Hezbollah on high alert ahead of IDF drill
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Published: 21.05.10, 12:36
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1. whats the difference bewteen a real left wing to a lunatic
levi   (05.21.10)
the lunatic has no criticism what so ever on the other side noam chomski would get "my vote" if he was neutral and true. i know Israel has made numerous mistakes, but to blame all the conflict problems on Israel and ny that let iran, lebanon, hamas and other lunatic get away with it cleanly , is ....simply a mental disease. I dont understand this and I'll never will. history will judge you noam Chomsky.
2. Wait the speech of Nasrallah, impatiently
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.21.10)
God bless Hezbollah And their leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasralla
3. no offensive... not yet
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (05.21.10)
There are all these drills going on, all the calls to milluim, but there won't be an offensive in lebanon or in gaza just yet. The big key to all of this is the Iron Dome project. With the receiving of funding from the USA for deployment of the system, we are getting prepared for any missiles being fired at Israel, as a first attack or as a response. I am hoping that Israel will wait until we are attacked before launching an offensive, but hopefully the Iron Dome things are all they are cracked up to be. Because if they are, they main weapons of terror for both hezbollah(Katyushas) and hamas(Kassams) will be knocked away, and they terrified of that possibility.
4. To Salma.
Aviva ,   Israel   (05.21.10)
If you hate Israel why do you always read our newspapers!. Should'nt you read Nasrallahs instead.
5. Nasrallah talking from a hole.
SAM   (05.21.10)
Arabs talk tough against Isreal but when action speak they run into bunkers. You are not man enough does your wives not joke you that you run inside bunkers for your fellow men.
6. To Salma
Allan ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (05.21.10)
Can you tell me when there was a country called Palestine? What was the currency, its language, its books, its education, its people.. how come they dont exist before 1948? And tell me why you are all related to each other and to the tribes of the invading arab armies that came after the crusades? face it Salma, you dont even exist in a history book, go back to Arabia with your fellow moon worshipers
7. Salma - we already heard Nasrallah's speech...
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.21.10)
... where he said "oops, if I had known that Israel would fight back after Hezbollah violated international law and kidnapped and murdered those Israeli soldiers, I would have thought twice." Is that the speech you mean? Let's remember the GREAT VICTORY over the zionists. BRILLIANT VICTORY OF HEZBOLLAH! Yes, Hezbollah tricked 20,000 Israeli soldiers into Lebanon, while showing the world how brave or incapable they were since not a single Hezbollah fighter stepped foot in Israel, except as prisoner. The mighty Hezbollah killed over 100 Israelis, mostly civilians in their mighty rocket attacks against mostly civilian targets. They showed how smart they were by making Israel attack Lebanese targets in retaliation, killing only 1000 Lebanese civilians and destroying only a few billion in property. The Lebanese economy was only crushed a bit, not destroyed. A magnificent victory! Almost as good as the Hamas victory over the IDF in Gaza, huh?
8. Noam Chomsky- Hezballah
Dr.Shepen ,   Caesarea, Israel   (05.21.10)
Chomsky is entitled to his opinions, but if there was ever proof that he is a self hating Jew it in his meeting with Hezballah. He does not deserve to set foot in this country whose Jewish blood soaks our soil. Let him next meet with Ahmadinajad.
9. Nasrallah's speech
Hassan ,   Lebanon   (05.21.10)
We in Lebanon who hide under the dirt and behind our wives and children waiting to exterminate Israel are troubled to see Jews defend themselves. We would have hoped that the West would have restrained and constrained them more to make it easier for us to kill them as was the case in Europe not long ago. We are forever grateful to President Bush who called PM Olmert and told him to stop and retreat before the IDF could defeat us in 2006. The same of my Hamas brothers in Gaza who were rescued by the US from a certain IDF defeat. We are so happy that the Israeli's listen to their god so religiously. We only hope it works again this time
10. no where to hide in Palestine!
Ilana   (05.21.10)
Of course one cannot hide in a place that does not exist!!!
11. FAR FROM TRUTH...........................#5
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.21.10)
This is not toughness or anything like that,SAM.This is the reality.Refer to you army personnel and they will enlighten you more.Where were you in 2006?
12. arabs are funny.....
abraham ,   toronto   (05.21.10)
they never learn. They talk a big stick but when they push Israel too far----they run and ride and claim victory.
13. What then is toughness ? #11
SAM   (05.21.10)
That you Mahmood runs into a hole to hide because of your fellow man and at any slightest provocation from your wife , you become better than Tyson. Tell Nasrallah to come out and see those he claims to protect.
14. Whosoever meets with Hisbollah ...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.21.10)
is a traitor and should be dealt with accordingly...
