Uganda just won't do
Max Saltzman
Published: 12.05.10, 11:08
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1. I totally agree with the first part
Palestinian   (05.12.10)
If you built your state in Uganda, you wouldn't get any of the troubles you're facing now (and you'll always face until upi give the Palestinians their rights). It's good he mentioned (indirectly) that it's not about a Jewish state, BUT about building a state on other people's land (the Palestinians). We might have been very good friends if you built your state elsewhere. But unfortunately this is too late....
2. With due respect Max Saltzman
n.d   (05.12.10)
If 2000 years didn't make the land Palestinian/arab, then 62 years ain't going to make it Israeli.
3. The Headline Says it All
ahmed ,   london   (05.12.10)
The headline captures, in all its glory, the arrogance of any and everything that is israeli. The writer imagnies an alternate universe where another place on earth was "chosen" as the home of jewish people. he speaks of uganda as if it was a plot of earth, empty of people and freely available to jews should they want to take it, change its name and call it home. he doesnt seem to carry the slightest consideration that maybe UGANDANS might want to keep their country!!?!? what makes him think that the jews would live in peace in uganda? you think the africans wont form their own hamas when you throw them out of their homes and "decide" to rename their country??? jews lived in peace with arabs, and no its not a myth, its absolute truth. everybody lived in peace and everyone ate and everyone was free. until the same arrogance that has diseased you since your birth took over and you suddenly decided that your lives override all others.
4. Uganda not Jerusalem is the real heart of Jews
hamuda ,   Gaza   (05.12.10)
Because there is no Hamas and Hezbollah in Uganda and Jews can live in peace there, but in this land there will be long-lasting war for ever
5. What arrogance indeed!
Yaron ,   Uganda   (05.12.10)
what about the ugadans? I suppose there are not worhwhile mentioning?
6. Scraping the barrel for articles Ynet?
Talula ,   Israel   (05.12.10)
If my auntie had a penis, she'd be my uncle - what a stupid pointless article! Imagine for a moment Max Saltzman had what to write about - imagine REALLY hard.....see? you can't!!
7. Be'shanah ha'ba'a...
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland,Aotearoa   (05.12.10)
Be'shanah ha'ba'a be,uganda be'uganda habny'yah... No, sorry dudes, it just does not sound right.
8. God gave us Eretz Israel not Uganda
Yehuda ,   Lod   (05.12.10)
That is the point
9. #2
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.12.10)
Learn your history, what Palestinian/Arab? Until the British occupation, Israel was a barely populated wasteland including Jews, Christians (Arab and European), Druze, Turks, Bedouins and a few Arab Muslims. For that reason, it was decided to reestablish Israel as a Jewish state where the rights of the few non-Jews would be guaranteed. As soon as the British occupied Israel, they broke international law and prevented Jewish immigration while importing hundreds of thousands illegal Arab Muslim immigrants. Please find an Arab who agrees to define "Palestinian" as an Arab who lived in Israel before 1920 and that the illegal Arabs who immigrated from 1920 to 1948 must go back to their homelands in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. You won't find one because suddenly the entire "Palestinian" issue will disappear.
10. Weak article
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.12.10)
This article says nothing.
11. Its in the book!
Susan ,   Scotland   (05.12.10)
I feel sorry for the Muslim's and their false claim for Jerusalem. It is not theirs it belongs to the Jews and you cannot change history and historical facts. Where in the holy Koran is Jerusalem mentioned as being the home for Islam! On the other hand, the bible mentions Jerusalem hundreds of times as being the Jewish homeland. So as a Christian I say to you the Israelis never ever give it up, not one inch of it, because it does not belong to the Muslims.
12. Uganda would have been better.
PartialObserver ,   USA   (05.12.10)
In time the Ugandan people would appreciate the Jewish state by their side. The advances the Jews will bring would have benefited half of Africa. The reason the Jews are so successful today, it is the ability to swallow their pride when it is needed. Something that cannot be said about their cousins, the Arabs.
13. #2 It is already Israeli, silly.
Sivan ,   Jerusalem   (05.12.10)
14. I agree with #10 - agree or disagree it's lightweight
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (05.12.10)
15. GOD so many ignorant people talkbacking...
never heard of...   (05.12.10)
The Uganda Proposa? there is a reason why the wroter mentions Uganda and not Timbuktu, for instance.
16. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.12.10)
Yes, there is a reason. The British initially offered the Jews a state in Uganda. The Jews were also offered a state in Madagascar. Both were absolutely unacceptable. The Jewish state is where Jerusalem -- the eternal and unified capital of the Jewish people. It would appear that you are the ignorant one .... educate yourself here: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Zionism/Uganda.html http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0013_0_12983.html
17. Ah, but 3,000 years *does* make it Jewish
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.12.10)
n.d. writes, "If 2000 years didn't make the land Palestinian/arab, then 62 years ain't going to make it Israeli." Ah, but 3,000 years of continuous Jewish presence does suggest it is JEWISH land. I must say it's rare I'm in agreement with an "ahmed". Years ago I was a teaching fellow in the U of Michigan's Arab-Israeli Conflict course. Some of those even then sympathetic to the Palestinians asked "Why didn't the Jews go instead to Uganda?" I responded, "But weren't there people in Uganda too? Wouldn't the Jews eventually have encountered similar problems there?" To that he had no answer. Where I suspect I part company with ahmed is the implication that the Jews alone have no entitlement to their own country, because there's always someone there. I of course have to reject that contention - not just because the Land of Israel is Jewish patrimony but because *every* country was established or secured by people ultimately from somewhere else - the Arab countries, for example.
