'Clegg anti-Israel, Cameron good for Jews'
Hagit Klaiman
Published: 06.05.10, 19:40
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1. Obama is also bad for Israel
Lioness ,   Israel   (05.06.10)
and unfortunately many Jews voted for him.
2. Vote 1 Clegg
Resistor   (05.06.10)
3. Brown is real bad too, he favors goldstone report
jason ,   haifa israel   (05.06.10)
Cut off intelligence with israel, allows hamas to file complaints and get israelis arrested. Says he will fix the problem then goes back to appease muslim voters. Puts ban on israeli goods. Gives money to the unions who boycott israel. Gives money to radical islamic groups. Brown is real anti israel and he or cameron will be PM so that should be the focus. Cameron will end the arresting of israelis policy. Cameron will end the ban on israel products and cameron is against goldstone report.
4. #3 Jason
Resistor   (05.06.10)
Everything that was in the Goldstone Report, I saw on live TV, or have read as eyewitness reports. You are told by your rabbis to deny, deflect, defame and lie. The truth will win.
5. I like the title of this posting
Cameron ,   USA   (05.06.10)
Like it a great deal. Feel very sympatico with it.
6. At least it seems british jews are not as dumb as Americas
zionist forever   (05.06.10)
Obama is an enemy of Israel the US jews voted for him and are sadly still some of his biggest fans. The British jews at least it seems are not so open to the idea of electing a man who hates Israel and wants to harm it. Labour needs to go and Clegg hates Israel so that means the Conservatives are the only ones other option. Hope all you Britis have voted Conservative.
7. None are good for Israel
Neil Turner ,   Watford, UK   (05.06.10)
I am a Christian Zionist who follows the UK political scene closely None of the leaders are pro-Israel in my opinion. None recognise Jerusalem as your capital. All believe the West Bank to be "occupied". All believe in a Two-State solution. Clegg is an atheist, a God-hater. Brown is a Marxist, and under 13 years of the New Labour Government it is now virtually illegal to express Christian views. Cameron stated recently that he was"unafraid to call occupied East Jerusalem occupied East Jerusalem" My advice is don't trust any of them. Cameron is probably the best of the bunch, but will maintain the UK's anti-Zionist pro-Palestinian policy that has existed since WW2 The UK is very much under God's judgement, principally in my opinion for its atitude to Israel The Lord blesses those who bless you, and He curses those who curse you
8. What defines "good" for Israel?
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (05.06.10)
Apparently, "good" means a green light to continue full bore with the land theft and subjugation of Palestinians. "Bad" must be those politicians in favor of the rule of law and human rights. And you folks are wondering what the problem is? Jeez. Can it get any more obvious? Since the entire world is now coming to a consensus that Israel must now, after decades of impunity, also follow the rule of law like everyone else, just how many more "good" politicians do you think will be left?
9. UK's elections
Rudolph ,   Collombey CH   (05.06.10)
If I have well understood everywehre in the world the Jews vote for Israel's interest , no matter wether it will be good for the country they live in.
"Gets it " (understands) .You took the words out of my mouth .None of them are good for the jews.The Jews have to be good for the jews ,which means loving ourselves and being good to ourselves ,and NOT giving away our precious holy land.You are a good man Neil and G-d will bless you.It is absolutely true that the almighty will bless those who bless us ,and curse those who curse us.
11. #7
Rudolph ,   Collombey CH   (05.06.10)
Perhaps some Brittons know the blast of the Hotel King David.
12. !!-Britain also remembers the American War of Independence
13. #7 thank you for your heartfelt support
jason ,   israel   (05.07.10)
forgive me for being ignorant but i am used to thinking that our Christian Zionist friends hail from US, not the UK. it is good to hear from you, may g-d bless you and yours!
14. #7 thanks for your support and your good advice.
mira ,   israel   (05.07.10)
it seems christians understand israel better then diaspora jews.
15. reality check
jackson browne ,   manchester uk   (05.07.10)
nick clegg is popular precisely because he is anti israel and is seen as anti jewish influence in parliament. ask any voter in uk
16. to number 1
jackson browne ,   manchester uk   (05.07.10)
no jews voted for clegg. why would you spout such nonsense?
17. US independence more akin to the Palestinians...
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (05.07.10)
...and as an American, I find that people who throw up to Brits the old 'we bested you Red Coats' to be quintessential Ugly American. Britons have several very good reasons for being wary of Israeli intentions. And as has been pointed out, the King David Hotel bombing, carried out by smiling Jewish terrorists including at least one woman killed 91 innocent persons. Flash forward to the ongoing Mumbai assassination/passport scandal and there ya go. The provocations never end.
18. Is this the criteria now adays
Sam ,   ME   (05.07.10)
instead of asking why is he pro or against (hmmm... the word occupation comes to mind ...) if he supports us it means he is good if he doesn't agree with us !??? I know who thinks like that !?? CHILDREN. Another argumnet rampant within the ynet talkbackers which pisses the hell of me. Is "why pick on us look what the Saudis or Iranians are doing"?!! So if people are idiots you have the right to be like them?!!! CHILDREN.
19. To those mentioning the King David blast
tFighterPilot   (05.07.10)
First of all, even then most Israelis saw it as terrorism and many of those who were killed were Israelis. Secondly, only 5 years before that Germany carried out the blitz of London, killing 43,000 civilians, and no grudge was left over that. So let's keep this in proportion.
20. #7 thanks with correction
Proud Jew from USA ,   East USA   (05.07.10)
#7 you are 99% correct: the only mistake "since WW2" Actually British and even US CIA/State department hatred of Israel/Jews goes back way before WW2 John Loftus "The Secret War Against the Jews" He is a former US intelligence officer and Christian. Thanks for your support, uplifting in these times!
21. election
E Ben-Sefer ,   Raanana Israel   (05.12.10)
Truth? None of them have been great for Israel; it's a question of who has been less hostile, but certainly, not supportive. No surprise, it's a historical trend in the UK, just look at Foreign Office documents over the last century True support has been an aberration, not consistent policy.
22. Remark
LM Harper ,   Miami, FL   (06.07.10)
A new generation of anti-jewish hatwemongering by a man named Hess- Uncle Rudolph would be proud of you slimeball.
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