How Livni escaped arrest in London
Itamar Eichner
Published: 03.05.10, 09:45
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1. Palestinian organisations
David ,   Sydney   (05.03.10)
Israel should think twice about educating its enemy. When you send Arabs to study at prestigious Israeli law schools, naturally many will use their education to try to harm Israel
2. Lets do the same to visiting Arab terrorists
Rafi Goodman ,   Australia   (05.03.10)
Why dont our big Jewish lawyer base starting organising arrest warrants for Hamas terrorists, etc visiting UK. Don't these courts need a shred of evidence against them or they just arrest them? What happened to innocent until proven guilt???
3. The UK is an enemy state
The UK has become the global epicenter of Jihadism and antisemitism. Israel should withdraw it's diplomats.
4. Sounds like the Palis "leaked" this fake story and u took it
Ariel ,   TA   (05.03.10)
5. Two can play this game
Logic ,   Israel   (05.03.10)
Pro-Israel supporters in the UK should participate in this lawfare tactic each time a PLO or Hamas representative visits the UK.
6. Ms Tzippi Livni
mark ,   Israel   (05.03.10)
Scandalous to the point of being incredible.
7. Damn.....shame they missed her.
Jay3 ,   Israel   (05.03.10)
They could of done ISrael a big favor.
8. British clowns,you wouldn't beleive their stupidity
Robert Hodges ,   London UK   (05.03.10)
They allow Muslim terrorists to migrate to the UK, not just to visit.No doubt the palestinians are yanking the British Bulldog's chain.The tail wagging the dog.Absolute Idiocy.
9. Lucky for Livni
Chaya ,   Israel   (05.03.10)
Lucky for Livni' unkuckily for us
10. Arrest Hamas, but when do they actualy visit?? for shopping?
Adam   (05.03.10)
11. I liked the title:) How Livni escaped ?
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.03.10)
Any way,not the first time will not be the last The arrest warrant against Livni signifies a modest step of activists worldwide towards justice long denied to the Palestinian people. I am sure that in the near future most of the leaders of "Israel" will escape, the question remains, where to?!
12. Salma (11.)
Stella Maris ,   Haifa   (05.03.10)
Don't hold your breath....
13. to #11 ammm Israel got democracy
ghostq   (05.03.10)
I am sure others will fill her shoes, and she got tiny feet so it wont be any problem. unlike other areas that have permanent leaders. :)
14. Lucky for Britain.
The 11th Man ,   London   (05.03.10)
Had these police-puppets succeeded it would have been the worse for Britain. I don't like Livni but she is a legitimate representative of Israel and should be respected as such. The failure to arrest her due to her late cancellation shows that G-d still has mercy on Britain. But for how long?
stude ham   (05.03.10)
CAN DEMAND THE ARREST OF ANYONE THEY SO CHOOSE ON THE PRETENSE OF WAR CRIMES... well let's do the same to any arab whom we believe conducted terrorist operations against the jewish people ... two can play the same game...
16. What about the UN War Crimes
Jonny ,   South Africa   (05.03.10)
Starnge that no one has issued an arrest warrant for United Nations Secretary General for war crimes commited by his organisation in Afghanistan, or aiding and abetting Hamas terrorists in Gaza during Cast Iron.
17. Thats British Intelligence efficiency for you.
Alan ,   SA   (05.03.10)
18. A very dubious story and most likely fiction
michael redbourn ,   Arad, Israel   (05.03.10)
When you arrive in the UK or pretty much any other country you pass through passport control and especially in Livni's case a note would have been made of her arrival. In fact immigration even has a list of everyone on arriving flights and checks the list against internal links to see what comes up, and they would certainly have known that Livni was in the country or not. The story doesn't ring true at all.
19. What you guys don't understand
AlistairClark ,   Scotland   (05.03.10)
is this is not a loophole in the law and the law still stands! This law was created to make sure war crimes always get punished .I would be careful not to sent other politicians to european countrys if they have commited crimes too ,most of them stand with the uk on this one.Notice how the uk gave Israel lip service on the war crimes thing and did nothing to change the law.
