'Witnesses': IDF killed Egyptian POWs
Roee Nahmias
Published: 06.05.10, 16:07
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1. oh dear they forgot the 73 war.
ghostq   (05.06.10)
I guess arab hunger for revange is endless, considering they tride it in 73 and failed, alot of water went under the bridge since than, y they never think things through. no idee.
2. IDF killed Egyptians POWS
JUDAH THE LION   (05.06.10)
all b... s.....
3. Bull
Andy McCarthy ,   Ireland   (05.06.10)
Even for Arab standards thats pretty thin, Did he see a jeep killing them or a tank running over them ?? yet he was that close he heard the bones crush over the noise of a tanks engine??? really time to think of the bull your going to publish before you do it...
4. Why have no bodies ever turned up?
James Meeker ,   USA   (05.06.10)
Q. If Israeli soldiers actually did that then where are the bodies? A. There are none. Islam values lying to further their cause (takiyyah).
5. hilarious!
bob ,   world   (05.06.10)
this article should have mentioned the brutal crimes perpetrated by egyptian army against unarmed israeli pows, which, unlike these unsubstantiated accusations, are documented and proven. being that the only "evidence" offered here is the dubious testimony of 2 supposed "eye-witnesses", ynet shouldnt even have printed this rubbish and slander...its also worthy to mention that egyptian media occaisionally accuses jews of making matsa out of the blood of children...
6. 'central Sinai is littered with such mass graves'
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.06.10)
The Sinai is under Egyptian control and there are so many mass graves that not one single body has been found. By the way I have a bridge for sale too.
7. with the bones cracking noise under the tank seems a bit
eporue ,   europe   (05.06.10)
very far fetched... tank is quite noisy, the engine and the chains.. also, everyone would start running away, when approached by a tank. for the latest, when one next to you got run over... that leaves a lot of questions, e.g. where the witness was.
8. War is hell
eli ,   nahariya, israel   (05.06.10)
Not sure whether its true or not. But we're not talking about deliberate killing of civilians. Bottom like is, it's lamentable, but passions become inflamed in war -- especially when 5 nations ally and declare war on us simultaneously.
9. No war without war crime,and USA the bigest war criminal
Hasan ,   Kazan, RUSSIA   (05.06.10)
10. Assuming there is some truth in this
zionist forever   (05.06.10)
In war things don't always go as they are supposed to. You can set rules of war like not killing unarmed soldiers is all very well in theory but in the reality of war when your on the battlefield fighting to survive the theory doesn't always work as planned. War is not pleasant and you can't regulate it the way you can regulate a business. The idea of looking to prosecute soldiers for war crimes based on a few witness testimonies after 43 years just isn't practical. Many were just a bunch of ordinary soldiers many of them in their teens at the time, there are limited number of witnesses to these alleged war crimes. Unless they were well known senior officers not young privates who had never even pointed a gun at another man before then its probably impossible to track down the men accused. The only reason the arabs want to carry out this witch hunt is not to bring people to justice its to humiliate Israel. Even if there is no truth to the accusations and there is no proof just calling for a war crimes investigation will do the damage same as the organ harvesting story and thats what the arabs want especially now Obama has made Israel bashing an acceptable pastime.
11. if it even is true, it's war, $hit happens
Yonah ,   Tel Aviv   (05.06.10)
From the accounts I even read in this article, it seemed like perfectly legitimate action. An Israeli jeep comes across a line of Egyptian troops, what did you expect the Israeli jeep to do? Wave a white flag?? No, of course they'd shoot at the enemy.
12. and what would egyptian army have done to israeli civilians?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.06.10)
if the egyptian army wasn't stopped in the sinai from reaching israeli population centers, what would they have done to israeli civilians at that point? drive them into the sea like they boasted they would do? maybe what israel did was a violation of the laws of war, but those highly-motivated egyptian soldiers were on the way to commit genocide against jewish civilians, and they weren't going to do it against their will.
13. # 10, What's good for the Goose >>>>
NS ,   Canada   (05.06.10)
Typical zionist retoric. "The idea of looking to prosecute soldiers for war crimes based on a few witness testimonies after 43 years just isn't practical" Isn't practical ??? Yet investigating what the Germans did 60+ years ago is PARCTICAL for you, I suppose!!!! and prosecuting a camp guard 60+ years later, is PRACTICAL to you. The Attrocity did happen. I personally heard first hand tales from Israeli soldiers who witnessed the execution of Egyptians in the Sinai. Some left the army in protest and their complaints were - as usual in IDF policy- suppressed. There is a lot of truth to the accusation but - I beleive - you have lost too much of your humanity to be able to stand up and face it.
14. Life can be so sad sometimes.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.06.10)
15. All too true...the massacres did happen
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (05.06.10)
Although the hypocrites responding will attempt to rewrite history to absolve Israel, their attempt at hasbara is directly contradicted by the facts. There was an Israeli reporter who worked for an Israeli newspaper in the mid-90's, who reported that he witnessed such events. It was also reported that Rabin was questioned about such atrocities and he didn't deny that they occurred. The only curious item is that the massacres of Egyptian POW's are being reported in the Egyptian press at this point in time. Why? Because Mubarak's hold on power through 'emergency decrees' is ebbing. That with Mubarak's impending death, a power struggle is impending in Egypt. And with El Baradei promoting true democracy in Egypt, the press now feels free to report facts which, up to now. have been suppressed?
stude ham   (05.06.10)
this is a popular bit of anti-israel arab propaganda... to simply label israel as a war criminal and then ask the national enquirer to headline almost any garbage that might lead to this negative image. for a fee anyone can conjure any fantasy they choose. next they will prove that michael jackson was killed by the idf.
