Britain's David Cameron becomes PM; Brown out
Associated Press
Published: 12.05.10, 00:23
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1. Thank goodness! No more Mandelson, Campbell, Ed Balls!
UK Jew   (05.12.10)
2. Don't expect UK support for Bibi
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (05.12.10)
It'll be a US-UK joint effort for a 2 state solution. These 2 traditional allies are fed up with Israel's abuse of their friendship and have too much else at stake to have Israel continue to behave as a maverick no-known-barriers state. The affront to Vice President Biden and utilization of UK passports in the recent Dubai assassination are too big for either the US or the UK to simply forget it and make nice to us.
3. Good times. This guy is a proud and loud Zionist. Google it
Aaron R. ,   World wise web   (05.12.10)
4. Cleggs role is pretty useless. Just ego massaging, no powers
Naomi Gold ,   Manchester, England   (05.12.10)
I officially hate this man after his running back and forth for the best deal. The main powers and decisions thankfully are still resting in the heads of Cameron. Said by rabbis to be descendant of Moses.
5. Muslims hate him.Hahaha. He stands for everything they dont
ET. Phones home ,   Home   (05.12.10)
6. hahahah so much for Islam hugers
ghostq   (05.12.10)
they so phoney, their gov is useless, even the Brits sick and tired when the Muslim immigrants do what ever they want in the UK, but it's too late 3 million Muslims in the UK, chritian country no more.
7. coalition govt.s = damn shaky beast
Cameron ,   USA   (05.12.10)
his unavoidable reduction of govt. programs & social expenditure will wear on the populace. Still, he has no choice but to do so, and lets see how he fares. Pleasing to see the Labor Party get stepped on.
8. Ghostq 2 million poles 4 milion Irish what's your point?
Leora ,   LA   (05.12.10)
The uk is a mix of all countries and people. You see I can tell facts too. Your spelling is so bad, why don't you spellcheck before hitting submit.
9. #8 HAHA that was very good. He doesn't know english,Trust me
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (05.12.10)
These people only have a big mouth and nothing more!!
10. Cameron good or bad for ISRAEL?
Fireman ,   Tel-Aviv Israel   (05.12.10)
Cameron supports a two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians, which by definition requires dividing Israel and carving up pieces of Jerusalem; he has described East Jerusalem as “occupied” territory; he has been sharply critical of Israeli settlements; he leads a weak political party, holding only 306 seats, well short of a majority (total seats in the British parliament: 650), and is thus dependent on left-of-center political parties; and to gain power, Cameron built a political coalition with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg (whose party won just 57 seats). Clegg has been so severely hostile to Israel that he actually called for an arms embargo against the Jewish State in 2009.
11. to #8 hun I know my spelling is bad
ghostq   (05.12.10)
if I cared I would have done something by now, but I don't, the point is that rotten kigdom condamn Israel for her atitude to the arab population while in reality not only they caused the situation in the ME, they practice worse, no new Mosad agent but theirs will have to be stuk with no aid in case the extreme Muslims in the kingdom won't like the gov, and in Muslims world whenever they don't like some one you know the rest, watch out that rotten kingdom is going down she will be on her own, and she is going to get trouble in a big way. and I naturally say I told you so.
12. to #9 y do you want me to pull my pants
ghostq   (05.12.10)
take a picture and send it to you I think you will change your mind.
13. peter and his wolf
iris ,   israel   (05.12.10)
haha your comment was pointless. anyway , yanks and austrians, what is it about your countries that judge others so incessantly, if you know anything about england you will remember how thatcher destroyed the social fabric of england and turned one on another ,unless you were one of them? anyway when cameron gets his calculator off maggie hopefully cleg will be typing in the numbers,, haha go chew on some Knabbernossi
14. #12-UK Advertising standards authority would make U prove it
Alan ,   SA   (05.12.10)
or withdraw your claim
15. 13Thatcher fixed up UK-last 13 yrs Labour made Londonistan
Alan ,   SA   (05.12.10)
16. Brown said he was Israel friend but still left arrest law
17. William Hague
Ric ,   Gosport, UK   (05.12.10)
The most important for Israel is William Hague, the new Foreign Secretary. He has criticised Israel sharply in the past and could prove the biggest threat to British-Israeli good relations.
18. Cameron; a Conservative Friend of Israel
observer   (05.12.10)
“I am proud not just to be a Conservative, but a Conservative Friend of Israel; and I am proud of the key role CFI plays within our Party” said Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Leader of the Conservative Party
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne,   (05.12.10)
Yes,Hague has criticised Israel,most recently after David Miliband made his deceptive statement in the House of Commons about the Dubai affair and UK passports. But there's one big difference between Hague and his New Labour predecessors.Hague just criticises things as he sees them according to his sense of British fairness. HE isn't obsessed by visceral hatred of the State of Israel. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
20. #2Ussishkin,NO, TIMES HAVE CHANGED
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne,   (05.12.10)
Ussishkin shouldn't be so pessimistic.It went on for so long,13 years,that he's probably been convinced that Britain is utterly anti-Israel.NO!!!It was our New Labour government and its camp followers that did the damage. One of the things that the British electorate were sick to the teeth of was New Labour's sickening subservience to the US president.Cameron knows this and won't copy it,especially as Obama is a New Labor president. Expect a much more independent Britain,now both from the USA and the EC.Obama is going to have to moderate his tone or lose his allies.The Cold War is long over and Britain doesn't need the USA. This is a lot to get your head around. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne,   (05.12.10)
Talking as a person who has no political party allegiance and still doesn't see the last few days as a triumph of democracy,I can hardly express my relief and joy at at the end of 13 years of New Labour misery. I have no doubt in my mind that New Labour rolled back British democracy by many decades,ruined the British economy and left Britain as a nasty,divided society kept in order by repressive legislation. Good riddance to Blair,Brown,Darling,Jack Straw,the Milibands and the rest of the New Labour mediocre opportunists. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
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