Security scandal angers Arab sector
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 09.05.10, 17:22
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1. Free to leave at any time
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.10)
... and if the Arab community in Israel is offended at Israel's implementation of necessary -- no, vital -- security measures, they are free to leave. In fact, most of us wish they would. The Palestine Authority is right next door. If they prefer their identity as Palestinians rather than as Israelis, they should vote with their feet. I hope the door doesn't slam them in the @$$ on their way out of Eretz Israel.
2. Can a Jew become a Muslim or Christian and still be a Jew?
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (05.09.10)
A part of this problem is many people of Jewish descent are not following that faith or any in some cases. Is Israel become a place that only those following the Jewish faith can now live in. If Palestinians turn to the Jewish faith will they be welcome in Israel?
3. Since when are Arabs so fond of "democracy" and "freedom"..?
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.09.10)
... and if Arabs are as committed to the principles of democracy and freedom as they like to claim to Westerners, then why isn't there democracy or freedom in a single one of the 22 Arab nations? Considering the fact that all Arab nations are essentially totalitarian dictatorships based on religious and gender apartheid, and that Arabs have no organized criticism of their own governments' repressive policies (failing even to protest the Arab genocide of non-Arabs currently happening in Sudan), it's nothing less than bizarre to hear Israel's enemies criticize her for being insufficiently "democratic" for their tastes.
4. Where's the adult-in-charge?
Ellis Wallis ,   TLV   (05.09.10)
What the hell's going on here? Where's the adult in charge to save us from the malignant stupidity of "securitizm"? Someone must have decided to undermine any chance of normalcy, peace and calm between Palestinians and Israelis as soon as possible; and at the same time to destroy the rest of Israel's legitimacy.
5. they are a bigger threat than Hamas
zionist forever   (05.09.10)
The arabs are the real threat to Israel not the palestinians because they are going to start demanding one day a binational state, especially if we create a palestinian entity. The arabs don't like the idea of a jewish state and they are constantly demanding it is reformed into a binational one. Give the palestinians a state and it will inspire them to do something. They will see all they need to do is make enough noise and shout words like apartheid possibly start some kind of mini intefada or worse for Israel politically a mostly non violent national campaign. Make the bleeding heart west & Israels secular left look up and start fighting for the cause. They will be looking for a new lost cause anyway now the palestinians are sorted out ( until they start demanding more ) so this would be a natural evolution for them. The world hates the concept of a jewish state anyway its just right now they are all concentrating on the palestinians but sort that problem out they will be happy to support the arabs. We will probably then have the entire muslim world led by the palestinians demanding binationalism. Then we will probably have the Saudis come along with their vision for Israels future of a single state, israel merged with the palestinian state to create a single arab majority one to replace Israel. If we do create any palestinian entity we need to find a way to offload a very significant percentage of the Israeli arab population because they are the real threat the palestinians are the distraction.
6. They should support Lieberman
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.09.10)
The Arab leaders condemn Lieberman as a racist, but in fact they should support him. Because he recognized that they will never be happy with Israel, Lieberman suggested that borders be drawn so that Israeli Arabs become part of a new Arab state, preventing any violent ethnic cleansing and making it easier to make peace. Instead of hailing him as a visionary, the Arabs condemned him as a racist, yet now complain that Israeli security measures are a "clear proof of racism". They should stop being hypocrites and demand Lieberman now.
7. May want to google for "Shin Bet’s is Google’s best friend"
Gag order   (05.09.10)
8. they are free to display their ignorance
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.09.10)
you'd think that they'd use their brains for half a second and realize that the obvious disadvantages of showing themselves ignoramuses in public vastly outweighs any silly PR damage they hope to inflict on israel. you'd think, but you'd be wrong.
