Iran: We'll cut Israel's legs off
Roee Nahmias
Published: 30.04.10, 16:33
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1. Obama will protect Israel – trust in him
M Wohlberg ,   Baltimore   (04.30.10)
If we put our trust in Obama he will protect Israel like he promised and lead Isreal down the righteous path of peace so our children can grow and flourish with their Arab brothers and sisters. Before we set off down this road we must first shed our fear of peace, we must shed our distrust for our fellow Arab brothers. Only through understanding and mutual trust can we come together as one family and live together in peace. Trust in Obama and the path he has chosen for us.
2. Dems Fightin Words
Yonatan ,   USA   (04.30.10)
Looks like next war will be big and most countries in the region will be drawn into it or whole heartedly dive right in. Looks like these days everyone is threatening Israel. I wonder if they realize the implications of their actions. If Israel feels threatened and feels like it has no more allies it will not hold back its full military strength. It's most recent actions in Lebanon and Gaza fell fall short of what its military is really capable of. And unfortunately I fear a large regional conflict of this sort could turn nuclear. I predict the US will be drawn in as well. Perhaps the next war will redraw the map of the middle east and bring a longer sustained peace to the region. Maybe not. But the death toll will be very high. Sadly many will be civilians. I blame Obama and his administration mostly for emboldening the only Jewish state's enemies. If genocide against my people occurs again I place a large share of the responsibility squarely on his shoulders.
3. Bla bla, bla bla bla chickes
Eyal ,   USA   (04.30.10)
If Syria is stronger than Israel plus Hezbollah and Iran, than it would be easy to defeat Israel, no blabber mouths? If it is so easy to open your mouths, then why aren't you destroying Israel as we speak? Isn't that your intentions? Because you are all nothing but blabber mouths. Israel can wipe you all off the map and you know it, that's why. The time is near and I can't wait for Israel to completely destroy all you thugs, terrorists, Barbarians off the map and then take all of Iran's oil as souvenir or just make a few Billions from it to pay off the expenses Israel used to kick your but. hehehehe
4. If Israel failed in 2006 and 2009
Eyal ,   USA   (04.30.10)
Then I wouldn't mine Israel failing again again, cause from what I remembered, the Lebanese President cried on television for Israel to stop? If that's a failure, then let's do it again, but take Syria and Gaza with it. These thugs days are numbered.
5. Can the 3 stooges cut off legs?
Eyal ,   USA   (04.30.10)
The only thing I remember about the 3 stooges are that they are funny people. hehehehe
6. why not the hands or may be
tea man ,   marjayoun   (04.30.10)
somebody else will do that
7. Typical psychotic bravado from Iran.
Jake ,   USA   (04.30.10)
Israel didn't lose in 2006, they unleashed hell on South Lebanon, and Hezbollah has been afraid to attack ever since. Israel didn't lose in 2009, they unleashed hell on Gaza and Hamas has been afraid to attack ever since. Its almost comical to hear Israel's enemies make these insane declarations. Look at what Arabs were saying in 1967:
8. Yonatan nobody wants war
M Wohlberg ,   Baltimore   (04.30.10)
Every survey shows an overwhelming majority of American people supporting Obama and his Middle East peace plan, there will be no regional war under Obama's watch there will only be peace. This administration has from day one made improved relations with the Muslim world a primary goal and the Muslim world has signalled its desire for peace with Israel and America, we cannot miss this golden opportunity, we must embrace Obama's peace plan with both hands and strive for understanding and trust with our Muslim brothers and sisters.
9. Cut off Israel's legs?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.30.10)
Classy guy, this one. Of course, if Israel cuts off his head, he won't be speaking much. hmmmm .....
10. Really? Who cuts off legs? Muslims!
Reality ,   Tel Aviv   (04.30.10)
But anyway, yea try to cut off our legs, we'll destroy you entirely and only leave your shoes and a little puddle of blood like Yassin.
11. Islamic terrorist states are uniting.
American ,   Los Angeles ,US   (04.30.10)
Everithing started withTurkey uniting all this islamic terrorists against israel.Without the support of the turks they would never work together.Cut the military sales for the turks and any country that call Iranians terrorists "brothers".
12. #1 M Wohlberg, Baltimore
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (04.30.10)
Trust in Obummer? Good joke.
13. clinton's acknowledgement of real threats is meaningless
Michael   (04.30.10)
when she is actively pushing and promoting of Obama's capitulation plan for Israel . Any Friend that tells another friend to divide their capital and refuses to acknowledge Israel's Historical right and denies previous administration agreements. Basically, has a major credeibility problem.
