4 killed in Gaza tunnel
News agencies
Published: 28.04.10, 22:21
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1. Tunnel rats
oxo ,   USA   (04.28.10)
Moral of the story: tunneling like rats can result in dying like rats
2. Egyptian reaction?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.28.10)
I'm sure the egyptians aren't going to lose much sleep over a "workplace accident" that killed a few smugglers. in fact, I would be most surprised if the incident got any coverage at all in the (government-controlled) egyptian media. "there will be peace when the arabs learn to love their children more than they hate us."
3. Mazal tov! less terrorists more love.
Victor ,   USA   (04.28.10)
4. against the jus cogens
observer   (04.28.10)
Egypt has never been a signatory of the Rafah Crossing Agreement. It was Israel, P.A. and EU who signed the agreement. Not objecting to the agreement, does not mean the Egypt endorses the agreement. So, the excuse of blocking humanitarian aid at Rafah crossing has no basis. On the other-hand Egypt has been hindering the efforts in preventing genocide & delivery of humanitarian aid; against the "jus cogens" status which supersedes the international law. It's flagrant case of breaching the peremptory norms. The number of peremptory norms is considered limited but not exclusively catalogued. They are not listed or defined by any authoritative body, but arise out of case law and changing social and political attitudes. Generally included are prohibitions on waging aggressive war, crimes against humanity, war crimes, maritime piracy, genocide, apartheid, slavery, and torture. Israel war on Gaza is no less than a genocide against 1.5 million civilians. Had Egypt even signed the crossing agreement, it would still have been beaching the "jus cogens" law:
5. Egyptian methods.
sohnes ,   ludwigsburg, germany   (04.28.10)
6. The Pals narrative may be an attempt to mislead
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.28.10)
I would not be surprised if they were actually smuggling explosives which literally exploded in their faces. Chemical weapons meant for Israel??
7. Good! They should destroy all of them.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.28.10)
8. Disgusting reactions
Laila ,   Sweden   (04.28.10)
The talkbacks here are just disgusting. Humans died and you people pour out your hatred and inhumanity. Shame on you.
9. No, Laila - you are the disgusting one...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.28.10)
You may not care that these humans are bringing in rockets to shell our cities, but we do. We do not mourn their deaths at all. And there is nothign disgusting about that, moron.
10. The Responsibility Belongs to Hamas.
Ayman ,   EG   (04.29.10)
My reaction is this. Hamas and its "police" are actively involved and turn a blind eye to smuggling activities. Why aren't they being held responsible? Egypt has the right to stop any illegal infiltration of its borders and the right to destroy any tunnels. If there are people inside them on the Gaza side, then that is the responsibility of Hamas, regardless of the fact that they are a terrorist organization and an illegitimate government. I say the Egyptian government is not doing enough. Oh and what's the deal with Israelis illegally crossing into Egypt lately? They are lucky they didn't get shot. At least they stop when they are told to by border guards, unlike others.
11. Remember the sewer escape routes from the Warsaw Ghette
Naftali Lavie   (04.29.10)
The Palestinians are forced to use these miserable tunnels because of the Israeli blockade. End the blockade, and open all the entrances to Gaza. Remember the late Raful? He talked about the Palestinians "scurrying around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle". Too many Israelis buy in to this perception of their fellow human beings. The victims have become the victimizers.
12. #11 - the comparison is disgusting....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.29.10)
Are you on drugs? Open borders to the Hamas ruled Gaza? You may not give a sh... about us being rocketed, but we do. The comparison between this situation and Warsaw is sickening. Particularly with your Jewish name, you are repulsive.
13. Gaza Dead from within by its
Fred ,   Canada   (04.29.10)
Muslim Cult Dictators as plain to see, the Devil made them do it; Flip Wilson
14. #4 - under "peremptory norms"...
William ,   Israel   (04.29.10)
genocide is considered a mass killing of people based on race in order to exterminate them. Some how, killing 1100 armed terrorists in a conflict, out of 1.5 million people, hardly constitutes "genocide". To that end, the acts of Jordan against "Pals", Syria against Hama residents, and Saddam's actions against Kurds and Shiites are much closer to the true definition, and yet elicit only silence from you. In "jus cogens", the flagrant attack on a civilian population by the "Palestinians", specifically 10 years of rockets from Gaza and a call to destroy a sovereign country, is prohibited, but among your ilk, accepted. Please save your useless jargon for other mindless wombats unless you are prepared to be governed by the same laws.
15. #8 - Disgusting to celebrate the saving of lives?
