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A different kind of city
Nahum Barnea
Published: 13.05.10, 00:06
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1. One day Jerusalem freedom will come,
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.13.10)
For us Jerusalem is not a city in the homeland is Palestine, but Palestine is the homeland in the city of Jerusalem. Since "Israel" occupied the city of Jerusalem in 1967, and is working hard to control it and to get rid of Palestinians in Jerusalem but you must know Palestinians and history never forget ....and yes Jerusalem isn’t Tel Aviv which is preferred by most "Israelis" to live in!!
2. # 1
Palestinian   (05.13.10)
No country in the face of the earth would dare to call beloved Jerusalem as a capital of "Israel"
3. to Salma
john ,   T-A   (05.13.10)
As usual you get carried away with your poetic slogans.... Folks, note that Salma doesn't even say - East Jerusalem, she simply puts it JERUSALEM, our Holy City which is mentioned hundreds of times in TANA'H, and never once in Kur'an. We know the history very well, Salma, the history of Islamic conquests of Minor Asia, Maghreb, and occupation and islamization of Egypt, Byzantium, would you say that Aya Sofia in Istanbul is a Muslim structure? What are your land marks inm Jerusalem? Filth in the Old City Bazaar? Ugly structures in Silwan? Minaret on top of the Holy Sepulchre? 1967 - Jerusalem was Jordanian rule. Why didn't you demand it then as a capital? Give me a good answer, and you won't because Joradn wouldn't have let you, as much as Gaza was fine under Egypt's heel and didn't scream for independence.
4. And how built Jerusalem
David ,   Israel   (05.13.10)
Salma, tell me who worked hard all day to build Jerusalem? Who created it? Who's capital was (is) it? The Jewish Nation. Do you see Jews in Mecca? No you don't, a Jew in Mecca would be killed and tortured to death, the Isreali's arn't occupying it but coming back to their city which they BUILT only to find arabs living there. We don't interfere with Mecca, don't interfere with Jerusalem
5. To Salma
Karinette ,   Netanya, Israel   (05.13.10)
How dare you speak about freedom when it is about Jerusalem! This is the first time in recent history that all religion can access freely to all the holy sites in Jerusalem. And that miracle only happened since 1967! Hebrews have millenary history with Jerusalem and we have there our most important religious holy site which jordanians prevented us to go before 1967. Don't use the word freedom in biaised ways!
6. to #5
Michelle ,   Philadelphia   (05.13.10)
Please stop exaggerating when you claim that all religions can freely access the holy sites in Jerusalem. Have you seen the IDF controlling who goes in and out of Al Aqsa? It's not like the Holy Sepulchre or even the Wall where people of all faiths are allowed to enter. The IDF restricts entry to all for Al Aqsa, even to many Muslims. It does not matter who was where first, as neither the Jews nor Palestinians will win that circular argument. What matters is the present and how International Law (which helped to build Israel as a state) will be properly recognized so that EVERYONE will truly benefit.
7. # 3 No John,It's not just slogans
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.13.10)
but according to international law at least East Jerusalem is occupied ,forget what in the Koran and the Torah not in 2010 !! You should know that the Palestinians after the Nakba, they need a long time to wake up from this catastrophe , and worked to restore their homeland......I know you want to say that the Palestinians are fighting the Jews because they are Jewish, but believe me, you fool only yourself, we are not at war with the Jews, but we are against anyone who tries to take away our identity and our land, even if Iran or Saudi Arabia, for example Is this a good answer John? I suspect you will be convinced of it, you know why? Because your convictions, such as prisons closed forever :(
8. Dear Salma and Michelle
rachel ,   chutz4now, home soon   (05.13.10)
you are very wrong in your understanding and you use the same lies that your inventor gave you AFTER '67! before this you were under Jordanians and NO one could move freely to pray. I see NO blocks against Muslims or Christians...in fact the only blocks I see are the ones keep JEWS from the Temple Mount. No hebrew prayers there. you also need to read your own people's policy. It is the JEWS who you want "wiped out" then the Christians. Stop your tired lies and get over the fact. Your Nakba was SELF INFLICTED and continues to be so.
9. Ynet where are the pictures from Yom Yerushalayim????
m   (05.13.10)
100.000 people marched for Jerusalem Day and no pictures here. Why, that's true, no Arabs in the march.
10. To Salma
Ariel ,   São Paulo - Brazil   (05.13.10)
You are proud of a nonexistent past. Maybe you should try to build the present for a better future. By the way have an intolerant attitude toward Jews and Israel, only helps to destroy your future
11. To Michelle
Karinette ,   Netanya, Israel   (05.13.10)
This is not exageration. Muslims are not prevented from going to the mosque. Note that muslims prefer not to have any people from any other religion than islam on their holy sites (Mecca is strictly forbidden to anyone not muslim). Furthermore, if there is control it is also to prevent violence. Thus, it is also for freedom of other people from other religion to access their holy sites in security.
12. Salma, #1
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (05.13.10)
Salma, I question your knowledge of history. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for thousand of years. There will be talkback telling how Jerusalem is mentioned in our bible hundreds of times and it is, long before the concept of Palestinians ever came about. Jews have lived in the city for these thousands of years despite the forced exits. When there may be a Palestinian state somewhere in the area, will they allow Jews to settle there, or will they not be allowed? I look forward to peace one day, and I will gladly sit down with you at a cafe and drink a cup of tea with you and discuss politics.
13. the truth
suhad ,   jerusalem   (05.13.10)
i was here for about 60 years .. before 67 most of people came here becouse it is a holy city came to pray and returned home but they are cristians and moslems . jews did not like only to come to israil they did not like to pray or visite this holy city but after that jerusalem was closed to moslemes and arab cristians it was by the policy of israil and progressive lack of security ..israil want to own the city not becouse it is holy but becouse they want to rule built kill want to do evry thing but not to pray .god will not help them becouse they are lying about their religion and about the sad holy city .jerusalem love her people who came to pray not that want to rule it by force fire and by killing
14. to 12
shahd ,   jerusalem   (05.13.10)
salma wants you to return the time two thousands years back may you would had the dame language but sure you would had different prioroties than the stupid politics but sure there would be two cups of tea
galilean   (05.16.10)
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