15. Hizbullah in Lebanon is not protecting Lebanon against ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (05.21.10)
Hizbullah in Lebanon is not protecting Lebanon against Israel. Hizbullah has already made clear that even if Israel withdraws from all disputed areas along the Lebanese border, it would not halt its fight against Israel seeking to liberate all of the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. HIZBULLAH IN LEBANON IS NOT PROTECTING LEBANON AGAINST ISRAEL THAT IS EAGER TO CONCLUDE A PEACE TREATY WITH THAT COUNTRY but protecting its own self interest which is to stay in business. The fact that Hizbullah is speaking in such terms is the latest example that Iran’s domineering authority in Lebanon is increasing and in the aftermath of the Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah has become emboldened. More at :
16. You forget - Nasrallah is not his own man
Mr Green ,   Manchester   (05.21.10)
He answers to Ah MAD inejad FIRST and LAST He is nothing whatsoever to do with Lebanon the Lebanese BUT EVERYTHING TO DO with Ah MAD inejads territorial and ambitions and power Lets face it. because of Nasrallah Lebanon now is a de facto colony of Iran That Salam and Mahmood may make you feel good but for the hundreds of thousands of ordinary Lebanese do you think THEY are happy to be subservient to a unelected stooge of Ah MAD inejad with 40,000 missiles in his back yard There are much much greater role models in the Arab and Muslim world who can and do articulate the interests of Muslims intelligently and pursuasively than this oaf who by default could take Lebanon into another disatrous war
17. #12 Arabs not only funny,also very sad.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (05.21.10)
18. proof that Israel was
Barney ,   USA   (05.21.10)
correct in not letting this "intellectual" or rather idiot into the country. This is enough to make you vomit
19. To No: 5 ...Nasrallah is frightened.And still>.
JAMES ,   ISRAEL   (05.21.10)
Nasrallah the coward is still hiding in his bunker. As is Meshaal that dare not go out in the open for fear they'd be killed. Worry not,we'll catch you again oh Meshaal sooner than later. You escaped once thanks to King Hussein's begging,remember? Looks like Hizbs watch avidly everything Israel does. Be it manoeuvrings,that Israel continuous irrespectively or anything that may jepardize their intentions. Well Haasan be careful where you sleep tonight.Or are you living in Teheran? ya achi we'll find you no matter where you may be. BETTER BELIEVE IT..
20. Nasrallah knows that Israel will not hesitate...
Jake ,   USA   (05.21.10) invade Lebanon and drop a 500 pound bomb on his head, the minute they have evidence of his whereabouts.
21. Salma no 2
JUDAH THE LION   (05.21.10)
May your pagan allah the god of the moon bless kharabasrulah in his grave.
22. To No: 11 ...FAR FROM THE TRUTH??
JAMES ,   ISRAEL   (05.21.10)
MAHMOUD you ask:Where were you? To SAM,.I'll tell Mahmoud: The IDF not only went as far as the Litani,but on their way to Damascus, when the coward Hassan asked for a ceasefire ? And no thanks to Olmert we had to abort the further fight having caused enough damage. Oh yes bad memory by you very convenient.
23. Another fat pig.
Brad ,   USA   (05.21.10)
These islamonazis sure don't miss any meals. Anyway, shiite rep. Nabil Qwack, is right about one thing. Israelis will not find a place to hide in palestine. They won't even find palestine. That's because palestine doesn't exist. Only Israel exists. The next time Hezbollah starts a war, Israel needs to go in and destroy them, civilian casualties or not. Hezbollah cowards came from the ranks of "civilians" you know.
24. Israel has no idea....
It does not matter   (05.21.10)
how the Obama's US State Department is going to sell them out. I would write more... but I am too busy covering my own tail to say anything else.
25. Covering your tail
RWG ,   Tehran, Iran   (05.21.10)
Is your head up your tail?
26. #4.. I was thinking just that
Lobo ,   USA   (05.21.10)
Why do "people" like Salma and the other Israel/Jew haters on Ynet read our papers? If Nasrallah had his way, people like Salma would have been killed a long time ago...
27. Chomsky, Finkelstein, Judt, Pappé et al are...
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (05.22.10)
... a disgrace for the Jewish people and for all humankind, they represent all that is bad, ugly, regrettable, evil in the human soul. I feel very sorry for their parents, brothers and other relatives who have to live together with those unbearable shmucks; countless PHD's could be earned in psychopatology by writing about the dark meanders of their deranged minds. Words cannot express the disgust, the contempt I feel for those despicable individuals. Imach shemam vezikhronam!
28. To number 4: I tell u why she does, beacuse in order to
Maria ,   Palestine   (05.22.10)
defeat ur enemy u should know him well....
29. To number 6: What history r u talking about!! I think ur the
Jake ,   UK   (05.22.10)
one who should face the truth and come back here , to Eurpoe...Leave the land to its true owners
30. To number 7: I think u should have listened to what have ur
Maria ,   Palestine   (05.22.10)
army said about those 2 wars, 2006 & 2008, we saw them crying on TV... and these are ur soldiers, the ones who should be defending u , .... they used to wear dipers..... Please give me a break...
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