Yishai wants to send infiltrators back to Eritrea
Yael Branovsky
Published: 27.04.10, 14:55
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1. too little too late...
Jon S. ,   Tel Aviv   (04.27.10)
we are already perceived as the place anyone from Sub Saharan Africa can run to and then claim to be a refugee. With the help of the NGOs and left leaning media who play the holocaust guilt trip game, illegals know full well they will never be deported. This should have been done 2 years ago and the fence already completed. It still hasn't been started, and we are getting 50 new illegal migrants every single day. This is an extremely serious problem.
2. stranger in a strange land?
didnt someone famous say that ?
3. to #2
Daniela ,   Ramat Gan   (04.27.10)
yes they did, but they were not talking about people who entered a country illegally and who have become involved in violent crime, drug abuse, rape, etc. And who continue to arrive at 1,500 a month (higher than aliyah statistics). This is the equivalent of 65,000 illegals into the US every single month. If they were real refugees they would would be perfectly safe in the 1st country they arrived at (in this case Ethiopia - yet alone Sudan, Egypt, etc.). They are here purely to make money. I have talked to them. I used to feel like you did. What would you do, have the whole of Africa invade us because they are strangers in a strange land.
4. Stop Demonizing Eritreans!
Moshe Dayan ,   USA   (04.27.10)
What are the motives behind Israel's preferential treatment of Eritrean draft dodgers and deserters over other African refugees from such places as Ethiopia where millions of Ethiopians are fleeing the genocide in their home country, or Somalians fleeing violence carried out by Ethiopian invading and occupying forces, or Sudanese fleeing the violence in Darfur....etc.? It is a well known fact that Israel offers a 6-month work permit to Eritreans who "infiltrate" its borders when other "infiltrators" from other African countries are denied of this preferential treatment and are forced to pose as "Eritreans" to get the work permit. If Israel deports the 15,000 or so "Eritrean infiltrators" to Eritrea, I won't be surprised if half of them turn out to be Ethiopians who had falsely registered as "Eritreans" in order to get a work permit. Last year, when Egypt returned 700 refugees to Eritrea, almost half of them turned out to be Ethiopians who registered as "Eritreans" in hope that they could be granted a work permit once they made it into Israel. Here is another example of Israeli's double-standard and a sickening hypocrisy if you will.... Israel arrests and punishes Israeli draft dodgers and deserters but grants automatic asylum status and a work permit to Eritrean draft dodgers and deserters. Hmmmmm... Obviously, such double standard is part and parcel of the western smear campaign against the state of Eritrea aimed at demonizing the nation for its refusal to allow U.S. Africa Command, or AFRICOM, military base within its borders. We Americans give Israel over $3 billion dollars in aid annually to do just that. If you're an Israeli you should be very very proud of your government that arrests Israeli draft dodgers and deserters to give their jobs to Eritrean draft dodgers and deserters. Stop demonizing Eritreans!
5. is it human?
abraham afewerqi ,   jersey, usa   (04.27.10)
The Eritrea government has shoot to kill policy to stop Eritreans from fleeing. Returning them back to the Eritrea government is inhumane. What guarantee is there for those who are going to be sent back? If they must go back, let them go back after this regime falls.
6. Build the fence!
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (04.27.10)
7. Truth Be Told.....
Eritrean ,   Cali   (04.27.10)
Contrary to what the Ethiopian person commented above defending the Ethiopian human traffickers, there is no such thing as a "shoot to kill" policy in Eritrea. It is the Egyptian border patrols who are murdering innocent people as they try to cross the border into Israel. It is Egypt that has the "shoot to kill" policy; Eritrea does not. . In the past, both Egypt and Libya have returned Eritrean draft dodgers to their home country through the Red Cross, and so far there hasn't been any report of "imprisonment" or "abuse" of the deportees upon their return. The Red Cross that oversees the entire process to ensure the safety of the deportees has nothing but praise to the warm welcome accorded to the deportees by the people and government of Eritrea. It is not unusual to see the Eritrean government along with the families of the returnees throw big 'welcome home' parties upon their return. The worse thing that can happen to the draft dodgers is to be enlisted in the army to fulfill their national military service duties, get free college education, free health care, free job skills, free housing and meals. Home is where the heart is.
8. Be worry of the wolves in a sheep sikn
Shamshalom ,   London   (04.27.10)
It is strange to read people who use name of great hero Moshe Dayan to pass on their coward message. Eritreans old and young are fleeing from a brutal leader who does not have any purpose in life and get a great pleasure by a misery of his own people. Unlike very few greedy and sadistic people who measure their success by a failure of their brothers and clap there four limbs to the crazy leader most Eritreans love their country. They would not have left their beloved mother land had not been forced to by the evil leader, who brought up on us slavery in the name of freedom. All sensible Israel are urged to ask to stop their government not to extradite law abiding Eritrean to the evil man. shamshalom, Lonodn
9. You are right
Bahre ,   Beljium   (04.28.10)
You are right Moshe, the Ethiopians are fleeing their country for fear of 'genocide' . So there is no reason to deport them. But your guys are influxing to Isael for money collection to support the poor Eritrean government which is on the way to its death. So this should be stopped by the Israeli government and they have to be deported back to sawa and let them fight with Ethiopia until they are finished.
10. Israel is a nation of illegal immigrants.
Schindler ,   Auschwitz   (04.30.10)
It is interesting to me that you blame the refugee victim for being raped, as "involved in rape". As a Jew, how does that not make you feel very very dirty and racist? Where would all Jews of the world be today, if every country they flocked to, did not stop them at the gate, blaming them for the crimes against them? I can tell you where you and your nation would be: in the ashes of Auschwitz, before even being conceived. I am not saying little Israel can take all the refugees of the world. You raise a valid point. But you should actually have stopped there, not blamed the refugees.
11. Propoganda. ,   Jail-itrea   (04.30.10)
From california you can talk so comfortably. Why don't you go to sawa? The Red Cross has not said something quite so positive about the Eritrean dictatorship. But they can not say anything too negative or the dictator will kick them out and they will have no access to help people. Don't forget they have to pay "tax" to the "uncorrupt" dictator's swiss bank account to be inside the country. Not even half the money goes to the people who need it. Maybe a 5 year old or a useless hypocrite believes the North Korean style propoganda of Eritrea, but a normal human being can see the truth.
Ethiopian Refugee ,   New Jersey, USA   (05.01.10)
I'm surprised to learn that Israel refuses to accept Ethiopian refugees. We Ethiopians need more help than any other refugees in the world because we are suffering in the hand of the brutal genocidal regime that is carrying out despicable crimes against humanity. Recent UNHCR report indicates that "Ethiopia is the largest human exporter in the world" , and in Yemen along there are over one million Ethiopian refugees. Israel needs to revise its immigration policies to allow genuine refugees like Ethiopians and not draft dodgers and army deserters from Eritrea. The Eritrean youth are leaving the country to avoid the army conscription, but the Ethiopian refugees are leaving to save their lives. Things are terrible in Ethiopia. A minority 4% of the population are reigning over 96% of the population by the barrel of the gun. Please allow Ethiopian refugees into Israel. Thank you. Habtamu Begashaw, New Jersey. USA.
13. Jesus will save them !!!
HH ,   Sweden   (05.01.10)
Israel may have a reason for deporting refugees in its land including eritreans for security reasons, but God is always there to save victims 0f abusements of different types. God will save eritreans refugees in Israel, and our God is the almighty who can create favourable conditions to us. God bless our people where ever it is !!! HH
14. eritrea
sy ,   israel   (07.23.10)
we are eritreans .we love also my country and we are unity we have a light futurity
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