'French Jews killed Muslim out of racist motives'
Gilad Halpern
Published: 15.05.10, 10:41
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1. Jews, come home to Israel before it is too late!!!
Anat ,   Israel   (05.15.10)
2. Question
Palestine   (05.15.10)
So if a group of trouble makers cause the death of another person, what does that have to do with religion. Trouble makers come from all backgrounds and religions !!!
3. #1 Israel doesn't need murderers
Tel Avivian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.15.10)
4. 2 lessons from this tragic event
tomer ,   or akiva israel   (05.15.10)
1st lesson : violence is everywhere not an exclusive speciality of muslims. both jewish & muslim communauties must unite against their respective violent people but this is lesson n2 : the muslim still irrational masses and their haters will take this opportunity to attack jews in the french street . ishmael is still itsak hater both were abraham sons but ... brothers jews don't wait the progroms and crystral nights and the fear , come back to your land , the land of your fathers and participate to to israel country rebuild and be under adonai & tsahal protection we are waiting for you
5. 2 - true, but some more than others
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.15.10)
you should know.
6. although i dont condone
abraham ,   toronto   (05.15.10)
i certainly understand why jews are fighting back----Long overdue
7. Hate Crime: Muslim: 1 billion; Jews: 1
Ben ,   London, UK   (05.15.10)
8. extreme left-wing journo Gilad Halpern reporting
Ran   (05.15.10)
Extreme left-wing journalist Halpern gives his view of events and that's fine. Thanks Gilad, for your view, from the extreme left Ynet site.
9. What we know
John ,   Paris   (05.15.10)
Racist Muslim did not alow Jews into his store. Then he and his Muslim gang Attacked Jewish Youth. Then He fell and was killed by other Muslim Youth.
10. Does the JDL still exist?
Eitan ,   Chicago   (05.15.10)
I didn't realize the Jewish Defense League still existed after Irv Rubin killed himself.
11. Surely he is a Jew Psychopath, isn't he?!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.15.10)
Uri Gold ,   Chicago, USA   (05.15.10)
Autopsy will prove that arab died of AIDS. Bruises are from him falling in the ditch. French jew-haters & their islamofascist buddies love to blame all on Jews. Yes, JDL does exists, needs more young Jews to join & smuck jew-haters with a heavy fist or more!
13. Hand over them to Iran for Justice-No Justice in France
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.15.10)
14. #12
Bibi ,   NY   (05.15.10)
we need more people like you representing jews in the world. We do not have enough people haitng us DUM ASS.
15. #12
London man ,   London   (05.15.10)
I presume that #12 was written with an abortive sense of irony. "Autopsy will prove that arab died of AIDS. Bruises are from him falling in the ditch. " Is that the language of a reasonable person? I would suggest that there is nothing in Jewish law, in halakha, in the talmud, in the bible, in pirkei avot, that could possibly justify a sentence such as that quoted above. It is simply a file piece of hatred and YNET should not be publishing it.
16. Jewish Teens Now Qualified to be Honorary Muslims
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (05.15.10)
USA   (05.15.10)
these jews did commit a hate crime. and with all the accusations made by jews of the same thing it is HIGH TIME the jews are held accountable also. especially if it is and was a hate crime...GO GET THEM FRANCE!!!
18. #10 it never stopped
debbie ,   UK   (05.15.10)
Jews worldwide see the terror attacks committed by Israelis and copy them.
19. this proves that..
ben ,   france   (05.15.10)
Jews are no different from Muslims when it comes to hate crimes and murdering innocent people
20. Hate Crime For Denying Entry To Store
Jethro ,   Marquette, MI   (05.15.10)
If the muslim would have avoided doing his hate crime to the jewish guys, he would not have to worry about the consequences. N'est Pas?
21. When a Jew kllls a non-Jew...
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (05.15.10)
Is it a crime? Especially when all the witneses discount the defendant's assertion that he killed the security guard because he was refused admittance to a store? Shouldhje punished the same as if he was muslim and killed a Jewish security guard? If that had been the case, the headline would have declared such an attack to be evidence of 'antisemitism'. Yet, when a Jew kills, other Jews seem to qualify his actions. Is this a hate crime or isn't it? Is it because the defendant is Jewish that he should be given any special consideration? I am often amazed at the stupidity of people who believe that who you are Ie. Jewish, Muslim Christian, "leftist", "rightist" etc.; excuses or mitigates criminal actions against other people. i.e. what you do. France seems to be prosecuting this case without double standards. Yet, In Israel irtself, such double standards seem to be standard operating procedure.
22. #20 haha
jj   (05.17.10)
denying entry to a store = getting murdered? wow. is this jewish logic? im lost.
23. racist jews
jerzy ,   liverpool, eng   (05.17.10)
to be a jew is to be racist and violent
24. Wrong
JewishAmerican ,   Long Beach, USA   (04.25.11)
Killing a terrorist isn't murder.
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