Burning 'meteor' a man-made object, geologist says
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 25.04.10, 16:12
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1. What really happened in Bat Yam
Habib Suliman ,   New York City, USA   (04.25.10)
Dr. Gavrielli is correct, it was not a metiorite. Chaim Pinto and his wife Tami came from Haifa to meet Tami's brother and wife Moti and Chana Gorstein. It was supposed to be a relaxing day at the beach. Tami and Chana were preparing shaslik for everyone. Chaim came around to inspect everything like many men do. He ask Tami to pass the chumus (the variation with whole chickpeas intact, and a little zatta sprinkled on top) so he could could coat his skewer of shashlik. Like a clumbsy putz he dropped the container over his shashlik. If you have ever studied basic physics in high school you can figure out the rest of the story. It has to do with the cluster of whole chumus wrapping around the shaslik, olive oil, intense heat and the Israeli concept of BBQ's. Naturally the press is making a big deal out of it, Hammas is claiming that Israel is developing new tactical weapons and requested that the UN investigate. Syria is looking how to play off this event to posture everyone away from their supplying SCUDS to Hezballah. Some radicals in Jordan are claiming it is all linked to what happened in Aqaba. But the truth is that it was just Chaim Pinto from Haifa.
2. post from earlier story yesterday
central scrutinizer   (04.25.10)
2. It is white phosphorous! See how YOU like it! Resistor (04.24.10)
3. white phosphorous
Habib Suliman ,   New York City, USA   (04.25.10)
Incorrect, it was the zatta on top of the whole chickpeas. Go ask Chaim, he will tell you. No offese to you but are you one of those North American or European demonstrators from Jayyous, Bil’in and Ni’ilin? I would spend my time demonstrating for real global issues like basic rights for gay people, non racist education for children, the acceptance of Israel as a nation like any other and of course good humus.
4. Habib, now *that* was funny...
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (04.25.10)
5. Lol, # 1
Anna ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (04.25.10)
Ynet needs more readers like you. Awesome comment :)
6. #1, the middle eastern version of
Noa ,   B7, IL   (04.25.10)
99 red ballons?
7. Religious posts from yesterday: It's a Sign
Observer   (04.25.10)
As it turns out, a sign of mental disorder by some religious posters.
8. Brimstone - It Came from The Sky
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, TX, US   (04.25.10)
This is how Syria is going to return Israel to the Stone Age. Assad prayed to the God that allowed his Dad to kill 20.000 people in Hama and He sent a sample of the brimstone that's gonna rain from the sky.
9. Brimstone - It came from The Sky
Habib Suliman ,   New York City, USA   (04.25.10)
SHHHH, Frankie you are 100% right, but you saw the TV commercial - "What happens in Damascus stays in Damascus". No more protesters in Hama, not even Damascus. And we see how they handle protesters in Tehran.
10. Where is chicken little now?
Josh   (04.25.10)
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