William ,   Israel   (04.29.10)
These humans were smuggling weapons and explosives to kill other humans. There is no dignity in that and their death actually saved many more lives, both Israeli and "Palestinian". If you really were for human life, you would see this as a win for humanity, but my guess is you are racist, and celebrate successes by these "humans" you mourn.
16. @ 11
ed ,   israel   (04.29.10)
17. What? No blame for Israel?
Sarah   (04.29.10)
What I like about the Palis is that they NEVER blame themselves for anything they do. It's always somebody else's fault. Like little retarded children...
18. #8 Agreed re Disgusting Reactions
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (04.29.10)
There are many problem spots around the world with also tragic stories. However there is no excuse for Israels denial of human rights and basic dignity to the Palestinians. Had the roles been reversed then no way would ynetnews censors allow some of the postings and many would quickly be screaming "anti semetic" They tell me not everyone in Israel spews hatred as some contributing here do but I sometimes wonder.
19. #11
Chimo ,   Las Vegas   (04.29.10)
There is absolutely no cmparison whatsoever between the tunnels in the Warsaw Ghetto and what these tunnels are being used for. You are showing a complete lack of historical knowledge for even attampting to make this comparison. The Jews of The Ghetto were being systematically murdered. The Palestinians are using the tunnels to bring in rockets to launch at Israeli cities. Grow a brain.
20. Laila from Sweden:
Robert Haymond ,   Canada/Israel   (04.29.10)
In all probability, many "tunnel rats", including those written about in this article, are just simple Gazans who voted in Hamas but were unaware of the dangers to befall them with the administration of Gaza under the leadership of Hamas. During Operation Cast lead, Fatah sympathizers were thrown off high buildings to their sure deaths and others clubbed in their knees to insure crippling for life. So, yes, I do feel bad that so many have to make a living in such a dangerous way some of whom are likely innocent of Hamas iniquity. By the same token, Laila, do you feel any sympathy for the thirty-seven Israelis who died between 2000-2008 due to the shelling from Hamas missiles and rockets (statistics from the Shin Bet) or any of the many wounded or maimed? This is not to mention the huge number of cases of PTSD, especially in Sderot, which may last a lifetime, especially in children, or the recent death of a Thai farmer working on a kibbutz who was killed by a rocket? I just want to know, Laila, whether your sympathy and indignation extends to non-arabs, to all people including Jews. Awaiting a response.
21. Actually, Naftali, I too take no
Robert Haymond ,   Canada/Israel   (04.29.10)
pleasure in reading about people who turned to tunnelling and smuggling to make a living under the evil regime of Hamas. The blockade on Israel's part, however, is to prevent the export of suicide bombers, import of weapons, missile and rocket launches. Perhaps you missed all that, the shellings into Israel and the killings and maimings of innocents when you compared the blockade to the Warsaw Ghetto. Of course, unlike then, we have the means to protect ourselves. Also, I would remind you, Naftali, of Gilad Shalit. You must know who he is. Does the destruction of, and damage to, Jewish lives stimulate your compassion, Naftali, or only Palestinian lives. Looking forward to your considered response on this forum.
22. #11
alan ,   toronto   (04.29.10)
you need to get your head out of the sand. There is no moral equivelance between the 2
23. #8from the soon to be occupied by Muslims Islamic republic
Jrodstein ,   Basalt, Colorado   (04.29.10)
of Sweden, when the Palestinians you mourn and have sympathy for send homicide bombers to kill children and also send rockets just at the time when school is either starting or ending? Do you think that is disgusting? Or when the Palestinians handed out candy when 9-11 happened. Did you have a problem with them? U probably thought it was a Jew conspiracy.
24. More like explosives detonated while smuggling them in
Jay3 ,   Israel   (04.29.10)
25. #17 It's called converting shame into
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.29.10)
honor and visa-versa for their enemies. Lovely lot, are'nt they ?
26. No Naftali Lavie!!
Dr Jack ,   Vancouver, Canada   (04.29.10)
Please don't be fooled. There is NO real Naftalie Lavie. It is the name used by an Arab posing as a Jew, for a number of years. You can find him/her on many website, probably paid by the letter by his/hers employers from the Middle East.
27. #14
observer   (04.29.10)
after the Gaza's blight with the Isdraeli Cast Lead, the thousands rockets story does not hold convincing for the Americans. The Israeli air and ground attacks destroyed 5,000 homes; put 200 factories out of operation, including the only flour factory in the country; systematically destroyed egg-producing chicken farms; and bombed sewage and water systems. "If that isn't collective punishment, what is?" Goldstone asked.
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