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Cruel kosher slaughter method still in use
Published: 29.04.10, 08:37
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1. Now we will see the true power of the rabbinate.
John ,   Europe   (04.29.10)
2. PETA is known to be anti-traditional
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.29.10)
Slaughtering an animal is killing, but it permitted. PETA is anit Jewish and even though their members include Jews, most are anti Jewish and/or ignorant of Jewish life.
3. #2
Do you have facts to support that, or is any criticism considered anti-Semitic??? While I eat kosher meat, the whole point is that the animal is to be slaughtered in a humane way (oxymoron really), but in a way that causes the least amount of suffering. Hanging a 1 tonne animal by one foot is not exactly humane, and NOT kosher, and amounts to crueltly.
4. Unnecessary cruelty
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.29.10)
All the Israel Chief Rabbinate has to do is notify that slaughter house that their meat is unacceptable and it will stop. There is NO excuse for this kind of cruelty.
5. If its cruel, it AIN'T kosher
William ,   Israel   (04.29.10)
6. Slaughtering Animals Is Cruel and Heartless
lynne ,   Austin, Texas   (04.30.10)
Just the idea of killing an animal and eating it makes me sick. It is horrible, callous and cruel. I've been a vegetarian for over twenty years, and trust me, there are other things to eat besides meat. I'd rather starve than inflict suffering on an animal.
7. #3
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.30.10)
The fact is that this is how a cow is slaughtered. Yes, it is not pretty. The Torah permits us to do this, and forbids animal cruelty. The animal cruelty that the Torah forbids is not the same as that of the animal rights groups. Those who oppose animal slaughter in any form usually are anit Jewish tradition and wish to destroy our traditional Torah directed method of slaughter. Since they are anti Torah, I equate this with anti Semitism, since they, like the rabid anti Semites really wish to stop Jews from being conspicuous in society as Jews and desire them to conform (equals being) gentiles.
8. Kosher slaughter
Benjamin Guttman ,   Hong Kong   (04.30.10)
Sorry Larry from LA but your comments are fatuous in the extreme. How opposing cruelty is somehow anti-trdaitional or anti-Jewish is just plain silly. Anti-Semitism may pretty traditional in many parts of the world; hating and discriminating against Jews may be common in many parts of the world, but this does NOT make it right according to some sick tradition. Cruelty is cruelty is cruelty and, as others have said, if it is cruel it is NOT kosher.
9. the cows were slaughtered already
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.30.10)
Why don't you people look at the video, the cows do not offer any resistance to the workers, The video was taken from outside the building and the cows do not move. "pulling the tail violently" as the announcer proclaims is a outright lie. See for yourselves that we can not see any sign that the cows are alive. Just the opposite, from the end of the video you can see the blood on the neck of the cow that was slaughtered. If this is violent, if this is considered causing undue cruelty to animals, then the viewer is easily taken in by this group that hates ALL animal slaughter.
10. #9 is correct
Israeli Mother ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.30.10)
There may be cruel methods used in slaughtering but this video shows no evidence of any sort to prove any such thing. All we see is animals hoisted up who do look already dead. This is how already slaughtered animals are moved around a huge plant. The only idea we have of what is going on is according to the announcer, whose words don't match what we see in the video. This is also the way anti-Israel propaganda is put forth and the same ignoramuses that believe the PA and Peace Now lies are the only ones who would be convinced of wrongdoing by this video.
11. Why is change anathema for Jews? (end)
Edithann ,   USA   (04.30.10)
12. #11
are you not more concerned about the very much needed change in islam, its terrorism, its hateful messages, its backwardness, its debilotating philosophy and its demeaning to humanity and women in particular. after all, islamists and islam and arabs have neither changed nor produced a single thing of value since the 6th or 7th century...and you claim that change is anathema to jews??? are you insane? jews created all that you live on, lady. their genius has flourished since the millenia. their scientific discoveries and everything about them has changed the world. change is anathema to jews???? a people whose bible (torah) has so many interpretations, arguments and freedom of expression. please, get out of here. jews are the creators of change. observe your meds, your computers, your cell phones, your medical procedures, your scientific discoveries...all jewish origin. silly! hameed aboughazem iranian
13. killing for food is acceptable?
yoni ,   tel avivi   (04.30.10)
killing is kosher if it is not cruel? dying prematurely is kosher and not cruel? accept it, killing like this is more like a systematical degrading and insult to creation.
14. To #2
Olah   (05.01.10)
As long as PETA is helping animals live and die with dignity and less suffering, who cares if they respect Jewish law. I don't respect Jewish law (or any law) if that law causes unessesary suffering to a living being. Giving respect to an animal which is produced and killed for our benefit (to give us life) is the least human beings can do- I think that this should be more important then respecting Jewish Law (or any law)- don't you. On another note; Middle Eastern people seem to waste a lot of food. It drives me crazy to see the waste of food, especially meat. These beings died for us and the majority of people waste way too much food every day. They don't conect or understand the process of meat production. If they were taught this, maybe they would be more respectful.
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