30 protestors arrested in Sheikh Jarrah
Ronen Medzini
Published: 14.05.10, 18:03
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1. It must be clear: They demonstrate against a ruling of ....
Anat ,   Israel   (05.14.10)
....Supreme Court!!!
2. Same Excessive force used against Haredim
ray ,   USA   (05.14.10)
3. left-wing activists every weekend the same damn behavior
joe ,   kfar saba   (05.14.10)
the never-ending story! all these lazy left-wing activists meet every weekend and assault the police at its best!showing no respect for the law enforcement Those Arrested hopefully will get rotten in jail at once and for good! shabat shalom
4. good! now, next step:
gadi ,   idf, israel   (05.14.10)
cancel their israeli passports and put them on the next ship just AWAY from here.
5. It's urgent
sh   (05.14.10)
"This is the only reason I am here, not for any political reason, to express my solidarity with them and my opinion about what is being done to them."" Hanoch Gutfreund, former Hebrew University President When I said this to the police at the barrier, who refused to let me past on Jerusalem Day, they said I was political while the settlers they were allowing through in hordes were just going there to express their joy. The police differentiate between Jew and Jew too, not just between Jew and Arab. When you go and see what is going on in Sheikh Jarrah, as you must - go on a normal weekday first -, remember that. Our very own police are unfortunately not impartial. We can't criticize other nations for having sat with folded arms while atrocious acts were going on around them if we, too, prefer to avert our eyes.
6. MK Khenin = Communist!
leftists are not ,   above the law!   (05.14.10)
7. #2 - Yeah, right I wish....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.14.10)
Those violent thugs who smash and burn property need water cannons.
8. Discusting leftist hypocrites
Zev ,   USA   (05.14.10)
How many leftists opposed and demonstrated against the demolition and eviction of thousands of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif, how many demonstrated against terrorist suicide bombings, rockets. I never could figure out how the liberal leftist movement allies itself with radical islamic movement, I mean what do they have in common? Now I know. Hatred for the Jewish people.
9. Let Them protest In Gaza
Dan ,   Titusville   (05.14.10)
10. Where did the belief in Zionism go?
Jonathan ,   Israel/United States   (05.14.10)
Democracy in Israel is important; however, undermining the fabric of the existence of the state that protects you in the first place is inappropriate, at best. How would they like living under Palestine only? Would they like to live under Shari'a law? How about, second class citizens-- Thought so...
11. response to 10
yair ,   jerusalem   (05.14.10)
please explain to me how protesting against the eviction of innocent palestinians from their homes is in anyway undermining the fabric of the existence of thestate?
12. Why do some Jews think it's OK to remove Jews but not Arabs
Eliezer ,   London   (05.14.10)
It's OK for the law to apply to Jews but when it applies to Arabs the noble professor thinks its unjust. What planet is he living on - or is he hoping that when the caliphate takes over he will not be classified as a dhimi! After 2000 years we did not establish a State to be kicked out again by such self righous moralists who care more about non Jews than they do about Jews. I for one will stop donating to the Hebrew University until he is removed from tenure!
13. Stop the velvet glove treatment of leftist thugs.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.14.10)
If the police are not duty bound to protect law abiding citizens living in their own homes, what is their purpose? Yet the rights of innocent residents is continually being violated by leftist and Arab harassment. There is no excuse for it. The velvet glove treatment of leftist thugs must end.
14. Fact and Fantasy
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (05.14.10)
Amazing, when the police were strong against the right wing the left sat on the sides and applauded. After all, how dare "they" demonstrate. Now, that the left are feeling the pressure of the law, all of a sudden their rights are being trampled. The left has tunnel vision of rights-they have them and the right doesn't. REality is tough! re;:evictions-- The Arab residents were living in Jewish owned property complments of Jordan and the UN. The Israeli court allowed it, contingent upon payment of rent. For years the Arabs payed rent to the Jewish owners. And then one day they were advised not to pay rent. They didn't, they got evicted. I would venture to guess that the huge majority of readers, no matter what corner of the world they reside in face danger of being evicted from their homes if rent/VAAD/Maintenance payments are not made. Reality of life, very little is free!
15. no excessive violence
The Leftists started a violent riot and one was lightly wounded. In Amona, the YSM stormtroopers made sure that tens of protesters had to be carried away on stretchers. That was excessive violence
16. How do this regular protesters make a living?
Sidney ,   USA   (05.14.10)
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