Sources: US to join advisory group with anti-Israel past
Associated Press
Published: 13.05.10, 07:42
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31. #16 god of islam protects.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (05.13.10)
Perhaps he's just been napping for the past century.
32. #17 Thanks for video with happy end !
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.13.10)
33. to #25 welcome to the club
ghostq   (05.13.10)
34. Is Obama preparing to misalign the Alliance from inside?
leo ,   usa   (05.13.10)
Yeah, whom am I kidding.
35. Brod @ 30, Obama cannot be impeached today for at least 2
leo ,   usa   (05.13.10)
reasons. First, he did not commit impeachable offense. Second, even if he did he would've gotten off the same way Clinton did - Democrat majority in either in Senate or The House. Let's talk about it after this November elections. I suspect reason # 2 will be gone.
36. #10
why would any arab stand for jerusalem before 1967???? jerusalem belonged to the arabs until 1967 and not a single arab cleric or ruler visited it. it was never important to any arab UNTIL ISRAEL HAD IT IN 1967. the grand mufti didn't have to stand up for jerusalem because it was not in jewish hands back then when the mufti lived. however, the majority of the population in jerusalem prior to the 48 war was JEWISH. when jordan conquered it in 1948, the jews were expelled, persecuted and killed even before that by arab fanatics and by the mufti incitement. hameed aboughaze, iranian
37. G.D bless Pres. Bush
Memories   (05.13.10)
Now how not to miss Pres. Bush , when he cleaned us from Saddam Hussein , who used to reward with a cheque of $ 25.000 every killer of an Israeli.
38. To Peter @ # 7
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (05.13.10)
I see that you are keeping up your proud Austrian tradition of "friendly attitudes toward Israel".
39. obama
sas ,   israel   (05.13.10)
where are the american jews?????too afraid to open up their mouths?????????? sad and very scary.
40. Memories #37
Brod ,   USA   (05.13.10)
Bush did not clean up the Wahhabhist Saudis whose thugs attacked America and murdered 3000 Americans in cold blood on 9/11. Despite their atrocities, he even invited the Wahhabhist Chieftain to his Crawford ranch and walked hand in hand with him infront of the media. He even called Islam the religion of peace. Now that he is retired, he should spend more time reading and He should even take note of the lecture of former Professor of Quranic Interpretations at Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, Omar Abdel Rahman, who pointed out that "there is no surah called 'peace.' Jihad and killing are the head of Islam. If you take them out, you cut off the head of Islam." And he should read: "Islam and Terrorism" [2002] by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD "Defeating Political Islam" [2009] by Moorthy S. Muthusawamy, PhD
41. You have got to understand
roli ,   miami beach, USA   (05.13.10)
overstand is'nt a word; it's doublespeak. alliances that surpass military and ingrain themselves through culture are not due to the designs of men. Fate and hindsight are incompatible. Dictatorships fail although they try harder by way of censorship, Cuban music, for example, is much less popular today than at its peak before 1959, Except for that one disk by Ry Cooder (about dissidents) . . . . Despite the jadedness of the mainstream media in the USA and the current potus, on the other hand, the music, dance, fashion, and architecture ect.. of the land of Israel has been warm and kin-like, humanizing, influenced with and by America; since the days of Samuel Clemens. There is nothing to search for in the dessert except for a place to drink something cold.
42. Obama is so dumb that-
David ,   New England   (05.13.10)
He is so dumb that he thinks the Arizona law concerning illegal immigration means that the police can just go up to a someone and his kid going out for an ice cream cone and ask them for their papers. The law doesn't say that at all. How can the President be so misinformed?
43. # 40 Brod fundamentalist aiming to Christianize Jews the end
Ron   (05.13.10)
44. Alliance
Gene Graczyk ,   Sausalito CA USA   (05.13.10)
As an American, I applaud Obama's outreach and wish it every success. Israel surely understands that its actions in Gaza and Lebanon were widely viewed as extreme. If Israel wishes to act unilaterally, it is reasonable to expect that it will become increasingly isolated in the world. Russia's outreach to Hamas may well be in response to Israel's role in the Georgian war (so soon forgotten). Actions have consequences. If most of the G 20 nations find value in the Alliance, why be surprised that the USA does as well? In any case, the USA will act in its own interest and not remain separate because Israel fears criticism which I believe is justified in this case.
45. Gene Graczyk @ 44, and Israel's outreach to Georgia
leo ,   usa   (05.13.10)
may well be in response to Russia's involvement in 1967 and especially in 1973 wars (so soon forgotten). And on, and on, and on. Two BTWs for you. First, Israel has no more involvement in Russia-Georgia war than any other state, which sold weapons to any other state. Second, I welcome Russia's outreach to Hamas. It means Russia is looking for spheres of dominance in ME, which (post-Obama) US will have no choice but to counter, which means Israel will be dear friend again. Gush, I miss the Cold War. And lastly, give it another 10 years or so and see how China will begin taking chunks of Russia (Siberia and Far East). I do not think Russia will have enough time to meddle in others affairs then.
46. Ron #43
Brod ,   USA   (05.13.10)
My post #40 has nothing to do with christianizing Jews.
Ricky Roderick ,   United States   (10.18.11)
Many Americans are that stupid, or oblivious, as are many Isrealis. We need to all wake up. I am a Tea Party Patriot who supports Isreal as does the party and shun evil, as in terrorist evil by Palestine. We feel that world history is repeating itself in every way. We are not all stupid and westand with you and thank God for Glenn Beck. He is our gift to all who stand for the truth.
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