Israelis ignore Bangkok travel warning
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 16.05.10, 19:03
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1. It's not exactly an "Israeli" thing
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.16.10)
Folks at that age tend to think they're invulnerable. Israelis perhaps more so as so many have known combat and terror and survived. And certainly some think the government is simply crying "wolf". When I was in my 20s I traveled on my own from Israel to Turkey and Iran. Granted the Shah was still in charge and I stayed a few days with a Jewish family in Teheran before heading off to Esfahan and Shiraz. It's the sort of thing many do when they're young.
2. Agreed, #1
Cameron ,   USA   (05.16.10)
They have come a long way to party, and by God, party they will! Stupid to tempt fate like that when the things are falling apart, but, as you said, youth will be youth.
3. Bunch of idiots who expect us to help if they get into troub
zionist forever   (05.16.10)
4. As we say in Hebrew: No brain - no worries.
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (05.17.10)
Only thing that worries me is that it's gonna be MY tax money at work in a rescue mission, when things get too hot and hairy for these idiots.
5. Stop flights to Thailand.....simple
Israel   (05.17.10)
Won't stop them - it'll make it harder.
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