Protest for gay father stranded in India outside Foreign Ministry
Ronen Medzini
Published: 10.05.10, 11:38
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1. the boys r not jewish this wasn't done by
ghostq   (05.10.10)
the state aproval, and the egg contribution from where? I think no gov in her mind will aprove any ilegal children smugling, and there is also the convertion issue, if this father care about the future of his children, he can't act like he invent the rules and whine when they don't accept his way, he must pay the price for is shady deed. unfotunatly he was selfish enough not to think what happened in case he will get caught, he can whine all he wants but it is criminal activities. usually egg donation comes from women who needs the money. this isn't about the gay comunity this is about the shady steps they take cause they don't go in normal ways, and adress the legislator. if they did and were refused than I would say bad bad gov, but bending rules for selfish needs, well eat what you cooked.
2. Dan Goldberg, homosexual father
ajs ,   ashdod israel   (05.10.10)
A touching story, however, lets look at it from different angle. Dan is a homosexual, not exactly your Jewish role model unles your are a Homosexxual. And lets be honest Homosexuality is not the norm. The surrogate mother I am assuming was not Jewish and so I have two none Jewish babies that Dan wants to bring to Israel. Not a good thing. Let Dan stay in India get a job and live happily everafter. Itai and Liron want to come home." They are home.
3. #1 Ghostey check your facts
Avi ,   Israel   (05.10.10)
As is the case for hetrosexuals who adopt abroad when the child is brought to the country he or she under goes a process where he / she is declared Jewish. There is no difference in case apart from the fact that the father is gay. This is a clear case of prejudice and homophobic attitude and highlights the fact that we must seperate state and religion. How can a gay man receive justice from a court where the Judge is religious and who hates gay people? The judge in question is religious and as for Eli Yishai the biggest homophobe that walked this earth what should we expect justice? As gay people we are also allowed the basis human right to have a family, despite other peoples religious rules. I am also a father of two girls, so please less of the selfish name calling and a bit of intellegence. We are family and nothing is going to stop us from exercising our basic human rights.
4. to #2
Hanna ,   Tel Aviv   (05.10.10)
Being gay does not block a man's abilities to love, to be a good father, and an excellent example for his children! Darn discrimination! I am a straight woman, and i know gay men that will make much better fathers than a lot of straight men i know! This father is in pain, away from his children... how dare you!
5. This Creates More Problems
Aryeh Moshen ,   NY / USA   (05.10.10)
I'm not certain why Dan decided to go to India. By choosing a non-Jewish woman to bear his children he chose non-Jewish sons. Whilst they may sport a Jewish surname, serve in the army, and speak fluent Hebrew, nothing short of a Giyur Kahalacha will make them Jews. Why bring more non-Jews to Israel? Don't we have more than enough already? Now that the choice has already been made and these boys are born, we should try to deal with them in a humane manner.
6. Fair to the babies?
Shalom Hartman   (05.10.10)
If babies were given a vote, how many of them would choose to start their life in a homosexual family; where the chances of them turning out a "normal" heterosexual, confident adult are greatly reduced? Add to this, that the kids are not Jewish and as their family are definitely not committed to a "Jewish" lifestyle, the chances of conversion are greatly reduced, meaning again, these kids are going to be outsiders. Is this a fair start for these kids? They would be better off in their native India.
7. proses of Judaism convetion,
ghostq   (05.10.10)
you see egg trafecing is situation when a women in low income sell part of herself, in order to avoid exploit it take months even years to check everything is 100% kosher so to speak when it done out side the country you got no control over the situation of the mother how the eggs got from the mother, there is a reason y this things take months, in his case he thought he is better than the law, could bend it over as he please, in adopthing again to make legal adoption it takes months even years, depend on the situation and the adopting parents. he tried to smugle children that consived else where under no supervision before you draw the homophobe card, you cover for people who try to bi pass the law in very shady circumstanses. not cause of religious issue, and this judge is Ashkenazi jew it didn't even went to Eli Ishay table. I never said gay don't deserve to have children all I said if you read this carefuly, it was done by ilegal way with smugling children, usually you smugle hot goods, not human beings, alot of ethic problem he raised, cause straight couples just stand in line like everybody else.
8. to #3 just curious about these things
ghostq   (05.10.10)
sometimes my curiousity will get me, anyway do they have female row modle in their lives, cause when they reach pubirty they will have to learn the fact of life from friends, and not from parents.
9. ghostq ...
TruthSeeker ,   The World   (05.10.10)
sweety pie - you don't know how women function? .. bless you ... you really do live in a f***ed up society don't you? .. I'm a man and I know very well how women function (with all due respect to all women out there) - even if my wife was not by my side, I would be perfectly capable of explaining to my daughter the bees and the flowers and all the other things that differentiate and bring closer men from women .. anyway, very refreshing to read all those talk backs .. I had you guys already down as racist fanatics, but (silly me!) never realised you were also homophobic and I assume you guys are also against women's right to vote and education? would you let in your country an atheist homosexual female with a dark skin? ... don't bother answering ...
10.  #4 By Who's definition????
אליהו קאן ,   ירושלים   (05.11.10)
Your subjective definition of love, be a good father, and an excellent example are no one's but yourself and the evolutionally challenged community. This is the only way they can multiply. Get it in your head, evolution got it straight (which is a good pun.)
11. #9 Drop the 'truth seeker' BS
אליהו קאן ,   ירושלים   (05.11.10)
Call yourself humanity destroyer. You have a problem with evolution and the Torah? They both agree that a man and a woman will perpetuate human life.
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