New tactic: Dogs against leftists
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 15.05.10, 22:15
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1. Leftist protestors remind us of dark times of Jewish people.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.15.10)
The article ends with a quote by a leftist protestor that the dogs used to stop violent leftist "protests" remind them of "a dark time in the history of the Jewish people". It is leftist protestors, who increasingly collaborate with Israel's bloodthirsty enemies, which remind us of dark times. In recent years, leftist protests are increasingly violent and have abandoned almost all pretense of patriotism. It is now rare to see an Israeli flag at a leftist protest. One is more likely to see "Palestinian" flags. Contemporary leftist protests in Israel today increasingly remind me of the Judenrat and other Jewish collaborators.
2. Good idea
David ,   Tel aviv   (05.15.10)
Chase dogs with dogs
3. And of course no shortage of cheap shots like this one:
leo ,   usa   (05.15.10)
" "The IDF wants to set dogs on us, which reminds us of a dark time in the history of the Jewish people," one protester said. "
4. How about
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.15.10)
training pigs to fondle Muslims?
5. When rightists protested evacuation horse units were used
For the leftists even restrained dogs are a reason to compare Israel to Nazi Germany. Ugly people you are, lefties, I wonder who pays your bills while you riot all day long.
6. Dogs have been used for crowd control for years
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.15.10)
in other countries.
7. further down the slippery slope
Alex ,   Modiin, Israel   (05.15.10)
I am a sane, Zionist, left-leaning, Jewish Israeli. I don't usually write talkbacks. But this item is so shocking, and the talkbacks so far are terrifying. Jews are using attack dogs to prevent other Jews from expressing their political opinions? Gosh, we are in serious trouble as a people and as a country.
8. they are best hunters for even terrorist
isaac ,   USA, florida   (05.16.10)
I totally have to slaute these dogs these sniffers needs to be kept on watch at jerusalem busstops so that all the travellers are well checked. The terrorist won't dare to even think of any evil plot. david.
9. Dogs vs (Leftist) Dogs...and the controversy is?
PK ,   Hong Kong   (05.16.10)
10. #7 Alex - The article clearly states that they are NOT...
Scott ,   USA   (05.16.10)
... attack dogs, they are intensively trained "knock-down" dogs who can run a lot faster than their handlers. Their job is not to bite. YOUR job is to read before you cast insults.
11. Black pitbulls and terrorists
oxo ,   USA   (05.16.10)
I would love to see the IDF train BLACK Pitbulls as attack dogs to control terrorists (not against leftwing Jews). In fact put the word out to the world for donations on this new, let's call it The Project Pitbull, and I bet Israel will get showered with donations from all over the world to fund and train a whole few thousand of these BLACK pitbull attack pooches!
12. Sad for terrorists, they get caught without be killed.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.16.10)
This is very unfortunate for terrorists as they don't get any good publicity because they were not mauled or eaten by the dogs.
13. #7 Alex
Yonason Herschlag   (05.16.10)
When throwing rocks is the medium of "expression", then using dogs to catch the "protester" seems to be a reasonable method of maintaining law and order. If people were using their freedom of expression to throw rocks at you, would you like the police to just email them a talkback?
14. Poor Traitors
Ruvy ,   Gush Shilo   (05.16.10)
Poor Traitors could've got bit. Oh, how terrible!
15. Judea and Samaria.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (05.16.10)
The people of Israel and Israel’s countless friends in the United States and abroad will welcome any steps to further the Jewish, peaceful and productive alternative to a terrorist state in Judea and Samaria. Throughout history, whenever and wherever allowed to exist, the quiet, stable, constructive Jewish home has been a successful antidote to extremism and barbarism. We can make it so again – this time in Judea and Samaria, a historically Jewish area whose importance to world peace cannot be overestimated. The Jews have the right to build and live freely in their country and the “non-violent “ demonstrations should not be a probleme : a few dozen dogs can easily disperse them ! As to the “Palestinian” demography :
16. Seems unfair to dogs
Bill ,   New York, USA   (05.16.10)
What about the cruelty of exposing innocent dogs to leftists and Palestinian irredentists?