9. #2 Common misinformation
Alyssa ,   Boca Raton USA   (05.09.10)
Though the Jewish state is the homeland for the Jews and will always find a need for the majority, it has never been the complete population. I don't think any country today has just one religion and ethnic group. (Maybe North Korea) The Druze live in Israel very well, they even fight in the army. The Baha'i(a offshoot of Shi'ite Islam from Iran) their main temple is in Haifa. Scores of Christians visit and some choose to live in Israel. The Orthodox Church and Catholic Church have strong presences there (though there is a rule about preaching which they don't like). So to say that we want complete hegemony and are not playing well with our neighbors is an over simplification. Our founders fought for a secular state to insure rights and protections for all. We never expected to be cloistered away. In the case of the territories despite the talk of culture clash and religion the conflict is about sovereignty and ownership. This is a land and property dispute at its core that turned ugly. For the Arab Israelis its a little different. They could choose to leave but they don't. They are caught between two worlds, a strong connection to the Arab world and a practical connection to the Israeli world and they are not really wanted in both. Israelis don't associate with Arab Israelis as freely and they are in the lower economic band. They are treated with suspicion regardless of who they are or their feelings towards Israel. If that was you wouldn't that be infuriated? Look as an Israeli that has seen her share of army time and terror attacks I am not saying that security isn't important and that some times you have to gag the media, but what the Arab Israelis are talking about is less this one issue and more their de facto second class status when others get along far better in Israel. We would do a lot of security if we sought to engage and enriched the Arab Israeli experience. It is the first step real peace process.
10. nature
jackson browne ,   manchester uk   (05.09.10)
this is the nature of israelis, time to send the marines.obama will have 5 million israelis squealing like a pig soon and as usual they will cry victim after showing no mercy to palestinians.
11. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.10)
Your question is not profoundly philosophical. In fact, it's really rather stupid. Anyone born of a Jewish mother is a Jew. That does not change depending on whether one is an observant Jew or not. Nor does it change because someone converts. Non-Jews who convert to Judaism must do so under Halachic principles, although Judaism is not a religion that particularly welcomes converts. That is why Jews do not proselytize -- we were never comfortable with the centuries of vicious effort to convert us, and we will not do that to other faiths. Finally, I wish to point out to you that unlike places such as Saudi Arabia -- where all religions other than Islam are ILLEGAL -- Israel has a significant Christian community and a significant Islamic community. All are citizens of Israel, enjoy all of the rights of citizenship (though not all of the obligations, such as military service). I remind you that there are both Christians and Moslems in the Knesset. Like I said -- really rather a stupid question. Not profound or philosophical at all.
12. So stupid!
A Jeursalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.09.10)
Once upon a time we were celebrated for our ingenuity...those days sadly are long gone. Racism is isn't but stupid it is. We all know what the story is from the foreign press online. How can they think that in this day and age they can censor the news?
13. Tikun Olam
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (05.09.10)
Interesting incident. I went to the Tikun Olam website, read the article and read an article about Alan Dershowitz receiving an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv Univerisity. When I tried to go look at the comments, I received the following notice: Sorry, but your IP address has been associated with spam in the past. I have never even visited the site before. Maybe they are banning all access to comments from My ISP ? Or maybe from all Israeli sites ? And they complain about a gag order ?
14. #1 They will never leave. The naive Jews have
Frank ,   USA   (05.09.10)
created for them the unparalleled educational opportunities, world class medical facilities and research centers. Unlike their Arab brothers they can get the best treatment at home rather than fly to Germany or the USA. They have the social benefits unlike most brotherly Arab states and they also live in the only democracy in the Middle East. So, they will continue blaming Israe, its governmentl and smearing the majority of Jews but leaving, forget it. The Jews will continue to invent and create and they will continue to use it. They will always side with the enemies of Israel challenging the majority of Jews no matter what they get from Israel. What a deal!
15. Offload the "Triangle" in any agreement.
Sivan ,   Jerusalem   (05.09.10)
16. #1 true colours come out
London man ,   London   (05.09.10)
" they are free to leave. In fact, most of us wish they would." Any echoes of 1930s fascist attitudes here?
17. 'The Only Democracy' trying to silence NGO opposition
Realist   (05.09.10)
with secret arrests. Israel is run by thugs and the public is left in the dark (with gag orders).
18. Tikun Olam
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (05.09.10)
I just went to this Tikun Olam web-site. Only articles against Israel on this web-site. Does Mr Silverstein think the world would be a better place without Israel ? How legitimate can a web-site be if it criticises only one party. Nr 13 is right about access to the further content of the web-site. I was also denied access because of spam.