17. It's a bad cycle - agreed with #10
Smith ,   VT, USA   (05.06.10)
Moderates want to try and quell the extremists by pointing out that both sides did things wrong in the 1967 war (and every other war). The problem is that then extremists pick up on those statements, and exaggerate everything that favors them. The media then picks up on the extremist statements, and can end up forcing the general public to take one side or the other, radicalizing opinions. The truth, I'm sure, is somewhere in-between. I'm sure some Israeli soldiers committed overly brutal acts, or maybe even acts that breached Geneva Conventions, just as I'm sure Egyptian soldiers did. War is ugly, and that's the very unfortunate reality. One side may very well be worse than the other, but that still doesn't justify either side's wrongs. Both the public at large and the media would do service to their positions to try and take that more moderate stance, and filter out the extremist opinions as much as possible. There will always be extremists and extremist opinions - just don't assume that they represent the opinions of all, and don't demonize moderates for the statements of the extremists.
18. More facts
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.10)
Why not reporting of Israeli doctor stabed in the back by an Egyptian POW while attending wounded POW's? Why not reporting about our Pipers circling over the Sinai and dropping water and food to lost Egyptian soldiers? Why not reporting of the way the Syrians executed their Israeli POW's? If the Bedouin would have been honest he will also had mentioned that in that episode one POW took out a gun and pointed it to us . What followed was, yes, another war atrocity but nothing comparing to the killing of innocent tourists by those with whom the the Egyptian Journalist is siding with.
jay ,   NY   (05.06.10)
Savre some paper,.save time. Don't keep feedimng us this old stuff. Some Beduin said......Perhaps you will suggest repartiations next? Get with it.
20. arab murderers
alan ,   texas   (05.06.10)
and the Arabs never murdered unarmed israelis? Why is this "new" information just being revealed? Did it take all this time to fabricate another pejoritive falsehood?
21. #13,in history, there's an unwritten rule of "breaking even"
what does it mean? it's understanding the other side simply because you were also there. For example, Israel do not request any compansation for the jewish refugees that were driven out of the arab and muslim countries, because Israel also had its share of creating refugees. Israel will not complain or threaten to sue any Egyptian soldiers for war crimes in 67 and 73 (and there are just as plenty "first hand tales" for those, too), because they know they had their share of the same crime, and thus can understand what it's like in a war. What happened in Germany is different. The jews were not in war with the nazis, there was no equal playing field. what's happening now with nazi hunting and such IS history's way of "breaking even".
22. Egyptian military shoots at Sudanese refugees
zionist forever   (05.06.10)
Unarmed refuugees from Sudan in Sinai are reguarly shot by Egyptian security forces on the grounds they might be trying to smuggle drugs etc. Where is the world then, where is Obama who wants to be the champion of lost causes.... ops I forgot Obama likes his Egyptian and he doesn't care about refugees from Sudans genocide which the arabs are responsible for. Stopping the building of homes for jews in Jerusalem takes priority.
23. I wouldn't be surprised
Paul ,   Florida   (05.06.10)
Around that time on June 8 israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats were attacking the USS Liberty killing 34 crew members wounding 171 crew members and severely damaging the ship. Of course the USS Lberty was a spy ship that could listen in on what was happening.
24. 23
zionist forever   (05.07.10)
There have been numerous investigations by Congress and others into the Liberty incident and they have all come out with the result that it probably was Israel wrongly identifying the Liberty. This was a war and mistakes do get made in wars... there has been more than 1 friendly fire incident in Afghanistan and thats with modern tachnology and communications. Think back 43 years these things happen
25. Paul #23
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.07.10)
On June 17th, 1968 the US Air Force jet fighters attacked HMAS Hobart - hitting her with 3 missiles killing 2 and wounding dozens. And only broke off their attack after the HMAS Hobart open fired on the USAF aircraft. The US Air Force continued there attacks on naval vessels during 16th & 17th. Sinking USS PCF19 killing 5 US sailors. They also attacked the USS Boston, USS Edson, USS PCF12 and the United States Coast Guard cutter Point Dume WPB82325. Could you explain to us why the USAF declared war on the Australian Navy, United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard? It's not like the North Vietnamese had guided missile cruisers or guided missile destroyers.
26. And you find it strange???
Sami ,   Syria   (05.07.10)
What do u expect from israelis??? But to be honest, if I was in a war and captured an Israeli soldier would I let him live?? Well, the pow status tells me otherwise......
27. Egypt shot more refugees in the back in the past year
William ,   Israel   (05.07.10)
Whether this claim is true or not, 45 soldiers killed during a heated battle in which the Arab side was hell-bent on destroying an entire nation and its people is not very much. Egypt has shot and killed more than this number of Black refugees trying to sneak into Israel, and they certainly were unarmed and civilian.
28. Amazing ...43 Years of silence .Why ?(Backsheesh ?) ,   London England   (05.07.10)
29. Just to verify your assertion, "Mikesailor",
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (05.07.10)
kindly refer to the Israeli report in the 1990s to whom you are referring and his report. Also, if there are mass graves, why haven't they been discovered, turned-up? After all, mass graves have turned-up in other locales, especially after WWII. I'm just wanting some objective evidence as I think depending on your own (normally biased) assertions is not a credible thing to do. Impatiently awaiting your response.
30. "mikesailor" , who believes lies
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.07.10)
Are those "eyewitnesses" objective ? Did they see those things happen ? I can also invent some stories . But please , after your assertions [ empty of any proof of course ] can you give some facts ? some names of those "victims" ? when there are so "many victims" some names must appear . Are there mass graves found in the Sinai ? where ? Please give me a serious answer .
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