Only 1 in 8 pupils in Jerusalem is secular
Ronen Medzini
Published: 02.05.10, 13:53
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1. 12.7% to feed the rest
Realist   (05.02.10)
2. This is not exact
JO   (05.02.10)
there are many in the religious school system who, while attend religious, schools, at home it is a different story. This is so especially among those who are traditional sephardi. They drive taxis on Shabbat , play computers, keep the holidays, even clean on Shabbat but sent their children to relgious schools. Obiviously they are not ultra orthodox or observant in the normal sense but this group exists. My neighbours are such people.
3. Ynet r u sure?
If Y-nets statiticians are working according to the character of the schools then there is an issue here! Here's a serious need for further details 1. TALI schools (which in fact are Conservative and Reform) are counted as religious schools by the Jerusalem Municipality. 2. Many Sephardi and Mizrachi children who are in fact less traditional and less observant are enrolled in traditional and orthodox schools and again the Jerusalem Municipality counts them as religious. So the real question is how careful in gathering your statistics were your statisticians?
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.02.10)
The seculars that don't want "to feed the rest" always have the option of moving out to a totally secular city. If they choose not to - let them shut up! Also - for your information - TODAY ALL HAREDI MEN WORK. There are very few that actually sit and study all day long AND THAT IS WHAT BOTHERS ME!!! They get the exemption from the army AND they work! That's Chutzpa!
5. if this is true...
formerly secular ,   herzelia   (05.02.10)
...which seems doubtful considering ynet's history of fear-mongering against the religious, then only one thing can be said: BARUCH HASHEM!! one or two more generations and we will have control! (if you leftists and seculars havent destroyed the country or sold it to the enemy by then!)
6. Why this is good news
Secular Jew ,   Netanya   (05.02.10)
Soon yerushalyim will be almost entirely haredi. At that point, we will see who has the higher birthrate in Yerushalyim - Arab or jew. n a few generations, the group with more babies will take over the entire city.
7. Move over Darwin, it's survival of the horniest over here.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.02.10)
8. IOW, Zion the city is no longer Zionist
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.02.10)
How ironic that the city of Jerusalem, also known as Zion, is now majority non-Zionist. The seculars, the national religious, the traditionalists are, for the most part, Zionist - believing in, serving, and working to build up the state. With the exception of groups like the Lubavitch, haredim are non-Zionist, while NK-haredim and Arabs are anti-Zionist. And, contrary to Yitzchak's contention (#4) that all haredi men work, the statistics say otherwise. Haredi males and Arab females have economic participation (employment) rates far below national average. This bodes ill as Israel enters the OECD.
9. first Jerusalem, then the rest of the country
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (05.02.10)
they can not stop the religious, they can only accept defeat. the religious come to Israel and have plenty of children, the secular leave Israel, or don't marry, or have one child and a dog (and it is difficult to tell which is which).
10. The seculars will be outnumbered
Nora Tel Aviv   (05.02.10)
Not only in schools, but in the army and then in high tech. They will keep ruling the media and the leftist parties.
11. :: Only one in eight...
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (05.02.10)
... are normal?!
12. Where is the outrage....
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (05.02.10)
over taxpayers paying for the Arab populations education like they pay for the Haredi education? They dont work. They dont pay taxes. They hate our existence and blow us up. But we pay for their education and no one NOT E not even Yair Lapid says a word!
13. #8 from Yitzchak
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.03.10)
Raymond, until you give up your comfortable non-zionist life in America - and please, don't insult me by explaining how "zionist" you are while living in America - and until you move here like I did 22 years ago and live here like I do and work here like I do and are a part of the overall job market and see with your own eyes who works here - keep your opinions to yourself. 1) Statistics don't always reflect reality. Statistics can be manipulated. Even you should know that. 2) We here in Israel don't take non-zionist opinions too seriously.
14. #11 - Only 1 in 8?
Jeff in Singapore ,   Singapore   (05.03.10)
Abnormal is the new "normal" for the permanently anti-everything Haredi. The more that people focus on the extremes, the less strength remaining in the centre that binds all together.
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