla, look in the mirror and stop singing gruesome songs of Israeli occupation. You're your own worst enemies. I also would like to wish good health to your mother.
17. tough options
Eddie ,   london UK   (04.25.10)
Why is Israel allwoing hamas leader's child to go to Jordan hospital? And why isn't Israel even mentioning Shalit to the US , and get his release as a precondition to concessions, eg food , fuel, settlement freeze , talks. The way to deal with it is to point out Hamas is breaking Geneva conventions.
18. Man, that was as s*** creepy & pathetic as it gets
Cameron ,   USA   (04.25.10)
No wonder you Israelis keep those pathological nutters behind walls in Gaza. Strange stuff that clip.
19. video
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.25.10)
Hopefully now all the israel bashers will start to understand what Israel is up against with Hamas. This video doesnt only proove Hamas to be cruel & totally heartless, it prooves how truely primitive they really are. Disgusting beyond words.
20. \\\\\\\\\amen!!!
to # 4 ,   Il   (04.25.10)
21. The video is an honest account
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.25.10)
of what will surely happen if Israel continues to act like savage pirates and demolishing Palestinian life day after day. Rest assured that if the deal is not ratified by both parties, more israeli soldiers will be imprisoned and yes the price will sky rocket! The solution to this mess is very simple: Agree to Hamas' terms and quit Palestinian lands. You accuse us of not valuing our children. We can accuse you of the same: You send them to occupy, kill, and maim Palestinians. Free Marwan Barghouti, there is no other way. As much as Shalit's story is heart-broken, think of the thousands of Palestinians rotting away in Israeli dungeons. They also have stories, and loved ones.
22. Easy to see why these lunatics don't
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.25.10)
have a country. They simply can't be trusted with one.
23. #11
It works both ways   (04.25.10)
And what of the grotesque tshirts the IDF got printed up showing 'one shot - 2 kills' with a image of a pregnant arab woman? When the rest of the world saw that they probably thought 'what barbaric monsters'..
24. This video is one more example
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.25.10)
This video is one more example on how these devils forge the psyche of their devil society. Any person or nation that accepts ,encourages or is part of this thing,must be destroyed together with these leaders of hell. This that we have seen in the latest years, since the increasing insertion of the arabs in the various nations of the world, is the Surreal being materialized.
25. to john, bravo well said.
ghostq   (04.25.10)
26. Hammas admits defeat
Grant ,   JHb, South Africa   (04.25.10)
Well the positive aspect of this video is that Hamas shows defeat as in its eyes Israel will still be around in 20 years time. Time will only show if Hamas will still be around in 20 years time. Maybe its time to really put the screws on the Hamas leadership....Pity there is no Israeli leader with the required back bone to deal with this issue.
27. Look, there's no point in arguing..
Jew   (04.25.10)
with someone who is brainwashed. It's like arguing with any other fanatic or fundamentalist. Use your words to figure out how to fight evil where it lurks, be it in gaza or the west bank, lebanon, syria, iran, saudi arabia...etc...please show me a place in the middle east that is not a corrupt cess pool like gaza or syria or yemen or.... One day the arab world will contribute something to the world other than oil and terrorism.
28. video
Duchess   (04.25.10)
I agree it is lowly and childish and does prove a lot about what Israelis up against. I cannot understand why Israel continues supplying energy,water and allows trucks in. First release Gilad, then allow all that. Israel is weird... And the prisoners held in Israel have TV's, can go to the supreme court to get bread on Passover, get university degrees... REALLY WEIRD.
29. # 16
you israelis are so brain washed ,and i do feel sorry for the most of you , the zionists have put this myth called israel , so deep in your brains , which makes you partners in this crime against the original landlords of palestine , wake up before its too late , save yourselves from zionizim before it destroys you . there is so much i need to say , but unfortianatly ,it will not be posted by Ynet , because it is very difficult for most of you to hear the truth may god lead you to the rite judgment ,
30. release the prisoners
chilem ,   arlington,usa   (04.25.10)
if u want ur zionist soldier back, then pay the price, palestinians have over 10,000 family members lockd in ur prisons, many of whom have been in captivity for decades. therefore they are patient and will wait it out until they can get their loved ones home. the pals are showing u cowards that they are willing to pay the price to get back freedom fighters who have fought on their ppl's behalf. did u guys really think that the palestinians would let their ppl rot in ur prisons without trying whatever however to get them out. should they just give in to ur demands lol, this is the fatah or the PA, this is palestine, those who dont sit at ur negotiating table, those who are willing to die for their freedom. so either pay the price now or pay a heavier price later, hamas gives demands they dont take orders from israel, and yes maybe the price of freedom and soveriegnty is 1000 dead babies in gaza, but this is the price of freedom. no israel make a move, either bring the pals prisoners home or tighten the siege or bring in the f-16's and tanks, either way the pals are ready to pay. R U
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