Netanyahu: We will never divide Jerusalem
Ronen Medzini
Published: 12.05.10, 19:30
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1. Bibi your nothing more than a snake oil salesman
zionist forever   (05.12.10)
I havn't seen much in the way of actions from you to prove thats your intent. Since the Biden visit building has been reduced to a trickle and is more about allowing you to say look I didn't compromise on building its still going on. You agreed not to build in Ramat Shlomo. You agreed that you would put Jerusalem on the negotiating table at peace talks. There was more housing in Jerusalem going on when Olmert was PM than there has been under you and he was promoting the idea of dividing the city whilst your claiming you will never divide it.
2. Jerusalem belongs to only one people, the Jews
Eyal ,   USA   (05.12.10)
3. BS
Raed ,   Palestine   (05.12.10)
Jerusalem today is closed to all pales open city is BS Jerusalems Jewish walls today not only block worship of none Jews but even split families, brother and sister, father and mother there is a walled off from everyone except the Jews for israels leader to say it's open for everyone is BS and they know it
4. We will never divide Jerusalem and Jordan is Palestinian Sta
E.M Jordan is Pales ,   S.F   (05.12.10)
We will never divide Jerusalem and Jordan is Palestinian State and It is the reality that the entire nations on the planet earth must accept.
5. Obama, Mitchell, Clinton, Abas, got that?
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.12.10)
6. Netanyahu doesn't have to divide Jerusalem
Chris Linthwaite   (05.12.10)
The International Community will see that Israel abides to the greenline of 1967. Seems to me that Netanyahu is being disingenuous to the Israeli electorate.
7. May,14/1948. I saw the Star of David go UP to Stay HOME.
Roy C. Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (05.12.10)
I was 15 years old at that time, My Mother said, The Nation of Israel is Going Home to stay this time, Jacob will have a lot of Trouble with All the Nations, but this time they have gone Hone to stay, She would never have thought the USA would have an Obama type person leading the Global Pack of Nations against Gods People in the Holy Land.(!!!) The USA is now the Last one to fight against God. with an Obama type person. I have lived to see the USA go Broke fighting for the PLO. Roy C. Hudson USA 5/10/2010
8. No censorship on prayers? Really?
Yakov ,   Melbourne aus   (05.12.10)
And Jews not allowed to pray on temple mount doesn't fall under that ay?
9. Sorry Bibi - you got it wrong again
Listen to Rivlin! ,   Mercaz   (05.12.10)
Why not check how many Israelis have even visited Jerusalem in the past 5 years?! It would be surprising if more than 10%... How many have ever spent a night? Maybe 1%. De facto, the capital is Tel Aviv and you know it. Jerusalem's residents are hardly Zionist any more and most of them speak Yiddish or Arabic at home. Most of the rest are sitting on the poverty line. The lucky ones are civil servant pencil pushers in Jerusalem's bloated public sector which the government perpetuates artificially for political reasons.
10. There will never be any peace then... hell
samer ,   Ramalla   (05.12.10)
11. His words do not line up with his actions
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.12.10)
The Poodle Minister and his Defense Minister spend much time razing Jewish homes to please their pimp in Washington and so his words are deceitful and empty. He cares more about pleasing the destroyer then he does about Israel.
12. #1 Give him the benefit of the doubt.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (05.12.10)
Politics is a dirty game, that has a lot to with appearances, and like you acknowledged, Bibi is a kind of master. יהיה טוב
13. #6 Inernational community is powerless
Mike M. ,   Seattle, Wa.   (05.12.10)
14. Prove it, Bibi. Let's see MASSIVE building NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.12.10)
Words are of no value. It is action we must see. Prove your words about Jerusalem, Bibi. No more technicalities and excuses to delay building. Let's see MASSIVE building in East Jerusalem NOW!
15. Do you need your glasses fixed ?
Or maybe you are walking through our state blind or choose not to see that israel is and will always be a multicultural state !
16. wishfull thinking...
