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Women race in rare track meet in Hamas-ruled Gaza
Associated Press
Published: 09.05.10, 07:53
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1. who cares, if these typ of articles continue
ghostq   (05.09.10)
I will switch to other online media, seriously. what about marathons in Israel, there r marathons, a friend of mine said there is one in TA this week.
2. #1 - its not about marathon, its about women on riots...
eporue ,   europe   (05.09.10)
against oppression... by men who do it only to push their own screwed-up ego - to feel superior and in control of everything... run, women ! :)
3. What peace wroughts ...
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.09.10)
It is good to see Gaza women have time for extracurricular activities, competition and fun. More time spent in peace, then people (men, women, children) can spend more time behaving like human beings and enjoying life. Because that is the secret of life - grabbing it, holding on, and trying to have as much happiness as possible in the life span.
4. They're Wearing Clothes
emanon ,   USA   (05.09.10)
I thought the article said it was a strip championship . . .
5. to #2 y should I care if Muslim Men
ghostq   (05.09.10)
treat them badly, this Isn't in Israel and this isn't arab media, they got their own media, usually people outside Israel wants to know what is going on in Israel not next door, I am not the only person on this one. iternal pali afaires doesn't applay to Israel.
6. To # 1 & 5 ghostq
Dave ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (05.13.10)
ghostq, in this particular issue, I disagree strongly with you, in the other hand, I agree with the post # 3, Barbara, in all her statements. Keep in mind that these women are human beings, and they are living in an opressive Muslim environment, they deserve our respect for their achievement. I think it's better that these women practice sports instead work in assembling bombs. Another important fact is that this event is taking place near Israel (As a matter of fact at a few meters of the border), NOT IN THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, therefore it HAS interest for the israelis, as # 3 Barbara says. All the events that are taking place in Gaza and in Judea & Shomron (W.B.), have a lot to do with the possibility of PEACE or WAR between the Pals and Israel. Respectfully
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