18. agree with 15, what ignorance!
Joe ,   Tel Aviv   (05.12.10)
The writer is clearly referring to the old Uganda proposal, and the article is excellent and right on! some people here really need to learn some history...
20. #3 is right, but...
david d ,   teaneck, NJ USA   (05.12.10)
First, the Uganda plan was over land in present day Kenya. Second, #3 is right that the same problems would occur if the plan had been accepted -- the local populatioon would say they were pushed out by foreigners, but in that case it would be true!!! thank goodness, the territorialists lost the argument! Third, strangely weak article, indeed
21. Has Ynet started publishing poems instead of articles now?
berlonski ,   berlin   (05.12.10)
22. To #16: you have a serious problem in understanding
what you read   (05.12.10)
My comment referred to the ignorance of some talkbackers like #3 who don't understand why the writer mention Uganda and wrote that it shows how arrorant Israelis are - talking about Uganda as if there aren't any people living there who might object. So I suggested to these people - read about the Uganda proposal which was an offer made to Herzl to establish a homeland for the jews in Uganda, and offer that was rejected by the zionists. You seem to totally misunderstand my comment which I thought was very clear...
23. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.12.10)
You are the one with the comprehension issues, not me. The Jewish people never for a single second considered establishing a Jewish homeland in Uganda. Nor did the Jewish people ever for a single second consider establishing a Jewish homeland in Madagascar. It was the British colonial empire and the French colonial empire, respectively, who actually put forth these incredibly absurd scenarios. The Jewish homeland has -- for over 5,000 years -- been Israel. Like it or not, the Jews are in Israel to stay. My recommendation to you is that you abandon all hope of ever taking it away from us. Not going to happen ..... By the way, I misunderstood nothing. I am really quite brilliant, and I have an incredible list of achievements to back that up. On the other hand, if you are incapable of expressing yourself with clarity in the English language, you can scarcely fault me. And I must admit -- you are pretty incoherent. Have a really nice day.
24. I'm glad Uganda wasn't chosen
Judo ,   Kampala   (05.12.10)
As a Ugandan, I'm glad Uganda was not made a homeland for the Jews. I can only imagine how we black folks would have been treated given how you treat your own kin, the Arabs!
25. # 23
Palestinian   (05.12.10)
You don't like Uganda? you still can spend 6 months in it also? it is closer to the Ethiopians? Balfour made a mistake because Palestinians will out last and the whole world will thank us, publicly or silently. destiny
26. To: No. 24
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.13.10)
Well, you need look no further than to the Arabs, who sold you into slavery for hundreds of years and who continue to enslave black people in Saudi Arabia, and contrast it with how the Jews marched hand-in-hand with black civil rights workers in the United States in the 1960s, demonstrated for an end to "separate but equal" policies and laid down their lives so that black people in Mississippi could vote. What have the Arabs done for you lately? That will tell you absolutely everything you need to know.
Bob ,   Montreal Canada   (05.13.10)
I propose that Uganda can become a sattellite State for Israel sort of like East and West Pakistan. Israel can have a country sort of like Turkey has Northern Cyprus, and this way Israelis and Ugandans will profit from this arrangement.
28. To: No. 25
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.13.10)
You are the world's quintessential nomads. You go to Uganda. Me -- being Jewish -- I need to be where Jerusalem is. Jerusalem is mentioned over 5,000 times in the Hebrew Bible. It is not mentioned in the Qu'uran EVEN ONCE. So, take your pick -- Mecca, Medina, or Kampala. Jerusalem will never leave our possession. Am Israel Chai. Deal with it, and get the hell out of our lives. You are nothing but terrorist scum. As salaam aleikum, @$$hole.
29. to #23: how are you "quite brilliant" whrn you don't realize
that I'm a zionist?!   (05.13.10)
Oh but you do have comprehension issues! Isn't it quite obvious from my comments that I'm pro this article and I was reacting to comments such as #3 which attacked the writer of this article and Israelis in general because they are ignorant of the history of zionism?! Of course I'm NOT saying jews had no right to establish their homeland in Israel, of course I'm not saying the zionists ever seriously considered Uganda as a jewish homeland or that they should have! I'm sorry but it really takes a not very brilliant person to conclude from my comments that I"m anti Israel. I'm a jew and an Israeli and you're totally barking at the wrong tree!
30. some talkbackers here
galilean ,   Israel   (05.13.10)
Some talkbackers here not only do not know history they are a part of those who are rewriting it. People who lie are only lying to themselves, and don't realize it. Pitiful.
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