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Jewish hospital in Tangiers torn down
Elad Benari
Published: 27.04.10, 15:14
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1.  Museum of Tolerance
realityman ,   jerusalem   (04.27.10)
on top of the cemetery, just as you are planning to do in Jerusalem on top of the Muslim cemetery. how about that. Ha???
2. Realityman needs reality check
Shame ,   Jerusalem   (04.27.10)
The Muslims themselves claimed that the Jerusalem Cemetery can be built on. There are numerous structures there for decades and built by Arabs. While it may leave a bad taste as its meant to be a tolerance Museum the only reason a big deal is being made out of it is because that it what the Arabs do about everything Jewish.
3. previous posters
Phil ,   ireland   (04.27.10)
I think both of you are a bit off topic here.. The article states that the "leader" of Tangier's Jewish community looked to tear down the hospital and build apartments.. He was also given 12 months to repair the hospital.. Considering he submitted a plan to demolish the ex-hosptial, and then failed to respond to the 12-month notice, it is highly hypocritical to censure the Moroccan authorities for doing what the elected president of Tangier's Jewish community had proposed to do himself
4. #1 - Museum of Tolerance not built on cemetery
William ,   Israel   (04.28.10)
99% of the building is being built on a parking lot that was adjacent to the cemetery, with the 1% remaining built on the cemetery. First, the bodies were handled with care and the Waqf called in to maintain the sanctity of the dead. That's a lot more than being afforded to Jewish corpses. Second, the sanctity of the site was lifted by none other than the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Al-Husseini, who was to build a palace on the location. Now I ask you - if Muslims don't even maintain the sanctity of that location, why should non-Muslims?
5. Time to come home
David ben Yisrael ,   Colorado, USA   (04.28.10)
Yet another indication that it is time to make aliyah now!
6. wisdom and perspective
vlri ,   London UK   (06.11.10)
Whilst the loss of a historical Jewish site is sad, it is normal to demolish a place where sickness and disease has been dealt with over a long time and build a brand new hospital for a fresh start. It would have been turned into an art gallery or shopping mall or something. Hospitals need to be modern but with the Ancient fear and love of God built into their walls Jehovah Rophe. We have a book of old Photos of Jerusalem and Art works from a 100 years ago, we treasure even though some buildings have gone and more have come
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