Decision on twins stranded in India expected within 3 days
Aviad Glickman
Published: 16.05.10, 17:46
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1. Is this a type of twofor Indian take away/take out
Alan ,   SA   (05.16.10)
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (05.16.10)
3. Shouldn't be allowed
Vernon marriott ,   Tel Aviv   (05.16.10)
This is little short of child slavery - paying someone in a third world country to have kids that you then take away from the natural mother. It is immoral irrespective of whether the guy is gay. What is also interesting is that this man cannot afford medical care in a place like India, which is one of the cheapest places in the world for first rate medical care and attention. If he can't afford it in India, what is he doing paying huge sums to have kids; also, how does he expect to pay for basic needs of these children in a country like Israel where things (not just medical care) are ten times more expensive!
4. #3: stuyot
Yael ,   Tel Aviv   (05.16.10)
Here in Israel we have medical insurance. This poor guy has been stranded in India having to pay living expenses for 3 and expenses on apartment etc back here while not being able to work for two months because of this situation. A bit strapped for cash? Totally understandable. And there are surrogate mothers in 1st world countries as well as right here in Israel. One of my cousins is a surrogate baby. His older step-sister has now served as a surrogate mother for another family because we know first hand how important and precious these babies are. This surrogate mother is to be commended for her selfless and loving act.
5. should be allowed
Joel Handelman ,   Tel Aviv   (05.16.10)
get real, this isn't about slavery, but human rights and dignity. Things are not ten times more expensive here, maybe you need to travel outside of Israel to find that out.
6. Yael
Incognito ,   Brooklyn, NY   (05.16.10)
Don't waste your time. Vermont marriott is probably one of those people, who don't believe in universal healthcare although it seems to work more or less well in most other countries, including Israel.
7. Shtuyot nora'ot
Barak ,   Los Angeles   (05.16.10)
Vernon Marriott, the guy is paying out of pocket in India -- he likely budgeted his surrogacy expenses carefully; now he's stuck. In Israel, these -- his own, biological children -- would have their medical expenses covered and he wouldn't be paying. This is another case of the ultra-religious forcing their views on everyone else. What Marcus has done is undemocratic, un-Jewish and inhumane.
8. #7 Not ultra-religious
Eliyahu Konn ,   Yrushalayim   (05.18.10)
Torah observant. What Marcus has done may be undemocratic but it is very Jewish in keeping the Torah and very human in the sense of evolution and perpetuating humanity.
9. This is WEIRD!! What a selfish guy
Sarah ,   Brooklyn USA   (10.27.10)
A Jewish girl is not good enough? Feh on him!! So the guy has to go to India for what? To plan to bring 2 children into the world without a mother and father? I think the man is cracked. What Rachmonut is there to bring 2 kids who are not even Jewish into Israel? I think also that the mother will miss her children. Nobody is talking about the cruelty this is imposing on the mother. Nor the selfish cruelty this man selfishly imposes on his two children who need a mother and a father. He stikes me as a very selfish person not thinking about any responsible considerations except how he can have his "pet children" and play father at the expense of their real birth mother and the fact that a child needs his mother as much as his father. What a jerk! Nobody stops to think that this selfish man had the benifit of a two parent house. All they want to do is support his "right" to be Gay! So be gay, but why do this on the backs of others, such as the mother and these poor children. Why is his irresponsible plan to bring them up without a mother being questioned? Why support his lack of responsiblity to his children whom he is cruelly depriving of a mother. or vice versa to the mother? Since when is having a child a "business"... He can go to the store and buy a dog if he needs a pet. Its cheaper too-
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