17. Linthwaite (#6), the former Jew from Yorkshire.
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (05.12.10)
What's the matter, Linthwaite? Do you figure you've sufficiently polluted Haaretz' website with your condascending drivel, so now you can bring you 'handywork' to this site? Let me fill you in on something, Mr. former Jew, current Christian and future Muslim. There is one cardinal sign of being completely out of political 'ammo'. That is when you claim to speak on behalf of the entire world, as you do in every single posting. Whether its by use of the term "planet earth" or "the world" or "the international community", the one thing common to every one of your posts is that you claim to speak on behalf of the entire planet. Rest assured, putz. Jerusalem will NEVER again be divided. Period. End of story. The so-called "international community' has no more power to divide the capital of a sovereign country than you have to control you obsession with anti-semitic postings on Haaretz's website. P.S. How 'bout them elections in your country (U.K.), eh buddy boy? Looks like "planet earth" isn't nearly as ultra left wing as you had hoped. Your absence from ANY forums on Haaretz (regarding the election outcome, and the new P.M.) during the past week has been so telling, given you usual literary diarrhea.
18. #9 How many visit Jerusalem is TOTALLY irrelevant.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.12.10)
There seems to be no limit to the looniness ot those who seek to give away our tiny, precious Homeland. It is totally irrelevant how many Israelis visit Jerusalem. It is ours now and forever. If not enough Israelis visit Jerusalem that calls for better advertising on Jerusalem's behalf. It certainly isn't a sane argument in favor of dividing Jerusalem. Imagine the Americans giving New York to Al Quaeda because not enough tourists come to New York! INSANE!!!!!
19. don't say never, bibi, we will see next elections
mrs. wake up ,   bibi pinoccio land   (05.12.10)
20. #7 Roy, thank you for sharing great post.
Janice Cohen ,   ירשושלים   (05.12.10)
21. #6 Codswollop!
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.12.10)
This is to whom Jerusalem belongs under international law. Get your facts right before speaking out your ear.
22. Fact: jerusalem was never unified!
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (05.12.10)
23. Arrogance never solves issues..
ace ,   san fran   (05.12.10)
If the UN wants it devided, then it will be devided. Israel will not want to one of those countries like Iran, N Korea, or S Africa . Although it is humanely worse than any of the countries listed,
24. #3, BS
Dany ,   Toronto   (05.13.10)
Listen smart Plaestinian, this article speaks about OPPENESS to ALL RELIGIONS. DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT ! It's not saying a thing about family completion, reunion, etc. Get it through your head: THIS IS OUR JEWISH CITY, OUR CAPITAL CITY - Point Blank. You had your chance in 48, to let us in, but NO. Don't like it, GO AWAY !!!
25. You can claim the whole Middle East is yours ,no one will re
George ,   Canada   (05.13.10)
recognize it, even if you scream this is our day and night ,who care .your best ally and supporter US not even thinking to move embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem .Get real and grow up from this childish wishful thinking. Netanyahu will continue to sing this song that right wing extremist like to hear as much as he is in power.
26. #22 - Rami, Some real facts...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (05.13.10)
Jerusalem held a Jewish majority until half the city was ethnically cleansed of its indigenous inhabitants in 1948. It was reunified after the Jordanian occupation ended after 19 years.
27. Bibi you are wrong
Jerri i ,   NYC USA   (05.13.10)
Bibi says:"My friends," he added. "We are the generation that was privileged to see the liberation of Jerusalem and our return to the sites holy to our people. We did not return to the site of our temple. The Moslems occupy it and prevent us from praying there. If that is their idea of sharing things splitting Jerusalem would be a disaster for the Jewish people.
28. Re: 3. BS
Galut ,   Selah   (05.13.10)
there would be no need for walls if there were not those that were dedicated to bombing and killing jews... when a society teaches its children jihad and maryterom makes those around them untrusting....
29. Jerusalem Capital of Israel
Mary ,   USA   (05.13.10)
Indeed, of the world. Soon.
30. Faith
Mary ,   USA   (05.13.10)
It is important to begin or maintain faith in the One Who established Israel. We limit Him by our lack of trust. We must not be shaken.
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