20. Let's arrest all UN and EU personel
Daniel ,   Holland   (05.03.10)
The EU and UN both give money, aid and comfort to our enemies. Let's make a law that whoever supports our enemies and sets foot in Israel should be put on trial. It's gonna be busy in jail!
21. to nr 7.Jay3
Philip ,   Hadera,Israel   (05.03.10)
Who you gonna sell next,your mother? How on earth can you wish the arrest of a fellow jew in a far away country?Whatever you think about Tsipi,you should be ashamed
22. British MPs support this outrage
La Cumparsita ,   London UK   (05.03.10)
Current Universal Jurisdiction legislation in the UK enables an individual to obtain an arrest warrant from a magistrate against anyone they allege has committed “crimes against humanity”. In practice this procedure has been used almost solely against visiting Israelis. The Labour Government agreed to amend the law (so that an individual can still apply for an arrest warrant but this would only be granted with the approval of the Director of Public Prosecutions who would need to be satisfied both that there is a case to answer and that it was in the public interest to pursue it) but did not get round to doing so before the election. However, over 100 MPs signed an Early Day Motion “ That this House believes that universal jurisdiction for human rights abuses is essential as part of the cause of bringing to justice those who commit crimes against humanity and will oppose any legislation to restrict this power of UK courts.” i.e. that visiting Israelis, apart from those with diplomatic immunity, can continue to be persecuted. For a list of the MPs who support this position see: They include a very high number of Liberal Democrat MPs
23. Advice for Tsipi on avoiding arrest at Heathrow
Ran   (05.03.10)
Wear one of your black Paris pantsuits as normal, have an extra one with you and fashion the jacket into a veil to cover your head and face - Heathrow personnel will not challenge you as a "good muslim" - now you can disappear into the crowds of Londonistan.
24. #19 - you put the cart before the horse
michael redbourn ,   Arad, Israel   (05.03.10)
Livni hasn't been found guilty of war crimes by anyone. You suggest that people should be arrested because they might have done something. And BTW the only country in Europe or perhaps the world that has the UK anachronism is Spain and they are changing the law. Please don't disseminate spurious and incorrect information. Mike
25. #19
Golani ,   Deal, USA   (05.03.10)
The only war crimes committed regarding Cast Lead, were the rockets launched against Israel leading up to Israel's war of self defense against terror. Much of the free world is morally bankrupt and that will end up stinging them back one day.
26. Brits are really hitting the bottom on that one
ajax ,   Israel   (05.03.10)
27. Stupid Arabs embarass themselves once more
Chaim ,   Gush Etzion   (05.03.10)
28. Sounds like Britain is a goat nation from the Lord's perspec
Rivkah   (05.03.10)
perspective. What does that mean? Zechariah says the Jewish Messiah is coming as the Lion of Judah to deliver Israel and to judge the nations for how they treated the Jews. Goat nations are those countries who mistreated the Jews. Sheep nations are those that did not mistreat the Jews. It is very specific on the word Jews. Rabbi Yeshua clarified that by saying Jews are those who are Jews in their hearts. That means people with the Torah written in their hearts are Jews. Bible scholars believe Britain is Ephraim who was told he would become a multitude of nations with the gates of their enemies which has to be the British Commonwealth of nations. Revelation lists the tribes in the heavenly Jerusalem that will come to this earth and guess what? Two tribes are missing from the list in the writings of the pre-Rabbi Yeshua prophets. Two tribes of Israel and Judah are goat tribes...GOAT TRIBES. The Tribe of DAN and of EPHRAIM are goat tribes when the Messiah comes to judge them. That is not good. That means destruction for them. Germany and Britain are going to get a pounding from the Messiah.
29. no 11
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (05.04.10)
Hey Salma ,when will you and your co-activists arrrest the butcher of Sudan and his Muslim Janjaweed militia on charges of crimes against humanity ,wholesale rape and slaughter of infidels in Darfur,or aren,t you lot brave enough ?
30. no 26
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (05.04.10)
So those brave police officers of Britain paid from taxpayers money were sent to arrest a woman ,on the advice of some ignoramus in the Labour cabinet ,bring on the elections ,6th May and the Conservatives back in power ,same with the Republicans in the USA ,it,s time?
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