Belgian parliament votes to ban wearing of veil
Published: 29.04.10, 22:47
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1. The backlash against Islam and its refusal
Robert Haymond ,   Canada/Israel   (04.29.10)
to integrate its people into the respective European cultures where their people dwell as well as the dangers and threats emanating from Muslim immigrants will serve to decrease the influence of western liberal political parties and their bubbleheaded policies of political correctness. In time, Israel will be seen to be a valued partner again and the European nations will turn to Israel in order to gain the knowledge and skills necessary in order to fight terrorism within their own respective borders, i.e., airline catastrophes and information gathering, etc. This is all coming swiftly, don't worry!
2.  Too Late for Belgium, unfortunately...
C'est deja TROP TARD ,   pour la Belgique   (04.29.10)
Not only for Belgium, but for all Western Europe.
3. it is a tradition
Muslim ,   USA   (04.29.10)
Good for belgium . Muslim ladies can show their faces ,..they rode horses ..Not only cars ..and they were few yards away from the prophit PBUH during some battles ...they were treating the wound and some of them took the sord . Burqa is a tradition ..look at Pakistan ,afganistan ..saudi ..there nothing in the Quran asking to cover your face .. Thank you belgium . and France for that matter .
4. All over the world
papi ,   Israel   (04.30.10)
This is such a good law, it should being adopted from today, in the rest of the world to !
5. To # 3
Mahmoud ,   Iran   (04.30.10)
Traditions should be changed ones a while, specialy this kind of "TRADITIONS"
6. Not just burkas, ban the Mooslims
soludo   (04.30.10)
from being in any developed country.
7. ewww
most people don't want to see their faces...
8. You indulge this "mobile grain sack" look in Iran, #5?
Cameron ,   USA   (04.30.10)
9. to #1 the backlash
Michael ,   New York   (04.30.10)
I agree there is a backlash beginning, but I'm afraid that unfortunately the rest of the world is too late, particularly given its political "correctness". The muslims are succeeding in imposing their will and sharia law little by little, and the spineless western democracies are doomed, particularly under the Obama's of the world.
10. the state shouldnt decide what you can wear
zionist forever   (04.30.10)
As much as I disagree with the full vail I do think its wrong for a country to be passing a law banning it. For the muslim women its something they want to wear just same as many haredi jews will wear a black hat or in some sects the big fury ones. The state doesn't tell seculars what they can wear so why should they in the case of religious dress? I think in general as long as its not hurting anybody the state should not try dicate what somebody can wear especially if its religion based.
11. True Islam
MO ,   USA   (04.30.10)
Islam is an ideology ,you can't beat ..,a way of life with harmony ...with submission to the creator . issues like this(Veil ) will open debate and more people will take a look at the Quran and read about the 5 pillars of Islam .. as the Prophit predicted PBUH ,1430 years ago ..his matter will spread EVERYWERE. the colonial forces in the 19th , 20th century came to eliminate Islam ,replace it by Arabism and create the state of Israel ...less than a hundred years later .....look what is happening .: Islam is spreading in europe .. Arabism failed miserably and dead ... Israel is stuck in a no war-no peace scenario .
12. Banning the veil....
Rashid ,   Chicago, IL   (04.30.10)
is a blatant violation of human rights. There is a natural order of things in this world, and women in veils are part of that order. If they are comfortable behind their veils, why prevent them? Even Judaism recognizes this fact, and now women in Jerusalem busses ride separately from men. Our glorious culture respects women and recognizes that a woman's place is at home. Hence the burka that covers them. They should not be seen. Islamic women feel it is a privelege to wear the hijab and/or burka.
13. Good first step, now ban the muslums, deport them.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.30.10)
14. To # 8
Mahmoud ,   Iran   (04.30.10)
Why don't you change your name?
15. So stay away
Yaara ,   Israel   (04.30.10)
from European countries where women are respected for being equal part in society, for working hard in all fields of society and for caring for their families as well. Women in Europe have the choice if they want to stay at home or to work and nobody closing them off the outside world. To force women in Jerusalem to sit at the back of the bus that's a violation of human rights!!
16. Why, #14?
Cameron ,   USA   (04.30.10)
Unlike your women dragging around dressed like tribal Arabs, it sits comfortably upon me, I do not swelter in the heat while wearing it, and it does me credit.
17. To # 15
papi ,   Israel   (04.30.10)
At least we can see if they are agly, or pretty !!!!!!!!
18. undemocratic
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.30.10)
not that I am in favor of Arabs taking over Europe, and not that I particularly like the burka, but it seems to me that to ban a style of dress or restrict what a person can wear or not wear is blatantly discriminatory.
19. #6 and #13 Just like they banned jews in Europe once??
Alex ,   Stockholm-Sweden   (04.30.10)
20. #19 Alex
Sam ,   ME   (04.30.10)
This is the irony of these talkbacks :-(
21. Banning the veil
JUDAH THE LION   (04.30.10)
The EU have started to wake up. They knows very well what will happen in 30/45 years,it will be much worst than middle east
22. Dance the country's music
andre lajst ,   tel aviv   (04.30.10)
Two main points must be in envidence about this issue 1) the democratic way, once as others also wrote, there is an undemocratic act to ban any kind of vesting. But in the same way, its forbidden almost all countries to go around naked and if someone wants to do it and he/she cant, so its also a door close for the freewill. 2) Countries laws and costumes must be respected, even more for those that immigrate looking for a better live. The prohibition may be a undemocratic act, but its the country decision to keep its European caratheristic. If its my culture to listen hard rock at 3 am I wont do it very loudly , even that this law is against my freewill. The principle its the same. PS: Muslims have more then 50 countries to live in. if they wanna live in Europe, so be Europeans.
23. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.01.10)
Oh, I don't know. I think there is much to be said for driving without a veil and for assuring an ability to identity criminals or witnesses. If these women want to be veiled -- fine. Just not in the West. They can go back home to their very own primitive countries. Where they are not allowed to drive, so peripheral vision is not an issue.
24. The conquest. Without a sword ! ! !
joe   (05.02.10)
Endless talks?.Ahmadino is teaching the US, the EU, the UN, the world at large, that talking (lying, cheating, deceiving,) is the proven lesson " how to achieve victory without firing a shot ".Do you want to include N.Korea?. No problem. ----- Results speak for themselves : Iran will have it's bomb, N.Korea will keep it's toys, palestinians will have their Jerusalem, islam will keep building minarets across Europe, and maybe the time will come when the US of A will have to cover it's statue of "Lliberty" with a niqab (veil) and a burka (robe) in order not to offend it's "growing" population.
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