Hamas: Egypt killed tunnel smugglers 'in cold blood'
Associated Press
Published: 29.04.10, 07:20
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1. Horrible on both sides
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (04.29.10)
If the egyptians had access to the tunnel, why didn't they just either open it up and arrest the people or wait for them to come out the end and arrest them. Using any sort of gas, even a crowd dispersal gas in such a confined area is a horrible thing to do. Also to Hamas, yes, it's workers trying to earn their daily bread, but if you didn't force them into illegal activities like digging tunnels and making weapons and explosives, they wouldn't be exposed to situations that would threaten their lives or livelihoods.
2. The dead and wounded Gazans may
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (04.29.10)
well have been simple workers desperate to earn a living. This is the situation which Hamas has created, however. Just as Hamas is indefatigable in its goal to destroy Israel, it also damages and destroys its opponents (Fatah) by throwing their members off of rooftops or sledgehammering their knees so that they remain cripples all their life. There is no sense of compassion amongst these Hamas reprobates. They shamelessly use women and children as shields during episodes of warfare just as they send their mentally ill and disabled out to do their suicide bombing dirty work. These Hamas members are the same people who refuse any compromise for life. If the horrible killing of desperate people who must dig tunnels and smuggle for a living brings Hamas any advantage in regional disputes, then Hamas considers their pitiful deaths to be a victory. Like the dragon Smeagal in Tolkien's epic "The Hobbit, which finally ate its own tail after devouring all of its hated enemies, Hamas will do the same to itself.
3. Working for daily bread? they are smuggling new cars!!!!!
israel   (04.29.10)
A tunnel is a tunnel - the majority are used to smuggle weapons - save the sob stories for someone who cares.
4. The Nebech Gazans
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.29.10)
The Nebech Gazans are a group of people that no one wants. Real Nebishes. Egypt did not want to "take back" Gaza when the rest of Sinai was "returned", and Israel never quite developed a way of handling this unruly group. But, the primary problem rests with the Gazans' themselves. During the years that Israel controlled that territory from within, the Gazans had their best opportunity ever to improve their lives and the quality of living. But, they failed to seize the opportunity and preferred "independence" and irritating Israel over peace and cooperation with us. Too bad. It is typical of the Arabs to make wrong choices like that. The Gazans are trapped in their own obstinance and stupidity, that is, unless they clean up their act and finally, finally come to realize that cooperation with Israel is their only real hope for some sort of decent living and future. Restore Jewish habitation in Gush Katif, work along with Jewish entrepreneurs, be peaceful and civil, and G-d will grant them good lives.
5. gassed
colin   (04.29.10)
Egypt on the right track. Egypt has warned hamas to stop smuggleing arms and ammunition by way of the tunnels. Hamas refused to uphold the agreement now they cry. Egypt must be congratulated for doing a wonderful job in protecting the borders
6. Survival of the fittest. Those so stupid they foolishly
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.29.10)
risk their lives in a tunnel get the results they should have expected. This is not much different than swallowing poison and not expecting to die.
7. Dare to launch Kassam ?!
Yosi   (04.29.10)
8. Why dosn`t BBC Report this?
Ofer Mousai ,   Tel Aviv   (04.29.10)
Why isn`t this reported on their web site
9. Shame on "Israel" and the Egyptian regime
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.29.10)
but The greatest shame on the irresponsible Hamas government
10. Isreali control of Gaza/Egypt border will save lives.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.29.10)
Lives will be spared - trade and wealth-creation will flourish - as regulated border crossings become routine. NO MORE TUNNELS!
11. note to self
rashid ,   palistinian   (04.29.10)
dont eat ful and cabbage with row onions before going into a tunnel
12. People, any people
Sagi   (04.29.10)
deserve the Government they have. Whatever happens to them is the responsibity of the authorities, and these authorities were instated by the people, or are tolerated by them, either way the peole are ultimately responsible for their own fate. The people make and the people break.
13. to #9 you voted for Hamas.
ghostq   (04.29.10)
you got Hamas. you see in votes it reflects the Palestinians way of action which is hamas. they couldn't got to power without suport. and they also destroy humanitarian supply of medical aid.
14. offer one of the main editor of BBC is Muslim
ghostq   (04.29.10)
their news r basical edited for the pro palestinian.
15. # 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.29.10)
Why not ask them ??
17. kol hakavod to egypt! if only israel had balls to that.
18. :: Robert - #2
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (04.29.10)
How does this differ from the IDF using Palestinians as human shields during ‘episodes of warfare’? By the IDF *own admission* they have used human shields on 1,200 occasions over the last five years. Robert of course cannot recognize this fact as he can only talk about Hamas using human shields, he is morally blind to the IDF committing this war crime. Such is the hypocrisy of Ynuts. Likewise with: You can still see video clips of the IDF using blunt rocks to break the arms of stone throwing Palestinian youths during the first Intifada thus crippling these youths. We have also seen in recent weeks the IDF shooting unarmed protesters in Gaza as they protested peacefully resulting, so far, in the death of an innocent Palestinian and the wounding and maiming of others. Clearly for every barbaric act/war crime Hamas commits the IDF are also guilty of similar acts of barbarism and have turned the use of innocent civilians as human shields, shoot to kill, or the smashing of children arms into actually policies within the IDF. Of course Robert will not refute these acts of barbarity by the IDF as first he would have to acknowledge such recorded facts which would involve a level of honesty and objectivity which he is currently incapable of mustering. Lastly the dragon in The Hobbit was called ‘Smaug’ not ‘Smeagal’ (Smeagol) which is an entirely different character altogether.