14. to Yonatan # 2
yashua ,   yudeia   (04.30.10)
90% of your "people" are converts to judaism from Europe and Central Asia, hence the word "jewish". If they were from Yudeia, they would have been jews. Sorry, buddy, you ain't fooling me!
15. They are Hitler: do the math
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church, USA   (04.30.10)
How far do these guys have to go to prove to the Jewish people and Israel that they are today's Hitlers and have declared war on Israel. In a nutshell: they are Hitler. They say they want to exterminate the Jewish state. They are going for nuclear weapons to do that. Israel has available tactical nuclear weapons right now. Do the math.
16. # 1- NOT!!!
Allan ,   Fft. Lauderdale   (04.30.10)
17. #1 your joking, right? please say yes
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (04.30.10)
If you say no, then you live in a dream world.
18. @Eyal
Hassan ,   Undisclosed   (04.30.10)
You seem pretty unnerved by Iran and Co. Does Iran talk bigger than the zionist regime? You thieves want to make Iran your client state like Germany and the US are? That should be easy, since Israel is on a roll right now. We hope to see you soon.
19. More threats from Iran and Co
DT ,   TA Israel   (04.30.10)
Israel won't have to worry about escalation. Syria, Iran, Hezbullah will be doing it for them
20. #1 Such courage !
DT ,   TA Israel   (04.30.10)
#1 Bravely spoken - from Baltimore
21. 2 good jokes in 1 speech I am impressed
zionist forever   (04.30.10)
Iran is not going to come to the rescue of Syria or Lebanon. They may provide Hizbollah with arms like they do anyway but there is no way Iran would fire missiles or send troops to protect Syria or Lebanon. As for Syria being a strong and capable state well that one is even funnier. Syria is a weak state and its military would be smashed in any war against Israel. Merkava 4 v T55 & T72 tanks. F15I & F16I v MIG 25 & MIG 29 bought from the Soviet Union. SAAR 5 missile boats & Dolphin submarines v Syrian ships that wer used in the 1967 war. Laser guided smart bombs v bombs bought from Russia. Combat UAVS Israel also has the high ground in the Golan, its electronic warfare systems areand radar systems are much better than anything Syria has, the attack against the Syrian nuclear site was proof of that. If Assad is stupid enough to carry out either a direct assult or through Hizbollah especially if they use Scuds then his military will be smashed and the humiliation to Syria would be so great that the Syrian people may just rise up and overthrow him.
22. Goodnight Damascus!
Kieran Oneil ,   UK   (04.30.10)
Isaiah 17 verse 1
23. Brave with the mouth only !
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (04.30.10)
Sad bunch of idiots. If they want War, soon after they will cry at the UN. Please Stop the beating.
24. to#8 You must be on some trip
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.30.10)
People in the U.S. support Israel and do not like the way the b.o. is treating us. In a few months his party will lose the House and it will be a different ball game. Americans do not like your's and b.o. moslim bros. Furthermore people in the U.S. are realizing that b.o. stinks!
25. Hassan #18 - what?
Eyal ,   USA   (04.30.10)
If this is how Muslims communicate with each other, then Iran, Syria and Lebanon have no hope in hell. No wonder Arab states are backwards, you guys just don't make any sense in anything. Have you heard of school, a bit of education would help?
26. rethoric
samuel ,   LA USA   (04.30.10)
Israel's govt says the same thing abt Iran Syria and Hezb, that they will send them back to stone age.. is that better ? it's just a psychological war *Israel occupies parts of Lebanon (shebaa+ghajar) -> Hezbollah exists, and is more powerful than tiny held hostage Lebanon. Lebanon is a deocracy btw, same as France's 3rd republic *Israel occupies Golan heights -> Syria hates Israel but they r so cowards that they just help Hizbollah *Iran sees that most Sunnis countries made peace with Israel -> they try to appear as the strong one, helping hezb so that pple go under shiia influence *Israel makes palestinians live like dogs in hell-> plo, hamas, etc...
27. #20 thank you
M Wohlberg ,   Baltimore   (04.30.10)
Thank you for you kind words but from reading the other comments here I think very few people want peace, it would seem that most people here would happily continue down the road of war and destruction. My heart aches to see such foolishness.
28. #1 you should seek help, specifically for cult deprogramming
Jake ,   USA   (04.30.10)
29. Haman, Sadam, who is next?
Mina ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.30.10)
Ahmadi, Haman & Sadam both ened dangling by a rope & you will be next if you will try what they did. Read Genesis 12:3 & more, to understand what will happen to sub-humans, dictators like you.
30. # 1
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (04.30.10)
Disneyland is in America not the middle east.
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