17. Leta de Game Begin :>)
Tephan Bueno ,   Jerusalem touristo   (05.16.10)
Ifa dog wita maska maka you ascared, den we taka offa de maska and giva you reason for be ascared. You maka trouble for de policia and you make trouble for de army yours, buta you wanna de army and policia protect country so how can army and policia protect country whena you maka trouble. Ina my homa town you get a bitten good and bones abroken good, you no maka trouble for policia or army in home towna. Jew lika money so maka Jew pay biga fine like 1000 euro for maka trouble for army and policia in holyland, maka fine for nexa time trouble lika 5000 euro and nexa time trouble. After Jew paya 6000 euro he no maka trouble for army and policia.
18. Thank You, Jewish Legion!
Avrom HaRusi ,   Tapuah, Israel   (05.16.10)
Thank you, Mike & hevre! Dogs against terrorists & their leftist bootlickers!
19. lol I guess dogs understand each other better
ghostq   (05.16.10)
20. Use PIGs
Yonah ,   tel aviv   (05.16.10)
Just let a bunch of wild boars after them. I'm pretty sure the Palestinians at least would run away from that.
21. Will the army use dogs with settlers and haredim thugs?
Nour ,   One-State الدولة   (05.16.10)
Of course not, only Palestinians and "leftists" are sub-humans right? You can most certainly use dogs, tear gas, Bob CATS, and bulldozers, but you'll never be able to suppress our pursuit of freedom and dignity! Reminding everyone that the ICJ, the UN, HRW, and Amnesty International, along with every country in the world, recognize the West Bank as an entirely occupied territory. Therefore using dogs on us in those territories is both illegal, immoral, and utterly disgusting.
22. # 7 you are a twisting like usual
Joel ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.16.10)
Alex Modiin i am sure you are not Alex from anywhere and are hiding behind a fake name just to spew you lies and twisted facts like you always do. Shmulik Grossman wrote: The dogs help us apprehend people without hurting them. They are not attack dogs" Alex is that not clear to you sick puppy? "the dogs had restraints" Alex this too you are too blind to read? Shmulik also wrote "However, security officials say the new tactic helped spot and detain stone throwers." Alex i am sure you are not sane as you claim to be, and i am sure you part take in such time wasting violent protests not only support them. This item as you claim it to be is not shocking at all but a plesaure to know that despite the terrorism and violence on the protestors part, the police are making extra efforts to lessen the well deserved injuries that you trouble makers rarely receive. Alex ya wog i am sure that those dogs are better trained and educated than you will ever be. The dogs only go after stone throwers, so if downed by a dog with a muzzle that would mean that protestor was a stone thrower and in Canada a peaceful country throwing stones at police or Army is a weapon of death. Thank you Schmuilk Grossman it is an informative article good writing.
23. to #21 the last time someone gave pali freedom
ghostq   (05.16.10)
in return pali planned to explode an Israeli car on the high way to jerusalem. so you see the restrictions is to prevent you harming Israelis and yourselves. duh
24. to #7 that is not expresing their political point of view
ghostq   (05.16.10)
that is un authorized ilegal violant riot who desturb the peace, if you wanted to express your opinion you could, but not in militery area and not violant and not ilegal, cause permit to rally you can ask from the athorities, so in other words people who don't obbay the law get dogs and arrested, I am surprised they didn't use it by now.
25. Great Idea-Use for ALL Rioters!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (05.16.10)
The canine units should be deployed whenever there is a riot. No distinction should be made regarding who is rioting.
26. no attack dogs ?
eporue ,   europe   (05.16.10)
how do they "pin down" protestors without "biting" them ? they grab an arm or a leg, or what else ? probably it means, that they dont bite into other parts of the body (which pitbulls and the sort prefer)... would be interesting to know, who they attack in a crowd. everyone, or just those running/moving ?
27. Dogs
Michel ,   Herzlya   (05.16.10)
Attack dogs should be used against demonstraters (israeli pro palestinian , palestinian and israeli supporters)
28. Would these protesters prefer "Skunk"?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.16.10)
Skunk, for those who don't know, is a non-toxic, non-lethal crowd control substance developed in Israel but, for reasons not clear to me, was only briefly (and successfully) tested a few years back. But I have no problem with the IDF using these dogs as one more non-lethal tool in their crowd control arsenal. They are not "attack" dogs. (Full disclosure: I'm a past supporter of the Pups for Peace program training bomb sniffing dogs.)
29. remember every dog can turn on its owner
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.16.10)
you should want dogs to behave in a way that makes them pleasant not violent......No fault of the dogs in the sins of the sinful human beings
30. The dogs don't really deserve better
Genuine Moshe   (05.16.10)
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