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For Iraqis, learning Hebrew is a mixed blessing
Published: 20.05.10, 15:56
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1. "When I complete my studies I will knock on all doors -2 Spy
Alina Ferris ,   Chicago, USA   (05.20.10)
"When I complete my studies I will knock on all doors - the intelligence service [especially, so that I can help spy on those awful zionist occupiers & help to further destroy Hebrew & Jewish culture! I am an arab muslim aren't I? -- It's my JOB!
2. History of Iraqi Jews
Logic ,   Israel   (05.20.10)
According to Wikipedia: "The history of the Jews in Iraq is documented from the time of the Babylonian captivity c. 586 BCE. Iraqi Jews constitute one of the world's oldest and most historically significant Jewish communities." "In 1884 there were 30,000 Jews in Baghdad and by 1900, 50,000, comprising over a quarter of the city's total population. "
3. Iraqis learning Hebrew
Babylonian Jew   (05.20.10)
"Qureshi's dream is to create a Museum of Jewish Culture in Iraq, and he insists there is an urgent need to recover thousands of ancient Hebrew texts discovered by US forces in the offices of Saddam's intelligence services after the invasion and taken to the United States." All that's left of the ancient community of Babylonian Jews will be a museum...that should tell you something. As for the thousands of ancient Hebrew texts and documents, they never have and never will be the rightful property of the Iraqi government. Most of them were forcibly confiscated from Iraqi Jews during their persecution by the Iraqi authorities during the 1940s, 1950s, 1970s, who pillaged our heritage and properties. They should be sent to Israel were the vast majority of former Iraqi Jews were forced to flee and where they and their descendants continue to live. They are an integral part of our communal property. Perhaps part of teaching the students Hebrew should include educating Iraqi students of what the Jews of Iraq endured long before they were born. However, I will not hold my breath....we have no expectations from the Arabs
4. Alina Ferris @1, this is completely normal. Israelis who
leo ,   usa   (05.21.10)
speak Arabic often do the same job.
5. I think it's gtreat, and with the internet tey can check
the Israeli sites   (05.21.10)
There's so much info they can find online - music, movies, news sites, online Arabic-Hebrew dictionary. So much info on Hebrew and Israeli culture online. BEHATSLAHA!
6. But are they really Arabs?
Ralph ,   Auckland   (05.21.10)
True they speak Arabic... But in reality they are a mix of all kinds of people. The ones I have met here in New Zealand have been very nice to me knowing I'm Jewish, without exception - muslims and assyrians too.
7. Learn Hebrew with percet accent to infiltrate into Israel!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.22.10)
You know what to do after infiltration only thing to do is get some original Israeli passports and change photos, certainly original owners of passports may rest in peace!
8. #7 The Arabs are doomed
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.22.10)
if they start practicing jewish humour.
9. most of these people are jews
margo ,   usa/ny   (05.22.10)
dressed in arab veils in order to deflect attention.
10. Tayfun
LarissaIsraeli ,   South afica   (05.24.10)
You are an idiot and you encourage terrorism. Do you need to be reminded that this is an Israeli online newspaper, written for israelis and jews, so you wont find any terror recruits here.
11. the whole middle east
jack ,   usa   (05.28.10)
will be speaking hebrew one day. might as well get started now.
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