Makhoul's lawyers: He's physically exhausted
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 18.05.10, 08:25
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1. suddenly every one that face trile r sick
ghostq   (05.18.10)
one with wheel cair and another must see doc, we don't buy that.
2. Exhausted
Joey Rose ,   Portland   (05.18.10)
Poor guy really should try to get some more sleep.
3. He should've been allowed to see his lawyer within 24 hours
Amir   (05.18.10)
4. Are they Guilty or not ?
Sue   (05.18.10)
Two weeks of detention and counting? interrogation for days? and without sleep? with various investigation teams? they have not been charged yet? How many days/weeks? to charge someone? lawyers had to threatened to boycott the court just to be allowed to meet with client?
5. Better off than Shallit with no Human Rghts !
Roland Seener ,   London England   (05.18.10)
6. Makhoul's lawyers
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (05.18.10)
what i fail to understand is where is one's right to a lawyer and one's right to remain silent not forgetting innocent untill proven guilty can anyone enlighten me? i dont mean hard luck stories of race or religion many thanks
7. to 10 now all we need is to be better than hamas
jorge ,   dc   (05.18.10)
did israel give up on democracy?
8. Why don't I feel sorry for the man whose activities have
Avigdor Ezrahi ,   Israel   (05.18.10)
been to help bring about the demise Israel while collaborating with the darkest forces of Islamists.
10. The Arabs living in Israel.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (05.18.10)
Since its establishment Israel has hidden its head in the sand, refusing to face the fact that a mighty enemy has been growing within it, threatening its very existence. The Arabs of Israel see themselves as part of the Arab world and more particularly as “Arabs in occupied Palestine.” They enjoy every benefit that a democratic state has to offer, but they, together with Israel’s enemies, share the hope that this Jewish state, in which they have achieved conditions no other Arabs in the Middle East enjoy, will cease to exist. When Saddam Husayn attacked Israel with missiles in 1991, many Arabs in Israel supported the Iraqi dictator and openly demonstrated their sympathy for him. “We, the Arabs in this country,” – said Tibi – “wish to see a strong Arab force… able to confront the axis of the USA and Israel.” And these are among the mildest pronouncements of these Arab members of the Israeli parliament who enjoy all the rights and privileges that the Jewish Democracy can offer as explained at :
11. If Shin Bet has to interrogate these Arabs
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.18.10)
to the point of exhaustion for 24 hours, then they must not be guilty, and should be released.
12. If he's that fond of Hezbollah
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.18.10)
... deport him to Lebanon. What right does a spy and a traitor have to reap the benefits of living in Israel while actively consorting with Israel's implacable foe? Why should Israel tolerate such despicable behavior?
13. Makhoul had plenty of energy to spy every day for years
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (05.18.10)
in addition to his exhausting day jo of overseeing dozens of NGO's propaganda. Now he complains about a couple of days of being questioned. Not a credible claim
14. #10 the Arabs living in Israel
London man ,   London UK   (05.18.10)
and whose house are you living in in Lod? "The expulsions from al-Ramla and Lydda, 60 years ago this week, form one of the most significant and brutal chapters in the Palestinian Nakba of 1948." Feel proud?
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