19. :: #8 - BBC reporting
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (04.29.10)
The BBC *has* reported this story.
20. No One Likes the Palestininas
Dan ,   Titusville   (04.29.10)
Only Jew-Haters like the Palestinians using them like sand slaves to forward their anti-Semitic agenda. So much for the myth of Muslim unity as it is again exposed. Those who speak against Israel are simply Jew-Haters and are not promoting any other agenda.
21. quickly please!!!!! quickly!!!
where is the un investigations with richard goldstone? where is anrwa investigation of this murder and mostly by nazi gassing? where are the human rights organizations screams and shouts? where are the leftists and world palestinians screams and demonstrations and calling this nazi war crime? where is tutu to lead an investigation of this incidence, a murder in the same way the nazis did like by gassing jews? where is the world's shouting??? no??? silence???? well, this is because it was NOTB ISRAEL THAT DID IT. IF IT WAS ISRAEL, YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN ALL THE ABOVE VERMIN CRAWL OUT OF THEIR OFFICES AND HOMES TO SHOUT BLOODY MURDER AND DEMAND A UN INVESTIGATION, A HAGUE CRIMINAL COURT INVESTIGATIONS, A GOLDSTONE INVESTIGATION, ETC... SILENCE???? YES, WHEN ARABS DO THE KILLINGS AND NOT FOR SELF DEFENSE PIURPOSES. SILENCE IS NEVER DONE FOR ISRAEL WHO ACTUALLY FIGHTS THIS VERMIN TERROR ORGANIZATION THAT ENJPYS KILLING JEWS SO MUCH. WE HAVE LONG AGO FINISHED DEMANDING HONESTY AND DECENCY FROM THE WORLD BODY. THE SILENCE IS DEFEANING HERE WHEN ARAB ON ARAB KILLING IS DONE ON DAILY BASIS.
22. In regard to this problems
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (04.29.10)
I have just watch the BBC on the internet. The incident is reported. The Hamas is responsable for the result of this tunnel construction. If they where allowed to do NORMAL imports of all things from Egypt this would not happened. The problem is that Hammas is a terrorist Org that does not care for the safety of his people. This is just a start of the problems in the future.
23. The poodle obediently
Goliath   (04.29.10)
fulfills the orders of its master.
24. This is Good News - When Feiglin is PM, we will also use gas
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (04.29.10)
25. to #18 baaaa now I know your age :)
ghostq   (04.29.10)
apperenetly the only adult litreture brits read nowdays is the children kind.
26. Unpleasant but predictable
P ,   Philadelphia   (04.29.10)
Gazans need to learn their environment. Launch rockets, get invaded. Smuggle weapons, smugglers die. It's an unpleasant environment, yes, but these are simple and necessary realities.
27. Will Hamas now refer to their terrorists as...
William ,   Israel   (04.30.10)
"workers just trying to earn their daily bread"? Nice spin on terminology Hamas. A palatable euphemism for the Left that goes down easy like a coated pill, but it doesn't erase the fact that these men work in the tunnels due to Hamas' racist ideology that will result in the death of many, many more people, or as you would call the 5-year-old in a playground..."a Zionist soldier"
28. #9 - Follow the money, Salma
William ,   Israel   (04.30.10)
who stands to lose the most if the siege was lifted and Israel accepted as a neighbor? Hamas on both counts - from world sympathy (just for the Gazans) and taxes they squeeze from their own citizens.
29. "It was killing in cold blood"
William ,   Israel   (04.30.10)
I wonder what Hamas calls their over-powering and wholesale slaughter of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated group and their leader back in October, leaving close to 100 dead in a mob-hit style execution?
30. #18 - Nice example of your detachment to reality
William ,   Israel   (04.30.10)
The first Intifiada was in 1987, today is 2010. Back then "Pals" used rocks to kill people, today they use rockets, RPGs, suicide bombings and snipers - ALL targeting strictly civiian populations. Let me know when the IDF finally starts sending qassam-style rockets back towards Gaza City, then we'll talk about "unfair". Plus - you equate the breaking of an arm (in a few instances) with certain death of being thrown off a building? Tell me - which person will recover in a couple of months? I have an you? That's why you're so well-situated among your brainless can enjoy company of like-minded people who's flatulence reeks of cinnamon rolls and rainbows as you equate arresting a terrorist by the IDF with a wholesale slaughter of women and children at the hands of said terrorist. After all, the terrorist is just a victim who was forced to be racist and violent due to the existence of Israelis, right?
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