Report: US leaked warning on Hezbollah Scud possession
Roee Nahmias
Published: 25.04.10, 19:09
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1. a diverion manouvre
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (04.25.10)
Meanwhile, a senior US Administration official told "Foreign Policy" that Hezbollah was trying to provoke Israel in hopes that the Jewish state will launch a new war. According to him, Jerusalem is aware of the Shiite group's intentions and is therefore trying to avoid further escalation. However, said the source, Israel has also told Washington that it will not be able to ignore the developments in the north much longer. ISRAEL MUST STRIKE FIRST, AND DONT RESPOND WITH SMALL MEASURES BUT - ISRAEL MUST HIT HIZBOLLAH, LEBAONON, SYRIA, HAMAS AND IRAN SIMULTANIOUSLY. Arn.
3. Useless UN will do nothing. Make clear that population
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.25.10)
centers will be the first targets in a new war so that there will be no one left to restore Lebanon after another war. Oh, the UN says you can't target population centers but in war for survival all is possible and justified.
4.  (the only solution)
sam ,   colorado   (04.25.10)
All these leaks so that to sent UN troops along the border between Syria and Lebanon in order to prevent the flow of arms to Hezbollah will not succeed because there are many areas and ways can not prevent the smuggling of arms (the only solution) to speed up Israel's peace plan because the events are now more dangerous than ever
5. why the big fuss they only 150 scud
tea man ,   marjayoun   (04.25.10)
out of 45,000 missile that lebanon has they even have better than scud and some with GPS this scud for you its like invitation to a party not real war
6. donot be scared of the scud
tea man ,   marjayoun   (04.26.10)
they are like light Bud they only get you drunk before you fall on your face
7. the only problem in ME is
Jacob ,   Encino, CA   (04.26.10)
israel not giving the palestinians their rights, dignity, and land back from 1967 borders. You can dance, cut, swirl, rotate, shake, and bake around above but it is the solid truth. Once you do it, then you will have every legitimate right to defend yourselves and 99% of ME will be with you. And you will also gain the rest over after little more time. As it is you ar enot an a defense force as you call yourselves. You are a mighty oppressive force and you might have finally found your match. Well, I hope you enjoy it. I will still pray that you see how wrong you have been, and that innocent lives in your country and around be spared in the case you launch a future offensive.
8. Destroy the Hizbullah
Ron B. ,   Lod   (04.26.10)
The Hizbullah, exist only because it is supported by the dictatorship of Syria and the fanatic Islam regim of Iran. Their moves are not fair. They have an unfair agenda. They fight unfair battles in the wrong place at the wrong time. They should be destroyd to the last. History tells us that those who came by sword will go by the sword as described at :
9. Hezbollah...
Samuel ,   LA, USA   (04.26.10)
...only exists because Israel still occupies the Shebaa farms and Ghajar (village). They have said many times that it will give its weapon to the Lebanese official army (weak and western backed) once every part of lebanon is free. I don't understand why Israel doesn't give back those territories to Lebanon and Golan heights to Syria so they have peace from those 2 countries... Wait... Maybe it's because they don't want peace ! keep the tension high, take more crunches of palestinian lands, weaken lebanon that could be a dangerous competitor in the region, keep taking water from neighbours, and keep receiving money from the US...
10. Hezbullah
juno   (04.26.10)
I agree, Hezbullah should not use scud missiles against Israel. It is not fighting fair. Even home made rockets like the ones made by the kids in Gaza are not fair. Sling shots against the armed-to-the-teeth IDF, now that's OK.
11. I doubt Hezbollah is trying to start a war
Butros Dahu ,   Houston, USA   (04.27.10)
According to recent history, earlier in the year Israel not hezbollah was talking about attack. Hezbollah petitioned France to help prevent escalation. The US needs to stop lying and making a big deal out of nothing. Israel only wants to stop Hezbollah buildup so that way Israel can either attack Lebenon without retaliation or attack Iran without retaliation.
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