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Jewish band serves up kosher Lady Gaga
Yoav Friedman
Published: 29.04.10, 12:24
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1. NICE ;-)~
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (04.29.10)
2. Ben#1
re   (04.29.10)
Are you desperate for a good song Ben? Welcome back mate.
3. Best akapella group of all time!!!!
Shelly   (04.30.10)
Best akapella group of all time!!!!
4. Jewish Band not bland
Savty ,   Efrat, Israel   (04.30.10)
Dash to Yan from your family in Efrat. The percussion is just amazing.
5. re # 2 ;-)
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (04.30.10)
he he eheeee ;-0 i played this song to my friends here in singapore...they like it, mate, they love it...... been busy lately.....i was thinking of all of you...Omer lah..still counting ..... with love from ben singapore :-)`
6. song
shinshinmem   (05.12.10)
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