Muslims, Jews, Christians do Bethlehem-Jerusalem run
Published: 29.04.10, 08:45
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1. Good news. Always trust a runner!
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (04.29.10)
2. it's disturbing to see jews r allowed to
ghostq   (04.29.10)
a city that was created by them.
3. Something I still dont understand
Lawrence ,   NY   (04.29.10)
peace between israelis and palestinians? peace between jews and muslims? Both?
4. Arab Initiative 2002 is the only way it seems
Us observer ,   USA   (04.30.10)
anything else is just Photo op for local consumption ..Palestinians should be able to drive from Amman to jerusalem with no israeli check point ..without jerusalem it won't be a viable state . sport stuff events ,well is not buying this ,never did . plus those photo-ops are like ...... like a man with low sperm count ....ladies will never get pregnant ..but from the outsiide ..sure looks like a nice love making .. Israelis are invited to stop acting ...
5. @2
Sam ,   ME   (04.30.10)
Most Palestinain cities including Jerusalem were built by the Canaanites. They weren't built by Jews they were invaded by Jews coming from Egypt. Please check your history. Palestine is neither Arab niether Jewish.
6. Bethlehem
Yizrael ,   Israel   (05.01.10)
Bethlehem was home to jewish families way before Islam even existed. This city passed several hands throughout the years, but the many stories that accompany the Jewish people and the believers in Yeshua (Jesus hebrew name), claim their proven historical home. So for one telling another to check their history while at the same time using the word "Palestine", you would be better off doing the same.
7. to #5 :) giggle the story of Yael say other wise
ghostq   (05.02.10)
mmm when jew married to Muhabian, I might say it is very nice story especially with the mother inlawn, she was lucky indeed. anyway cnaanites got married to jews, it got so bad in Achav days Elaija the Profet had to stop from practice paganism, jews adopted pagan cnaanite rituals, and even today you can find evidences to that since the jewish star is actually pagan symbol, from the days they believe in father in heaven and mother earth. there is also the cnaanite pagan god ba''al, until this very day jews use it in context of husband.(in cnannaite time he was the pagan husband god, he also had another name Neman, Neman is also Hebrew name that describe faithful husband. there r also jewish rituals that can verify it. so before you blab I sugest you find out more about jewish religion and customs and language.
8. so they're not Christians but Catholics
Me Mimi   (05.02.10)
I'm so confused... Catholics are Christians in name, but worship statues. - they are actually pagans.
9. to #8 yeah they r pagans, the stuff
ghostq   (05.02.10)
they teach natives in afrika or south amerika is no different from what the natives already believe, not connected to the real students of christ, who were against paganism.
10. correction Naomi, Yael was another cnaanite
ghostq   (05.02.10)
woman, who helped to Israelits, she killed sisre he tried to run, the fact that the bible mention her and give precise discription of non Israelit and comemorate this fair sweet brave lady means that Israelits gave great honor to their supporters, and the fact we know about it today prove they never forgets either.
11. ridiculous denial
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (05.02.10)
I believe there's a typo - muslims run FROM peace - duh! Don't the Israelis realize, yet, that muslims will infect them from EVERY direction? It's in their koran - duh!
12. humans
cristian ,   arg   (05.02.10)
no race and no religion,just humans,all born in the same way,all in the same way die,flesh and bones,heart,mind and spirit and i wish good spirit!
13. to #11 OH really, 22,684 victimes say other wise
ghostq   (05.03.10)
and those victimes just from Israel, I am not talking on Dejerba massacre when mass of Muslims raided jews houses in Lybia and killed jews. or the fact that in Tunis there was cobsentration camp or the fact that palis past leader Haj Amin al-Husseini and even established the natzi SS wafa devisions. what you said nice words but reality say otherwise.
14. to #11 jews don't have koran they got bible
ghostq   (05.03.10)
and the bible is very interesting book, you will find it shoking that in the jewish bible unlike other books there r women who serve as profets, some even gave their wisdom in jerusalem, one in the main gate of the temple, till this very day there is Hulta gate in jerusalem, damn even back than they gave orders... never mind.
15. yep! a long run together, that will sort out the problems...
Israel   (05.04.10)
16. @8 they don't worship idols
SAM ,   ME   (05.04.10)
they worship what the idols represent. What you have said is like saying that jews hit thier heads against a wall?
17. to #16 yes they do, they pray to statues.
ghostq   (05.05.10)
even take the statuses for parades like pagans used to do in ancient rome, only the face and name look different but the same idea.
18. #17: feel sorry for you
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (05.06.10)
so blinded by hate to the point where you are so detached from reality, just like your taliban counterparts
19. The three Abrahamitic myths running for their respective....
JMK ,   NYC   (05.07.10)
superstitions, fictions and lies.
20. who?
esraa ,   cairo-egypt   (05.08.10)
but who will reach firist? the truth is there no peace between us are you sure that there is a good solution for the crisis between muslims and jews?
21. To N 8, Me Mimi
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Brazil   (03.06.11)
My dear, you show intolerance and lack of knowledge about Christian Catholic faith. We do not worship statues. We remember, through them, the holy people. It is sad that in a world full of atheism, anti semitism and religious indifference, you prefer to attack your brothers. I regret it very much.
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