19. #1 "Free to leave at any time"? Not anymore!
Richard   (05.09.10)
A travel ban was imposed by Israel's secret police.
20. TRUE
steve ,   Israel   (05.09.10)
"In democratic countries, publication of information is not forbidden the way it is in Israel." And no other democratic country would tolerate treasonous citizens. Security now. Peace can wait.
21. Security scandal angers Arab sector
London man ,   London   (05.09.10)
Actually, if you look around the blogosphere, you will find that the security scandal has irked all right-thinking people - to classify this incident as only "irksome" to Arabs is a piece of blatant prejudice. Israeli bloggers and writers inside Israel and outside are writing about this as an issue of personal freedom and the security services behaving like a state within a state. One day, in a free country, you'll have unfettered news coverage too.
22. #10- Nice of you to volunteer...
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.09.10)
to see a lot of dead Marines.Your Brit soldiers learned that lesson in 1948 after getting deposited flat on their bums.
23. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.10)
Study history. The Jews had no place to go. On the other hand, the Arabs in Israel have the Palestine Authority. Might lend a little bit of credibility to the PA. It's hugely embarrassing to them that not a single Israeli Arab has left the relative comfort of life in Israel.
24. "Tikun Olam" site has been blocked by...
Secret Agent   (05.09.10)
Sorry I can't tell you - it's under gag order.
25. Not very Tikun at all
Nachman ,   Maale Adumim Israel   (05.09.10)
Like a previous poster I too tried to read the comments on Tikun Olam's site only to be told that my IP address was connected to spam. I too have never visited the site. Seems Mr Silverstein can dish it out but obviously can't take it and so bans any IP address eminating from Israel even though my computer is registered in Europe. Furthermore this wretch seems to hold a brief for everyone who is an enemy of the State of Israel - this is obviously the way his salves his own conscience for the myriad sins he has probably committed - for no man only does good ... Whilst this country faces an existential threat from the Arabs the intelligence services have my support in rooting out threats to the security of this country ad its citizens. Like the Kam affair there is probably good reason for a gag on this story too but leave it to the Silversteins of this world to praise traitors.
26. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.10)
Hmm. Did the U.K. abolish the Official Secrets Act? No. Quite the hypocrite, you.
27. #23 and specious arguments
London man ,   London   (05.09.10)
It's "hugely embarrassing to the PA that not a single Israeli Arab has left the relative comfort of life in Israel?" I don't recall the PA ever issuing a call to Arab Israelis to pack their bags, hand over their properties to Keren Kayemet for re-sale to Jews only, and leave the country. That would be a most ridiculous, inane and retrograde step, don't you think? It always amazes me how morbid Zionist un-thinkers believe that "Arabs" are somehow transient, that moving country is like going away for a weekend, that giving up their ancestral property and land is as easy as going for a McDonalds. Do you really think that Israeli Arabs are not attached to their property? That they should just throw everything away and leave? Such wishful thinking on your part is surely a sign of precocious and galloping dementia.
28. To: No. 16, redux
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.09.10)
No. Jews were stripped of their citizenship via the Nuremberg laws, following which they lost their homes, their right to work, their businesses and, ultimately, their lives. Jews in Germany never held violent demonstrations; nor did they actively promote and applaud wanton murder. The last I checked, Arabs in Israel are citizens of the State and enjoy all the rights of citizenship. Your analogy is inapposite. If Israeli Arabs prefer a Palestinian identity, then they should move to the PA. Contrary to the uninformed post at No. 19, there is no travel ban on Israel's Arabs.
29. "Tikun Olam" blocked for IPs emerging from Israel
Free Israel   (05.09.10)
"Tikun Olam" got spammed with artificial hits to trigger the web site's security mechanism. Same happened during Kamm gag order. Someone doesn't want Israelis to read the truth in free media.
30. Now we know. So what?
Noa ,   B7   (05.09.10)
The only interesting point is the gag order. The rest is boring. Mr. Silverstein should get a decent hobby and let our security services do their job.
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