James Jones apologizes for 'Jewish merchant' joke after uproar
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.04.10, 00:06
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1. joke
mark ,   ny usa   (04.27.10)
I think it is funny being a jew I have no problem with it
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.27.10)
Day job .Your joke was almost funny..about as funny as a childrens' cancer ward.Please leave the comedy to Jackie Mason .
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.27.10)
Englishman ,the Irishman and the national security advisor?? The englishman and Irishman both thought he was a jerk.
5. He deserves to be fired
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (04.27.10)
I can hear jokes involving Jews and not get offended, but the "Jewishness" in this one wasn't even funny. There was no need for a "Jewish" aspect to it. It tells me that Jones has within him the old Jewish stereotype and is not rid of it.
6. Lucky he didn't make jokes about muhammed...
Danny   (04.27.10)
7. Oh big deal, Arik
Cameron ,   USA   (04.27.10)
What a pack of sensitive souls we all have become! Hell, I'm Irish, and I've heard enough jokes about the drinkin' & brawlin' Irish over the years to make the gag reflex kick in. He made an "un-PC" joke.......yawn. I'm only too sure the Jewish community has it's own full array of goyim, Catholic, and Muslim jokes. So be it. No, the real danger lies in a group that simply can't tolerate having a cynical laugh at itself on occasion. I've heard that criticism made of the Germans, and Muslims seem to fit into that groove as well.
8. Jones' "Jew joke"
David ,   NJ USA   (04.27.10)
don't be naive. no one was sitting around a table in a bar drinking mugs of beer, telling jokes. This was an insensitive blunder and inappropriat to all present. again Jones shows his anti Israel/Jewish bias so evident in the Obama administration. He should have told a Black joke, how would that be viewed?
9. Get Real
philip ,   canada   (04.27.10)
I wonder what would have been the outcome for this person had he made a joke about blacks? He wouldn't dare.
10. If this is the public joke, what's said behind closed doors
B.E. ,   Whangarei, N.Z.   (04.27.10)
11. Anti-Semitism runs deep!!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.27.10)
12. a warning to jews-oybama is our enemy not our friend.
debra ,   usa   (04.27.10)
oybama, the muslim, no more respects american jews than he does the jews of israel. we jews must be alert to the anti-semitism emanating from the white house, whether it's aimed at israel or jews in the usa. oybama has us in his sights. he learned his jew hatred well from sitting in reverend wright's church of hate. how we respond to these slights and insults, will determine how fast and hard oybama will kick jews around. our watchwords, NEVER AGAIN, apply here.
13. its nObama guy, what you expect?
sam1am ,   Foster city, CA   (04.27.10)
Jones like his boss, the Imam nObama is anti-Israel and anti-semite, what else you expect from this adminstration that claim the US has a rich Muslim heritage..... yeh sure... like the Muhhamad theTeddybear
14. Pretty funny
15. Come on.. it was a funny joke........
Jew ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.27.10)
16. Jones is a disgrace to the Marine Corps
Sgt. Major Hartman ,   Paris Island NC   (04.27.10)
He should have been weeded out at Paris Island as one who does not pack the gear to serve in my beloved Corps. He is not even a human being, he remains an unorganized grabastic piece of amphibian sh*t. In the Corps we do not tolerate any kind of bigotry I recommend that he be stood up tall in front of the man and dealt with in the proper manner
17. Jones IS a joke, a sick one
Benny ,   Gush Etzion   (04.27.10)
him and his Polak buddy whose name reads like an eye chart : Zbignew Brzezinski He is just one more anti semite who will end up in history's dustbin
18. cant understand the adl
thommy ,   germany   (04.27.10)
really this joke was in no way as bad of course its a stereotype but its a joke that means this guy just played with a stereotype there are jokes of brtis americans ... too or of blacks or so also he after said that america will safe israel so...
19. I think the joke is shameful and inappropriate.
yet another Jew   (04.27.10)
20. what a stupid joke!!!!!
guille ,   israel   (04.27.10)
21. Jewish Joke
Tom ,   Bat Tom   (04.27.10)
I heard that joke before with a slight variation. Boring and silly!
22. Lighten up, for god's sake!
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (04.27.10)
This joke has been doing the rounds in various iterations for years. This is the first time is featured a Jew or a Taliban. I think it's funny and clever. As a Jew, child of a Shoah survivor, I do not find it offensive in the least. Some people are just looking for an excuse to get all fired up about anything.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (04.27.10)
Actually James Jones' joke was rather good but I have a better one : an Englishman ,an Arab and a Jew were sitting on a train .A fly flew in from the window and the english man shouted "BLOODY FLY" and promptly killed it.Seconds later, another fly flew in and the arab grabbed the fly and ate it. Seconds later yet another fly flew in and the Jew caught the fly held it in his hand and turned to the arab and said : Do you want to buy a fly ??
24. Jones is a bad joke...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.27.10)
Hussein Obamas National Security Adviser makes an antisemitic joke and later apologizes - is this man a complete idiot or an Antisemite ? (It is clear, that he is both) In both cases he is totally unqualified to do his job. But it is clear enough, that he serves at ( to) the pleasure of his boss, a man who is equally unqualified to be the Commander in Chief...and who does not like the Jews either...
25. Jokes and stereotypes
Naor ,   USA   (04.27.10)
People need to relax, this was just a joke. Big deal, so it made fun of Jewish stereotypes, so do almost every Jew joke and other jokes for that matter. Who really cares, it is just humor. Humor in bad taste perhaps, but a small joke never hurt anyone. We have bigger fish to fry, this shouldn't even have been reported.
26. His apology is as believeable
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (04.27.10)
as Jesse Jackson's for calling Jews "hymies"
27. Oh come on!
Ben ,   Chutzlaretz   (04.27.10)
It isn't a great joke, but it not negative on Jews and was intended for a pro-Jewish audience. Stop living with a constant chip on your shoulders. We don't need people to tip toe around us for crying out loud! Enough of this victim ghetto mentality! We are Jews, we are proud and we can laugh too.
28. You left out the most important part of the transcript
in which he says, "the Jew told the Taliban he forgave him for cursing him, IHIS COUNTRY, etc.," yet nowhere in the joke had there been any reference to the Jewish merchant's nationality. This Jones has done the unthinkable...the new anti-Semitism is the demonization of the State of Israel...Jones neatly linked the myth of the Jew as greedy and money hungry to the new anti-Semitism ...the greedy, money hungry Israeli.... Appalling!
29. Don't take it too seriously
jb ,   canada   (04.27.10)
The joke was probably told to Jones by a Jew and could have been about 2 Jews, a Jew and someone else or a non-Jew such as a Scotsman and someone else. There's no end to the permutations and combinations. It's an old borscht-belt joke. and it is funny although Jone's delivery is not too good. He probably decided to keep the Jew and change the other person to a taliban because they are the enemy...remember! So the Jewish merchant ends up screwing the Taliban. Not so bad. That some people would feel its innappropriate is understandable, But Jones being a goyishe kopf probably thought he was being complimentary to the Jew. 'nuf said
30. more doublespeak from HQ?
roli ,   miami beach, fl   (04.27.10)
In a serious debate or a speach it's always proper form to begin with a quote, parable, or even a joke as long as it frames the subject matter in context. What I find humorous about this is that before the Soviet invasion Afghanistan had a royal family that traced it's lineage and it's customs to the house of David like every western nation did before the purges of literature and life by storm troopers began about 100 years ago. Now that America is there they still just seem to have this horrible heroin habit...
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