Australia expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai hit
Published: 24.05.10, 07:23
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1. Hypocritical decision
Ostrov ,   Sydney, Australia   (05.24.10)
As an Australian, I can only apologise for the actions of my government, which today did a great dis-service in the fight against terror. Do people honestly think that if Australia had the chance, we wouldn't have used fake passports to avert the Bali bombings? People surely can't be that naive to think that our intelligence agencies are all squeaky clean? They're not. That's the nature of their business. Let's put things into a little perspective. A wanted and self-proclaimed terrorist was killed. No innocent bystanders got harmed. The world is a better place. End of discussion.
2. Stupid Lieberman
Resistor   (05.24.10)
There IS evidence now. May many more Israelis be expelled from Australia. Good onya Smithy!
3. Maybe it is me, but his picture looks smug with that smile
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (05.24.10)
4. brew, ha ha
roli ,   miami beach, USA   (05.24.10)
Are you ok Mr Smith. it was team America. Smith. Do you need a glass of water. A very bad man was stopped from hijacking a tennis tournament. There was chundering, and Pe'er competed. Everybody went home and thought, "wasn't that nice".
5. relax, just offical protocol
Fred Nerks ,   Wagga   (05.24.10)
Us Aussies have to walk the walk & talk the talk. We also know who are keeping us safe. We regularly employ Israeli security experts to help us curb our own Islamo-facistic threats. It's pure 'politicing' for the international arena. Trust me Israel, we cherish your people, your brains and your might. Our current government are a spine-less bunch of brown-nose lefty poofs!
6. #1 and #5
Resistor   (05.24.10)
Zionism and judaism are not the Aussie way of life. Real Aussies play football on Saturdays. What do you do-wear funny hats?
7. Do they expel diplomats from terror states after attacks?
5th generation ,   Israel   (05.24.10)
Of course not. We don't threaten to make lives on Australia's streets a living hell in retaliation for hiccups, so we're easy fodder for bent-over twits.
8. silly resistor
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.24.10)
there is no proof that Israel was responsible for assassinating that scumbag.oh yeah,your intelligence services are so squeaky foot!
9. #5 You're suitable to be in the Mossad, 2010 :)
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.24.10)
10. How dare Australia kick out an Israeli
Truthseeker ,   USA   (05.24.10)
Australia must stand accused of anti-Semitism. After all, no Israeli should ever be accused of doing anything wrong. If agents of other countries forge passports that is OK but Israel is above the law now and forever and anyone who accuses Israel of doing anything wrong must be anti-Semitic.. Australia should immediately apologize and turn over passport forms to any Mossad agent who wants to forge them no matter the intentions.
11. Still banging on about it?.......BORING!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (05.24.10)
12. Australia
spineless   (05.24.10)
Spineless politicians but Excellent soldiers , Good people Beautiful country
13. Australia has right
sam ,   colorado   (05.24.10)
in no doubt that Israel was responsible for the abuse and counterfeiting of these passports These are not the actions of a friend Australia has right to expels Israeli diplomat to use of fake passports in the assassination of a top Hamas I think this process is stupid and failed because it damaged Israel's reputation
14. agree with no. 5
anon ,   Johannesburg   (05.24.10)
This is just a show put on to keep everyone at bay... so someone was asked to go home... same as in the UK. At the end of the day - the west is in the same boat as Israel. We fear for the safty of our people, and they will be protected using any idea possible
15. australia
debbie ,   israel   (05.24.10)
TO RESISTOR You are a silly, mean hearted, evil, bitter, empty headed, hateful idiot. Come to Israel, and you will see that life here is much more meaningful here than playing football on Saturday and "wearing silly hats." Israel is about democracy, a modern, upbeat way of life, new medical and technological inventions and developments, that benefit all of mankind, yes even you RESISTOR. You probably don't know that many of the medications, medical tests, computer and cell phone advances, and much much more, that YOU benefit from, were developed here in Israel, with Jewish brains. So RESISTOR, go kick your football around on Saturdays, and we will get on with our happy, wonderful, modern, way of life, here in Israel. EAT YOUR HEART OUT! PS How in the world will you personally benefit from kicking out any Israeli diplomat at all? You'll still be the same small minded, bitter person you've always been!
16. (Body of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh Photo: AFP) YNET ! I BLAME YOU
17. #6 Festering Blister
Ausraeli   (05.24.10)
Your miniscule intellect is matched only by your lonely inability to understand anything other than the pathetic world of 'football, meat pies and Holden cars'. Now crawl back under your esky!
18. #15
Resistor   (05.24.10)
Debbie, Israel is not at the forefront of all those inventions as you think. Such as:- Windows NT - Dave Cutler (from Michigan) of DEC created this when he joined Microsoft. - Mobile Phone - created by American Martin Cooper of Motorola, the anniversary of his creation was in the Australian press just this week. Instant Messaging - developed in the US over several decades..I even had this on my old Commodore64 in the early 80's, a british machine. What Israelis did came up with was ICQ, a variation on other existing systems. Firewall security - AT&T Bell Labs, Bill Cheswick and Steve Bellovin did the earliest version and it was developed by US companies and universities mostly. Most of the medical breakthroughs are in collaboration with non jews, outside of Israel. But if living in a sandbox is your idea of heaven, then stay there. I'll kick my football in the Lucky Country!
19. what happened to innocence until proven guilty?
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (05.24.10)
Is that not how things work in Australia. Having no doubt that someone is responsible is sufficient is it?
20. Israel should do the same
Esther ,   Prague Czech Rep   (05.24.10)
I hope Israel will expel an Australian diplomat in return. That's what it should do instead of "being sorry".
21. If a terrorist used an Israel passport to kill an American
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (05.24.10)
would you then say the same thing? The use of the passports will make it harder now for Australians to travel in the ME or in Muslim countries, even more so if they have Jewish names. They could also be held or killed as an Israel spy but as long as its now Israelis paying the price so what?
22. Sending Murderers home for holiday?So What are prisons for?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.24.10)
Lift Diplomatic immunity of Israeli diplomats and arrest them, put directly to prison for life or Hand over them to Iran or Hamas for just trial. Sending murderers home is just a gift for them.
23. #17
Resistor   (05.24.10)
You are free to make a one-way alliyah in the near future. Oh and take some of your mad hatters with you. You don't contribute anything to our society-all YOU want to do is change it.
24. Should have counterfeited Desistor's.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (05.24.10)
Those australians are behaving like a bunch of whinging bloody poms .This case stinks like an aborigines' jockstrap .
26. # 22, Nofun the Turkey
er der ,   we missed something?   (05.24.10)
Israel's man in Canberra was holding the forged passport? "....Iran or HAMAS for just trial." Why not watch the below link of your darling Muslim brothers and ask the P.A. if HAMAS understand 'just trial'.
27. & this
er der   (05.24.10)
28. The world would continue to prosper without Israel
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (05.24.10)
#15 Debbie, Israel So Israel is responsible for the invention of some things. So what? Many more countries have introduced far more useful things to human society. The world would manage very well without Israel's inventions.
29. i
30. Robert, Australia
Oniel ,   London, England   (05.24.10)
And what exactly has Australia done for the world? (apart from being a conveniently huge jail for the riff raff hanging about the UK) Besides, I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal... Authorities should give the Israelis a slap on the wrist in public, and then secretly thank them for doing the world a favour.
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